The Witches Digest for Friday, October 6th (Part 3 – Your Daily Horoscopes & Divination)

The Witches Digest for Friday, October 6th

(Part 3 – Daily Horoscopes & Divination)


Cosmic Weather Horoscopes for October 6th – 11th

by Jane Lyle

From The Astrology Room

Thought for October:

“After the keen still days of September, the October sun filled the world with mellow warmth…The maple tree in front of the doorstep burned like a gigantic red torch. The oaks along the roadway glowed yellow and bronze. The fields stretched like a carpet of jewels, emerald and topaz and garnet. Everywhere she walked the color shouted and sang around her…In October any wonderful unexpected thing might be possible.”

– Elizabeth George Speare, ‘The Witch of Blackbird Pond’

Friday 6th October – Wednesday 11th October:

An October Storm Warning

While it seems as if the world is always full of mayhem, there are times when astrology’s planet patterns flag up periods of extra tension. This is one of those times – out in the world, and often in our own lives and psyches too.

Between 6th – 10th October the Sun in strategic Libra squares up to powerful Pluto in Capricorn, planet of all that’s bubbling and boiling beneath the surface. Now, this happens twice a year, every year. But it does ratchet up the tension, stir up power plays and ploys, and above all it’s not a great time to insist that might makes right. Sooner or later someone will have to find a diplomatic way out, back down, or wriggle out of a locked room somehow.

And this time there’s more. During this phase, warrior Mars in Virgo is travelling towards squaring up to Saturn in Sagittarius. Their exact face-off is on 11th October at 23 degrees of those signs – but the days beforehand are often very tense.

Mars is about action and desire, while Saturn is about solidity, tradition, and restrictions. They don’t have much common ground, and when they irritate each other like this it tends to foster an accident-prone, angry, all-round difficult and aggressive atmosphere. In Virgo and Sagittarius it’s got a distinctly scorched earth feel about it, and suggests that travel – from small, everyday journeys to longer trips – will require special focus and care.

Basic astrological advice at this time is to drive very carefully, avoid sharp objects, and try to keep your temper or avoid anyone who’s spoiling for a fight. These spiky aspects may not connect with your own natal horoscope, but they’ll be rubbing someone near you up the wrong way – so just keep a low profile and take it easy.

This Weekend’s Love Horoscope: The Highs and Lows of Love

Your love horoscope for the weekend of October 6-8, 2017

Start the weekend off steamy! You’re feeling the electrifying embrace of Venus and Mars — Astrology’s Lovers — meeting up in the sky, and it will feel natural to let your passions sizzle and scorch. You’ll be radiating confidence and magnetism, and you’ll be able to draw in healthy, romantic attention now.

But with all this adoration and love, be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Tricky Mercury is making an irritating connection with elusive Neptune on Friday, so try not to make promises that you aren’t able to deliver on. Do your best to keep your wits about you — keep things light and lively.

By Sunday, the flames simmer down, and instead of confident and sexy, you might find yourself feeling a little down in the dumps. Venus clashes with stodgy Saturn on Sunday, and you might be disappointed that certain love interests aren’t taking off, or you might be frustrated with some difficulties you’ve been facing in your relationship. Even though it’s tough as nails, you might need to muster up your strength and put some extra work into your love life now. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2017

October 2017 Love Horoscope

Opening yourself up

The absolute headline news this month in terms of love and relationship has to do with the planet Jupiter. After spending 13 months in partnership-oriented Libra, he will move onto the bottomless terrain of Scorpio on October 10. For the last year you’ve had the opportunity to form a meaningful relationship with someone special in your life and learn about the true power of relating. Now, with Jupiter moving into Scorpio, it’s time to take that relationship to the next level with true intimacy and intense sharing.

Think about the word intimacy. It’s a word that terrifies some but excites others. We are searching for this incredible cosmic connection on some level, and on another level, we might fear it. Why? Because the prerequisite to intimacy is vulnerability, and that opens us up to the possibility of being hurt, scarred, or torn apart in the heart department. And yet, if we don’t take that risk of being vulnerable, we’ll never achieve the level of physical, spiritual, emotional, and sexual connection we yearn for in a partner. So, get ready. Jupiter will expand the potential for you to achieve this very cavernous and profound connection with a lover until November 8, 2018. If you break down the word ‘intimacy’ you get INTO-ME-YOU-SEE. Get ready to see and be seen in the most magnificent way possible — and to love deeper than you ever thought you could. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2017

