While you are waiting on us…..

When we run across a bit of information that we figure might be useful to you, we like to pass it on. This morning on the News, I was listening to it and something caught my attention. With all the security breeches, hax attacks and the latest Equifax disaster, we are all concerned with security. The local News channel has a PC Tech guy who I occasionally listen to and today, he was talked about just this problem. He gave a site(which I have already been there) which you can use to see if any of your email address have been stolen or sold on the dark net. All you have to do, is simply type in your email address and it will tell you if your address has compromised. I did two of our old ones we had closed out a long time ago on Yahoo and guess what? They showed up they had been compromised and also showed me where the breech came from. I am glad I cleared those out. The thieves didn’t get anything just wasted their time. Our other active accounts were fine. But if you are concerned about your on-line security, check out this site. You might be surprised what you uncover.

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