Daily Love Tarot Card for December 19 (N.H.) and December 20 (S.H.)

Daily Love Tarot Card for December 19

The High Priestess

Today, the High Priestess reminds you that it is not the three little words that say “I love you,” but the awareness and the importance of three big words, like “jealousy,” “manipulation,” and “possessiveness” that rip relationships apart. Intense emotions need control because they have the tendency to overrule logic and lead to extremes. No matter what, people cannot own people. Reverse the situation. A true love shouldn’t jump through hoops.





Daily Love Tarot Card for December 20

The Sun

The Sun encourages realistic admissions. Acknowledge that you tried. You were patient until you could not do it anymore. It is humanly impossible to please everyone. There are situations when we do too much because we love ourselves through our loved ones. The latter takes advantage and still criticizes. We try to live the best way we can. It is time to forget about today and think about tomorrow.