Your Daily Horoscopes for Friday, October 6th

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
Start where you are. Use what you have and do what you can. You have been your own worst task master lately my friend. You think you don’t have what it takes but you’re wrong. You have all the tools here and now.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
It’s your choices that show who you truly are far more than your abilities Taurus. You have made mistakes, but who hasn’t. It’s time to stop letting the past stand in the way of what you want from your future.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)
Help you wanted from close ones doesn’t seem to be as easy to find as you had hoped. Futile excuses have left you frustrated. Change that by using the communication skills Mercury is offering to explain your feelings today.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)
You seem to be getting mixed messages and you’re not sure if those around you can deliver on all they’ve promised you. If you want something done today, then know that you have the power to do it yourself.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)
You need to be firm but fair with those you love, as you have been letting them get away with more than is advisable. Doing your sums sooner rather than later can also save you a small fortune and benefit your reputation.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)
I can see how much of a hard time you have been though Virgo. Now though, it’s time to turn your face to the Sun. Do so, and the shadows will soon fall behind you. Travel plans loom and may open an important new chapter.

LIBRA (September 24th-October 23rd)
You know close ones won’t approve of what you want to do, but who’s life is it Libra? Try to focus on what you know feels right in your heart. Being true to yourself is what will give you the confidence you’ve been lacking.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)
You’ve had as much as you can take of a close one, but you see from today what needs to be done to put some permanent distance between you. Will it take nerves? Yes. Will you feel empowered? Yes. This is your time.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)
There seems to be new found respect from a close one which makes it easier for you to forgive things that have transpired over the last six weeks. Checking forms you have already filled in can save you time and money.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)
Never underestimate your abilities Capricorn. You have come so far in recent days and week. You owe it to yourself to try again for the dreams and desires which are so strong in your heart. Scorpios link to a better social life.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)
When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. You think something failed when in actual fact you have succeeded. Why? Because my friend, you’ve learnt exactly what not to do next time.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)
You have so many good qualities, but lately you’ve only been concentrating on the negative ones. Remember from today that the glass is most definitely half full. Doing so can attract all manner of exciting faces your way.

If You Were Born Today, October 6

You are an idealistic, warm, and family-loving person. When you aren’t feeling confident, you are prone to withdrawing, sometimes appearing aloof. It’s certainly not because you are unfriendly. Instead, it’s due to a somewhat cautious nature. You crave a spiritual connection with another person–something that lifts you above and beyond the ordinary. Routine bores you, yet you are not attracted to crises or high-change situations either, as security is important to you. Highly creative, you need to express yourself in a few different avenues in order to derive the most satisfaction from life. Once befriended, you make a fabulously devoted companion, as you value quality over quantity in the people department. When you find people to adore, they are certainly well taken care of!

Famous people born today: Carole Lombard, Elisabeth Shue, Le Corbusier, Matthew Sweet, Jenny Lind.


Cafe Astrology

Get A Jump on Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Saturday, October 7th

Claire Petulengro, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


ARIES (March 21st-April 20th)
You’re the blacksmith of your own happiness. Create a future which you know you will enjoy and which won’t involve you saying yes to things you know will make you unhappy. This is a day to reverse forced changes.

TAURUS (April 21st-May 21st)
I see from your stars that you’ve done a lot of soul searching in recent days and weeks. You may not know what you want, but you do know what you DON’T want now, don’t you Taurus? Financial deals made today are successful.

GEMINI (May 22nd-June 21st)
You and I both know you’ve needed a life style change for some time, but putting it into action it has been harder than you thought, hasn’t it Gemini? From today you learn what needs to be done and who you need to distance yourself from.

CANCER (June 22nd-July 23rd)
This would be a great time to look at your day to day living to see what can be done to make it more accommodating to your true needs and desires. Fellow Cancerians help take the weight off your shoulders.

LEO (July 24th-August 23rd)
It’s time to let go of the anger which has been eating you up. If you don’t move on, you will not get to see and enjoy the wonderful future which is waiting. Neptune brings new dreams to your sign. Grab them.

VIRGO (August 24th-September 23rd)
You felt as if you were taking two steps forward and one step back. Now though, you begin to see that if you get rid of who was advising you for their own needs, you will move ten times quicker.

SCORPIO (October 24th-November 22nd)
Let’s not forget that you are the second most psychic sign in the zodiac. You will see with ease what needs to be done to get your ‘house in order’ so to speak. Don’t let well-meaning but naive family members tell you otherwise.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23rd-December 21st)
Jupiter helps you to make sense of what did or did not happen in recent days and weeks. You start to realise that you were not the one at fault, but that someone was trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

CAPRICORN (December 22nd-January 20th)
You have been pushing a close one away for fear of them finding out how you really feel. However, you and I both know that it is only by facing the truth that you will see and feel if things can really work.

