The Un-Witches Digest for Thursday, October 5th

It is more like the “Crazy Witches Digest for Thursday, October 5th”

Good morning, my dear, sweet family! I hope you are having a wonderful day because I sure ain’t. Somewhere along the line, I sort of forgot we run a business (imagine that?). Yesterday, I checked on the business site, did some up dating and that was it. I took down why there hadn’t been any activity on the site because Mystie had passed. Figured I needed some sense of reality back in my life so I put up the “October’s Customer’s Appreciation” special and also announced the blowout sale we were having on incense. I will tell you about those later on, I do remember I am a witch and a business woman.


So after I got through posting, I checked our PayPal account and was floored. It had made a significant jump. Of course, I immediately thought of the memorial fund for the boys. I thought you thought I was torturing them by feeding them rabbit and fish. Then something in the back of my head told me I better check into this payments and see for sure. It is a damn good thing I did, they were orders. I was stunned for a bit but apparently people had been waiting for the store to come back to life and order. Surprised the crap out of me. I have been filling the biggest part of the orders this morning. Since I am the only one here right now, I went into Mystie’s office and pulled up her computer. I have went back through emailing customers if they had received their orders or not and what had happened. I received lots of wonderful emails back, saying they understood completely and they were sorry for our loss. Then it hit me, I better check the email. The email is a nightmare. I have been at it since 7:30 this morning and am no where never being through. The lady pulling her hair out, don’t even come close to how I feel right now. What a mess?


Then it dawned on me, I better run over here and tell y’all what was going on. I didn’t want you to think I had run off (not yet anyway!). So it does look like I am going to spend the rest of the day straightening out the business. Hopefully, I will have it straightened out by Monday, that is when everyone is suppose to come back to work. I can tell you now that is not a day I am look forward too. The last time I saw any of them was at Mystie’s funeral. I told them then to take some time off, get themselves together, grieve, do whatever they had to do but when they came back to work, no tears. Might sound cruel but I don’t believe I could stand a bunch of crying witches right now. Every time the boys are out doing something, I cry. I don’t want to cry in front of them because I am suppose to be their rock. Yeah, a crumbled rock but a rock, never the less. I believe everyone knows they are here and I have asked them to please be strong for them if nothing else. So, we will see how Monday goes…


Talked to Lord M, he had an offer on his property but they only wanted to pay him half of what it was worth. He wanted to know if I thought he should take it, I asked him if he was crazy. He is worried about going off and leaving me with the boys. I told him we were making it. The boys were learning lots of new skills, hunting, fishing, trapping and then asked me if I was crazy. He has plans to build on to my cabin so we will have room to live as a family and raise the boys the way Mystie wanted them raised. We have a understanding, he is going to have his room and I am going to have mine. I also told him I was drawing a line down the middle and if he crossed over to my side, I was going to beat him with a ball bat. Not really, we are going to provide the boys with a nice, quiet, loving environment (even if I do end up living in the tent in the backyard).


One more thing and then I will shut up, I promise. I don’t know how to say it except to get right to the point, I have heard several mention we are cursed or hexed. I can guarantee you we aren’t. I believe most of you have told me, you can feel my presence and power coming through your computers. I would know if we are and we ain’t. We have always made our life and the events that happen in them open to all. We have no secrets, people have always expected more from us. When we can’t deliver, we tell you why. We are a close knit group and family here because you know us. I believe you probably know more about us than any other site or group on the net. We want it that way. I have been criticized for being too open. Many years ago, when my plans were found out for the WOTC, I had some really come down on me hot and heavy. But I have always believed that you can’t make a connection with a person if they know nothing about you. I tell you the things I do because I want you to be part of my family and be considered part of yours. I want you to know we are witches and we are also human. We live normal lives every day just like you. We have problems and tragedies just like you. But I want you to know one thing, those problems and tragedies only make you stronger. You learn, you grow and you go on, no matter how hard it is. It is part of the mundane life that we have to endure but it is also part of our magickal journey. I believe and I want you to believe that no matter what happens, hold tight to your faith. The Goddess will never give you more than you can handle. We are not meant to know why things happen but there is always a reason they do. We might never know that reason either but we must cling to our faith and our Goddess. I know she will see you through, just as she has me. No matter what, never let go of your faith because sometimes that is all you have and dear friends like you.


Now enough with the preaching (yeah, I know but you ought to know I like to use that word ever now and again), I promised to show the specials for this month on the store……


First Off…..


Presenting October’s Customer’s Appreciation Gift…….

 (I can’t remember nothing. If we have offered this bowl before let me know and I will change it to another one)

3″ Pentagram Offering Bowl

This copper offering bowl has been decorated with the brass accent of a mystical symbol of the pentagram and is sized to easily fit any altar or rest before any icon. These are gorgeous bowls and add a very magickal aura to your altar.

To keep them looking beautiful, try an old trick I learned from my father. When he retired he opened up an old hobby shop (well that is what he called it anyway). He has a large collection of old coins. No matter what the metal was, he could get some cream of tarter and wet a cloth. Then he would rinse the coin, clean and polish it. It works as long as you keep at it. Try this trick and your new altar bowl will shine like new for as long as you own it.

With any order over $15.00, look for this beauty in your package.



“Blow-Out Sale”

On All Our Incense

Incense now priced at $1.00 with free



We have also dropped our free shipping to orders on $25.00 or more. Just give me a chance to change that in the back! We have tons of new oils and I am currently negotiating with a jewelry company in California for us to sell a line of their jewelry. If this goes through, you have never seen jewelry like this company offers, beautiful and all sterling silver.  Keep your fingers crossed!


So I am now off (in more ways than one) to get the business straightened out and I will definitely see you tomorrow. Sorry about today and oh, yeah, thanks for being my family and friends and most of all listening…..

Till tomorrow….

I do love you,

Lady A