We Have Lost A Friend, Sister, Mother & Wonderful Lady….

Mistress of the Myst

July 7, 1960 – September 23, 2017

I don’t really have the strength of mind to say all that I want to say. Early this morning, my dear, dear friend, Mystie passed on to the next life. She was involved in a head on wreck with a semi-truck. The wreck occurred out of state. By the time, Lord Myst, her two sons and I got there, she was already gone. We have no details as to how the wreck occurred, what surrounded it or nothing. Just that she is gone. I know my loss is almost unbearable. I grew up with her, she was my best friend. I cannot put into words what she meant to me. She was my sister, my best friend and I loved her more than life itself. Lord Myst was her brother, as you know, and his grief is unbearable.


I know some of you on the site got to know her. She was rough around the edges, determined and always had other’s best interest at heart. Saying someone meant the world to you, just doesn’t seem appropriate in her case. She was much more than that to all of us. She was always by my side as well as her family’s. There was nothing she wouldn’t do for any of us. She loved us very deeply as we loved her. They did tell us she died instantly in the wreck. No pain, no suffering, just gone. How precious is life? How very precious it is indeed. I remember telling her yesterday as she left I would see her tomorrow and now tomorrow will never come. I remember her going out the door and kissing her two sons on their foreheads and telling them she loved them. I remember her hugging me and telling me, I love you, sis. I remember Lord Myst and her getting into an argument about where she was going. He is taking her passing very, very hard, so are we all.


Her two sons are in college. Well, one is at least, he is a junior and the other was just starting. Their mother supplied them with everything, love, hope, inspiration. It breaks my heart to see them like this. They look so lost and confused. I could say I know how they felt but each of us experience grief in different ways. And for those that say, time heals all wounds, that is a lie. The lost might get easier but it never completely goes away. I know that for a fact. We have decided for the boys’ sake to set up a memorial fund for them. We are going to try to provide for them as long as possible. I believe the boys dealing with the lost of their mother right now is enough. Their whole world doesn’t need  to be turned upside down anymore than it has. It is very hard to try to comfort someone when you feel so much pain and hurt inside yourself. Her passing was so sudden and a shock. It caught us all off guard. It seemed like we had just said goodbye to her and the next minute, we get a phone call saying she had been in a serious auto wreck. I remember the police officer telling us to get there as soon as possible. Even flying like mad people wasn’t fast enough for us to get there. She had been cut out of the car and was gone. All of us are still in shock and numb. Our Mystie gone, I can’t wrap my head around it.


Needless to say, we won’t be on the internet for a period of time. How long, I don’t know. She was a sister to me and Lord M and a mother to her two boys. Grieving is a process that takes times. She was a very beloved mother and sister and will be missed very, very much. I really don’t know what our plans are as far as her sons go, I know Lord M and myself would love for them to continue college and have some type of normal life. Which won’t be easy without their mother there to guide them and love them as only she could. We have set up a memorial fund for her two boys below. If you would like to contribute, so the boys can carry on in some state of normal, please do so. It would be deeply appreciated. As far as funeral arrangements and the such, they are incomplete at this time. We still have to bring her body home. This is going to be a very long and difficult road for us all, please remember us in your prayers and light and say a pray for my dear, sweet sister Mystie.


Lady of the Abyss


Memorial Fund for Mystie’s Sons