AQUARIUS (January 21st-February 19th)
I know you’ve had a lot to juggle with, but what I can see which you can’t, is that you’ve done an excellent job of both facing your fears and overcoming them. Gemini’s link to a work path you should follow if you want to take things up a level.

PISCES (February 20th-March 20th)
It’s time to sit down and do some sums, so you can see with clarity what you can and cannot afford to do this month. October is forecast to be the month you find yourself. Don’t look sideways, look head on today for the answers you need.

Tarot Card of the Day

King of Swords









Traditionally, representing the energy of a King, this masculine energy form is The Adjudicator, the wise judge or mediator. He helps parties in conflict discover common ground and build upon it, and guides societies to see their greater good. His archetype is Solomon, ancient lawgiver and philosopher of the Old Testament. Sometimes appearing cool and detached, he can be misunderstood as not caring.

But emotional displays are just not his medium, nor is he moved by appeals to sympathy or pity. With the philosophical overview that comes from long experience, he listens deeply, watches closely and speaks last. In the end, his even-handedness and objectivity earn him the respect he receives from his community, and those who cannot work out their problems come to him voluntarily for advice.

Occasionally this man is subtly detailed to imply that he is a woman in male armor. If you notice this theme in your deck, it is a reference to Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans, archetype of a devout and inspired woman warrior, who was mystically led to abandon her social role to defend what she saw as the greater good. Although she was martyred young, her model crystallizes the message that sometimes the good of the whole is more important than the good of the individual, and in that case, even if you lose, you win just for being there. is Part of the Daily Insight Group ©2017

Love Tarot Card of the Day

The Wheel of Fortune

Today, the truth is told and clears up a situation that has hung on and on. Take direct action now to clear up something that should have been handled long ago. The Wheel of Fortune selected you because you need to know that some parts of the conditions were out of your control. Some events are not the result of something you did. You do have control over how you deal with matters now.

Erotic Tarot Card of the Day

The Chariot

The Chariot shows that you’re rolling toward a major sexual goal today, willing to forego just about anything and everything else to have that one big O! The thing is, who are you willing to trample over to get there? This card can be a sign to slow down just a bit, because while sex is fun, it shouldn’t be your number one focus right now. You don’t have to come to a complete stop, but pulling back on the reins just a bit will give you the clarity you need to make sure you’re making wise sexual decisions.

Your Influences for the Weekend of October 6th

Element Influence

Earth Reversed

Earth reversed denotes a lack of positive connection with the life spirit–a lost soul. If you are not careful you may miss much of what life has to offer you








Astrological Influence

Pisces Reversed

Pisces reversed signifies a lack of positive thinking and creativity at this time










Element Influence

Earth Reversed

Earth reversed denotes a lack of positive connection with the life spirit–a lost soul. If you are not careful you may miss much of what life has to offer you









Your Daily Rune for October 6th


“Not-this” – Literally: “Need-fire” or “Necessity” – Esoteric: Constraint, Friction

Key Concepts: Need, resistance, constraint, conflict, drama, effort, necessity, urgency, hard work, need-fire, life lessons, creative friction, distress, force of growth, the consequence of past action, short term pain for long term gain

Psi: resistance, need, effort

Energy: necessity, coming forth into being, urgency

Mundane: doing what must be done, chores, hard work

Divinations: Resistance (leading to strength), recognition of örlög (ultimate law, primal truth), innovation, need-fire (self-reliance), personal development and life lessons, achievement through effort; or constraint of freedom, distress, toil, drudgery, laxity, warnings, worry, guilt, moral cowardice, unfulfilled or unrecognized needs.

Your Animal Spirit for Today
October 6, 2017


Moose represents incredible strength and longevity, as well as the ability to see the future. Moose antlers are among the largest of the antlered animals, and are like psychic antennae—giving Moose amazingly developed hearing, smell, and depth perception. Moose is bellowing at you to open your third eye and stop pretending that you don’t know what’s about to happen.

Crack the Cookie

The Wisdom of Buddha

An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.

Your Earth Sky News for October 6th – Watch after sunrise for a daytime moon

Tonight is October 6, 2017 – and the Northern Hemisphere’s full Harvest Moon has passed. On this night, the moon is in a waning gibbous phase. That means it rises in the east later and later each evening … and it means you can catch the moon over your western horizon after sunrise in the next few mornings.

