Pray for People Still in the Path of or the Wake of California Wildfires

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We are and hear a lot about all the hurricane survivors and the earthquake ones also but we hear or see very little about the wildfire victims. While aid to help the survivors pour in or I’m a couple of areas trickles in, we are happy to see the help they are given. I’m the past fewer homes were effected by a raging wildfire then the currents ones. These humans and animals in California need our prayers and help just as much of not more than the hurricane and earthquake victims. Please do not misunderstand me I am not trying to minimize what any natural sister victim, human or animal, have and are suffering through; I just don’t want to see the wildfire victims be forgotten.

I’m California there are at least 36 humans that have crossed into The Summerland and thousands displaced. The total for most of these statistics…

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