The Latest From Magickal Necessities

The Latest From Magickal Necessities

Autumn is Here! I love this time of the year. Watching all the trees change into their beautiful colors, walking in the leaves, the crispy Autumn morning air. It is a beautiful season to cherish and enjoy. It is also my favorite time of the year because we have two of our major Sabbats coming up, Samhain and Yule.


We have had these two Sabbats in mind while stocking the store up with lots of new merchandise. Right now, we have a half-priced herb sale going on. You know, as well as I do, herbs can be hard to find in the Winter season. Stop by and stock up now while quantities last. Another great sale that is still going on is on our incense. We have marked down almost all of them to $1.00 a box. Great time to stock up on your herbs & incense! We have also added lots of new items, everything from new Books of Journals to lovely chest and tarot boxes. Oh, a super hot seller right now, is a minature tarot deck that is on a car key ring. It’s the real deck just attached to the car key ring, so you can do your tarot reading anywhere now, lol! But we have lots of new items, whether you are looking for something special for yourself or as a gift for that special witch at Yule, you are sure to find it at Magickal Necessities.hare your website with the world. Write a catchy title, add a short message, pick an image & you’re set! To get more visitors link the button to your site.

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