If you do catch the moon in the evening tonight or in the next few nights, notice the stars near it. On October 7, the moon is moving toward the famous dipper-shaped Pleiades star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters, a major signpost in the constellation Taurus the Bull.

On October 8, the moon will be near the constellation Taurus’ other major signpost, the bright star Aldebaran. In fact, the moon will occult or pass in front of Aldebaran from some parts of the world. Read more about the occultation of Aldebaran.


Sylvia asked:

When is the best time to see the moon in the sky during daylight hours?

The answer is that the daytime moon is up there much of the time, but, because it’s pale against the blue sky, it’s not as noticeable as the moon at night. But there are certain times of the month when the daytime moon is more noticeable. This upcoming week is an example of one of those.

The most noticeable moon at night is the one that stays out all night long. That would be around the time of full moon each month, when the moon is 180 degrees from the sun, or opposite the sun in our sky. The recent full moon was on October 5, 2017 at 18:40 Universal Time; translate to your time zone.

Every full moon rises around sunset and sets around sunrise. But now the moon is in a waning gibbous phase – rising later each night – and setting in the west later each day after sunrise.

So, in the several mornings after full moon – after sunrise – look for the waning gibbous moon in the west during the morning hours. At mid-northern latitudes in North America, the moon will set well over one hour after sunrise on October 7, 2017, and will set an one hour (or more) later each day thereafter.

These recommended almanacs can help you find the moon’s setting time in your sky

By the way, the moon is up during the day half the time. It has to be, since it orbits around the whole Earth once a month. A crescent moon is hard to see because it’s so near the sun in the sky. At the vicinity of last quarter moon about a week from now, you might have to crane your neck, looking up, to notice it after sunrise.

Ordinarily, we don’t look up to see the waning last quarter moon and waning crescent after sunrise. That’s one reason why people so often miss the moon during the day.

Day by day, the lighted portion of the waning gibbous moon will shrink and the half-lit last quarter moon will come on October 12. Watch for the daytime moon to climb higher and higher into the western sky after sunrise all this coming week!

Bottom line: Starting around October 7, 2017, look for the daytime moon in the west after sunrise.


For all your magickal needs, think Magickal Necessities


The Witches Digest for Friday, October 6th (Part 2 – The Witches Guide to Fridays)


The Witches Digest for Friday, October 6th

(Part 2 – The Witches Guide to Fridays)


“A year of beauty. A year of plenty.
A year of planting. A year of harvest.
A year of forests. A year of healing.
A year of vision. A year of passion.
A year of rebirth.


This year may we renew the earth.
This year may we renew the earth.


Let it begin with each step we take.
And let it begin with each change we make.
And let it begin with each chain we break.
And let it begin every time we awake.”

– Starhawk, Reclaiming Samhain

Today is Friday, October 6th

Friday is the day of Venus. It takes it name from Frigg, the Goddess of love and transformation. She rules the spiritual side of a person that manifests in the physical. Because of this, Friday is often thought of as dangerously unpredictable. This is expressed in an old East Anglian adage:

Friday’s day will have its trick
The fairest or foulest day of the week.


Deity: Frigg

Zodiac Sign: Taurus/Libra

Planet: Venus

Tree: Apple

Herb: Vervain

Stone: Sapphire/Chrsolite

Animal: Bull/Serpent

Element: Earth

Color: Yellow/Violet

Number: 7

Rune: Peorth(P)


Celtic Tree Month of Gort(Ivy) – September 30 – October 27

Runic Half-Month of Gyfu(gift) – September 28 – October 12

Goddess of the Month of Hathor – October 3 – October 30


The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

On Friday, October 6th, We Honor the Goddess Morrighan


Goddess of War and Sovereignty

In Celtic mythology, the Morrighan is known as a goddess of battle and war. However, there’s a bit more to her than this. Also referred to as Morrígu, Morríghan, or Mor-Ríoghain, she is called the “washer at the ford,” because if a warrior saw her washing his armor in the stream, it meant he was to die that day. She is the goddess who determines whether or not you walk off the field of battle, or are carried off upon your shield.


In later Irish folklore, this role would be delegated to the bain sidhe, who foresaw the death of members of a specific family or clan.


She appears to date from around the Copper Age, based on archaeological findings. Stone stelae have been discovered in the British Isles, France, and Portugal, that are from approximately 3000 b.c.e.


The Morrighan often appears in the form of a crow or raven, or is seen accompanied by a group of them. In the stories of the Ulster cycle, she is shown as a cow and a wolf as well. The connection with these two animals suggest that in some areas, she may have been connected to fertility and land.


