Looking for Us?


Good Saturday Morning, dear brothers & sisters of the Craft!  In case you are wondering, we are working on the store today. Adding some new merchandise, taking down what has sold out. Oh, I should mention, we have a whole new line of robes in. What’s special about these robes? They are custom made to your size. You heard right. It takes a little longer to get them but you will have a robe that fits you perfectly. I know what you are thinking, custom-made to fit, must cost an arm and a leg, right? WRONG! These robes are extremely affordable and are on the site right now. So check them out! Oh, and if you decide to order one, please include your size in the comment section of PayPal. After that we will be drumming up some business on Pinterest.

After all that, our day should be finished and we will see you tomorrow…..

Till then….

Love ya,

Lady A


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