In some legends, the Morrighan is considered a triune, or triple goddess, but there are a lot of inconsistencies to this. She often appears as a sister to the Badb and Macha. In some Neopagan traditions, she is portrayed in her role as destroyer, representing the Crone aspect of the Maiden/Mother/Crone cycle, but this seems to be incorrect when one looks at her original Irish history.


Some scholars point out that war specifically is not a primary aspect of the Morrighan, and that her connection to cattle presents her as a goddess of sovereignty. The theory is that she can be seen as a deity who guides or protects a king.


Mary Jones of the Celtic Literature Collective says, “Morrigan is one of the most complex figures in Irish mythology, not the least due to her genealogy.


In the earliest copies of the Lebor Gabála Érenn, there are listed three sisters, named Badb, Macha, and Anann. In the Book of Leinster version, Anann is identified with Morrigu, while in the Book of Fermoy version, Macha is identified with Morrigan… What is most evident is that from the texts, “Morrigan” or “Morrigu” is a title applied to different women who for the most part seem to be sisters or related in some manner, or sometimes it is the same woman with slightly differing names in different manuscripts and redactions. We see that Morrigan is identified with Badb Macha, Anann, and Danann. The first is usually identified with the raven and battle, the second usually identified with the archetypical Celtic horse goddess, the third with the land goddess, and the fo[u]rth with a mother goddess.”


In modern literature, there has been some linking of the Morrighan to the character of Morgan Le Fay in the Arthurian legend. It appears, though, that this is more fanciful thinking than anything else. Although Morgan le Fay appears in the Vita Merlini in the twelfth century, a narrative of the life of Merlin by Geoffrey of Monmouth, it’s unlikely that there’s a connection to the Morrighan.


Scholars point out that the name “Morgan” is Welsh, and derived from root words connected to the sea. “Morrighan” is Irish, and is rooted in words that are associated with “terror” or “greatness.” In other words, the names sound similar, but the relationship ends there.


Today, many Pagans do work with the Morrighan, although many of them describe their relationship with her as being somewhat reluctant at first. John Beckett over at Patheos describes a ritual in which the Morrighan was invoked, and says, “She wasn’t threatening but She was very clearly in command – I think She knew the respect we have for Her and that She didn’t have to convince anybody who She is. She seemed pleased that we were honoring Her and attempting to answer Her call… I want to encourage Pagans to listen for the call of Morrigan.


She’s a complex goddess. She can be blunt, rough, and violent. She is the Battle Raven and is not to be trifled with. But she has a message I believe is critical for our future as Pagans, as humans, and as creatures of the Earth. A storm is coming. Gather your tribe. Reclaim your sovereignty.”


Patti Wigington
Published on ThoughtCo

Gods of the Celts


Wondering about some of the major deities of the ancient Celtic world? Although the Celts consisted of societies all over the British Isles and parts of Europe, some of their gods and goddesses have become a part of modern Pagan practice. Here are some of the deities honored by the ancient Celtic peoples.

Brighid, Hearth Goddess of Ireland
A daughter of the Dagda, Brighid is one of the classic triple goddesses of the Celtic pantheon. Many Pagans honor her today as a goddess of the hearth and home, and of divination and prophecy. She’s often associated with the Imbolc sabbat, as well as with fire, domesticity, and family life. Brighid was the patron of poets and bards, as well as healers and magicians. She was especially honored when it came to matters of prophecy and divination.


Cailleach, Ruler of Winter
Cailleach is known in parts of the Celtic world as the hag, the bringer of storms, the Dark Mother of the winter months. However, she features prominently in mythology and is not just a destroyer, but also a creator goddess. According to The Etymological Dictionary Of Scottish-Gaelic the word cailleach itself means “veiled one” or “old woman”. In some stories, she appears to a hero as a hideous old woman, and when he is kind to her, she turns into a lovely young woman who rewards him for his good deeds. In other stories, she turns into a giant gray boulder at the end of winter, and remains this way until Beltane, when she springs back to life.


Cernunnos, Wild God of the Forest
Cernunnos is the horned god found in many traditions of modern Paganism and Wicca. He is an archetype found predominantly in Celtic regions, and symbolizes fertility and masculine energy. Often celebrated around the Beltane sabbat, Cernunnos is associated with the forest, the greening of the earth, and wild stags. He is a god of vegetation and trees in his aspect as the Green Man, and a god of lust and fertility when connected with Pan, the Greek satyr. In some traditions, he is seen as a god of death and dying, and takes time to comfort the dead by singing to them on their way to the spirit world.


Cerridwen, Keeper of the Cauldron
Cerridwen is known in Welsh mythology as the keeper of the Cauldron of the Underworld in which knowledge and inspiration are brewed. She is considered a goddess of prophetic powers, and because her symbol is the Cauldron, she is an honored goddess in many Wiccan and Pagan traditions. The legend of Cerridwen is heavy with instances of transformation: when she is chasing Gwion, the two of them change into any number of animal and plant shapes. Following the birth of Taliesen, Cerridwen contemplates killing the infant but changes her mind; instead she throws him into the sea, where he is rescued by a Celtic prince, Elffin. Because of these stories, change and rebirth and transformation are all under the control of this powerful Celtic goddess.


The Dagda, Father God of Ireland
The Dagda was a father god of the Celtic pantheon, and plays an important role in the stories of the Irish invasions. He was the leader of the Tuatha de Danaan, and a god of fertility and knowledge. His name means “the good god.” In addition to his mighty club, the Dagda also possessed a large cauldron. The cauldron was magical in that it had an endless supply of food in it — the ladle itself was said to be so large that two men could lie in it. The Dagda is typically portrayed as a plump man with a large phallus, representative of his status as a god of abundance.


Herne, God of the Wild Hunt
In British lore, Herne the Hunter is a god of vegetation, vine, and the wild hunt. Similar in many aspects to Cernunnos, Herne is celebrated in the autumn months, when the deer go into rut. He is seen as a god of the common folk, and is typically recognized only around the Windsor Forest area of Berkshire, England. Herne was considered a divine hunter, and was seen on his wild hunts carrying a great horn and a wooden bow, riding a mighty black horse and accompanied by a pack of baying hounds. Mortals who get in the way of the Wild Hunt are swept up in it, and often taken away by Herne, destined to ride with him for eternity. He’s seen as a harbinger of bad omen, especially to the royal family.


Lugh, Master of Skills
Lugh is the Celtic god honored for his skills and gifts as a craftsman. He is the god of blacksmiths, metal-workers and artisans. In his aspect as a harvest god, he is honored on August 1, on the festival known as Lughnasadh or Lammas. Lugh is associated with craftsmanship and skill, particularly in endeavors involving creativity. Although not specifically a war god, Lugh was known as a skilled warrior. His weapons included a mighty magic spear, which was so bloodthirsty that it often tried to fight without its owner. According to Irish myth, in battle, the spear flashed fire and tore through the enemy ranks unchecked.


The Morrighan, Goddess of War and Sovereignty
The Morrighan is known as a Celtic war goddess, but there’s a lot more to her than that. She’s associated with rightful kingship, and the sovereignty of the land. The Morrighan often appears in the form of a crow or raven, or is seen accompanied by a group of them. In the stories of the Ulster cycle, she is shown as a cow and a wolf as well. The connection with these two animals suggest that in some areas, she may have been connected to fertility and land.


Rhiannon, Horse Goddess of Wales
In the Welsh mythological cycle, the Mabinogion, Rhiannon is known as a goddess of the horse. However, she also plays a crucial role in the kingship of Wales. The horse appears prominently in much of Welsh and Irish mythology. Many parts of the Celtic world — Gaul in particular — used horses in warfare, and so it is no surprise that these animals turn up in the myths and legends or Ireland and Wales.


Taliesin, Chief of the Bards
Although Taliesin is a documented historical figure in Welsh history, he has managed to become elevated to the status of a minor god. His mythologized story has elevated him to the status of a minor deity, and he appears in the tales of everyone from King Arthur to Bran the Blessed. Today, many modern Pagans honor Taliesin as a patron of bards and poets, since he is known as the greatest poet of all.


Patti Wigington
Published on ThoughtCo

Friday’s Magick

Magickal Intent:

Planet: Venus

Colors: Pink, Aqua, Seafoam

Crystals: Coral, Emerald, Rose Quartz

The Witches Guide to Friday


Ruler: Freya, Venus

Colors: Emerald green or pink

Power Hours: Sunrise and the 8th, 16th, and 24th hours following.

Key Words: Love, money, health

It is easy to spot the ruler of this day by its name. In the word Friday, we see the roots of the name of the Norse goddess Freya, a goddess of love and fertility, and the most beautiful and propitious of the goddesses thus the verse “Friday’s child is loving and giving.”

In Spanish this day of the week is called Viernes and is derived from the goddess Venus. Matters of love, human interaction, the fluidity of communication, sewing and the creation of artistic garments, household improvement, shopping, and party planning all fall under the aspects of Friday and its ruling planet, Venus.

Friday’s angels are Ariel/Uriel, Rachiel, and Sachiel. Rachiel also concerns himself with human sexuality and is a presiding spirit of the planet Venus.

On Fridays, the hour of sunrise and every eight hours after that are also ruled by Venus, and that makes these times of the day doubly blessed. These four hours are the strongest four hours for conducting ritual.

Check the local newspaper, astrological calendar, or almanac to determine your local sunrise.


Gypsy Magic

Friday’s Witchery


Love magick is a perennial popular topic. However, there is more to this topic than meets the eye. There are many enchanting layers here for us to explore on this day of the week. What about creating a loving home, or producing a loving and nurturing family? What about keeping your intimate relationships vital and on track? How about promoting happy, healthy, and enduring friendships? See, there is more to be considered than just the “You shall be mine…” type of fictional love spell.

Don’t forget that many of the deities associated with Fridays are also parents. So, yes, while this is the day to work on romance, sex, and love spells, there is additional magick to be considered here, which makes Fridays a more well-rounded and bigger opportunity for witchery than many folks ever truly realize. The truest, strongest magick always comes from the heart.


Book of Witchery – Spells, Charms & Correspondences For Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

The Witches Almanac for Friday, October 6th

German-American Day

Waning Moon

Moon Phase: Third Quarter

Moon Sign: Aries

Moon enters Taurus 7:56 pm

Incense: Violet

Color: Rose




Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers, Heart

Color: aqua, blue, light blue, brown, green, pale green, magenta, peach, pink, rose, white, all pastels

Number: 5, 6

Metal: copper

Charm: green or white garments, scepter

Stone: alexandrite, amethyst, coral, diamond, emerald, jade, jet, black moonstone, peridot, smoky quartz, tiger’s-eye, pink tourmaline

Animal: camel, dove, elephant, goat, horse, pigeon, sparrow

Plant: apple, birch, cherry, clematis, clove, coriander, heather, hemlock, hibiscus, ivy, lotus, moss, myrtle, oats, pepperwort, peppermint, pinecone, quince, raspberry, rose, pink rose, red rose, rose hips, saffron, sage, savin, stephanotis, strawberry, thyme, vanilla, verbena, violet, water lily, yarrow, and all flowers

Incense: ambergris, camphor, mace, musk, myrrh, rose, saffron, sage, sandalwood, sweetgrass, vanilla, violet, all floral scents

Goddess: Aphrodite, Asherah, Baalith, Brigid, Erzulie, Freya (Passionate Queen), Frigg, Gefion, Harbor (Beautiful One), Hestia, Inanna, Ishtar (Lady of Passion and Desire), Lakshmi, Lilith, Mokosh, Nehalennia, Nerthus, Ostara, Pombagira, Sarasvati, Shakti, Shekinah, Sirtur, Al Uzza, Venus (Queen of Pleasure), Vesta

God: Allah, Bacchus, Bes, Cupid, the Dagda, Dionysus, El, Eros (God of Love), Freyr, Frit Ailek, Shukra

Evocation: Agrat Bat Mahalat, Anael, Hagiel, Mokosba, Rasbid, Sachiel, Uriel, Velas


Moonlight Musings

Magickal Applications for Friday


Friday is named after the Norse goddesses of love, Freya and Frigga. There seems to be some debate as to whom the day is actually named after, so I thought I would share a little information so you can decide for yourself.

In Latin, this day is known as Dies Veneris, “Venus’s day.” In Greek, it’s Hermera Aphrodites, which translates to the “day of Aphrodite.” In Old English, this day is called Frige- daeg, or “Freya’s day.” This day has the Germanic title of Frije-dagaz, which, once again, could be Freya’s day or Frigga’s day.

Both Freya and Frigga were Norse goddesses of love and were the Teutonic equivalent of the Greco-Roman Venus/Aphrodite. However, Freya was one of the Vanir—the gods of fertility who supervised the land and sea—and she was the leader of the Valkyries. Frigga, Odin’s wife, was the goddess of the heavens and of married love. She was one of the Aesir—the gods associated with battle, magick and the sky. Freya and Frigga could be looked upon as different aspects of the same goddess. They both were called on to assist in childbirth and then in naming of the new baby. Frigga represented the faithful wife and loving mother, while Freya, who really captured the hearts and imagination of the Norse people, was the passionate mistress and lover.

Fridays classically are days for love, fertility, romance, and beauty magick, as well as working for happiness, harmony in the home, and friendship. So let’s take a look at some of the mythology involved with this loving, voluptuous, passionate, and luxurious day of the week, and see where it leads us.


Book of Witchery – Spells, Charms & Correspondences For Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

The Witches Magick for Friday, October 6th – The Witch Bottle Love Spell

Items needed:

A glass jar

Spring water

Drop of your own blood

Strand of your own hair

Vanilla extract

Rose quartz stone

Other items mentioned are optional

Witch bottles are popular in magic, and, though most often employed for protection, they can be effective talismans for drawing love into your life. In a clean glass jar place some or all of the following while visualizing love being drawn to your dwelling: spring water, a drop of your own blood, a strand of your own hair, vanilla extract, and a rose quartz stone. You may also use any from of coriander, cinnamon, hyacinth, licorice, yerba maté, rue, myrtle, jasmine, lemon, lavender, jasmine, mastic, rose, peppermint, thyme, or plum. Drawings or other love talismans representing your goal of romance can also be included. On a Friday or during a Full Moon, bury the sealed bottle near an entryway to your home. It will work for a year and a day.


Everything Under the Moon

The More You Know Fridays – Feast of Samhain

“The Celts honored the opposing balance of intertwining forces of existence: darkness and light, night and day, cold and heat, death and life. The Celtic year was divided into two seasons: the light and the dark, celebrating the light at Beltane on May 1st and the dark at Samhain on November 1st. Therefore, the Feast of Samhain marks one of the two great doorways of the Celtic year. Some believe that Samhain was the more important festival, since it marked the beginning of a new dark-light cycle. The Celts observed time as proceeding from darkness to light because they understood that in dark silence comes whisperings of new beginnings, the stirring of the seed below the ground. Therefore, the Celtic year began with the season of An Geamhradh, the dark Celtic winter, and ended with Am Foghar, the Celtic harvest. The Celtic day began at dusk, the beginning of the dark and cold night, and ended the following dusk, the end of a day of light and warmth. Since dusk is the beginning of the Celtic day, Samhain begins at dusk on October 31. Samhain marks the beginning of An Geamhradh as well as the New Year. Whereas Beltane was welcomed in the summer light with joyous celebrations at dawn, the most magically potent time of Samhain was at night. Oidhche Shamhna, the Eve of Samhain, was the most important part of the celebration. Villagers gathered the best of the autumn harvest and slaughtered cattle for the feast. The focus of each village’s festivities was a great bonfire. Villagers cast the bones of the slaughtered cattle upon the flames. (Our word bonfire comes from these “bone fires.”) Personal prayers in the form of objects symbolizing the wishes of supplicants or ailments to be healed were cast into the fire. Many sacrifices and gifts were offered up in thanksgiving for the harvest. With the great bonfire roaring, the villagers extinguished all other fires. Each family then solemnly lit their hearth from the one great common flame, bonding all families of the village together. As they received the flame that marked this time of beginnings, people surely felt a sense of the kindling of new dreams, projects and hopes for the year to come.”

– Feast of Samhain

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The Witches Digest – Part 3 – Horoscopes and Much More

Good Friday Morning to all my precious family & friends! It’s that time of the day, time for the Witches Digest for Friday, Oct. 6th


The Witches Digest for Friday, October 6th, 2017

(Part 1 – Your Astronomy for the Day)


“Hail Freyja, Golden One!
Holder of the glorious Brisingamen, that brings fertility and abundance.
As we love and honor you, may we find love and power within us. Join us and accept our thanks.
Hail Freyja!
Hail Freyr, Harvest God!
Keeper of the rain and the sunshine!
As we love and honor you, may we find creativity and inspiration within us.
Join us and accept our thanks.
Hail Freyer!
Hail Sif, Great Lady!
We come to this place grateful for your gifts.
Golden-haired goddess of the ripening grain, as we love and honor you, may we find beauty and grace within us.
Join us and accept our thanks.
Hail Sif!
Hail Thor, son of the Earth Mother!
Strong and noble keeper of Thunder, Red-Bearded Guardian of us all, guide us through the seasons and the cycles of life.
We thank you for the fertility of our lands and for the abundance we have received this year.
As we love and honor you, let us find strength and wisdom with us.
Join us and accept out thanks.
Hail Thor!”

– Kristen Madden, Autumn Celebration Ritual

Your Daily Sun & Moon Data for Friday, October 6th

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 106.24° ESE
Sun Altitude: 12.08°
Sun Distance: 92.918 million mi
Next Solstice: Dec 21, 2017 10:27 am (Winter)
Sunrise Today: 6:54 am↑ 96° East
Sunset Today: 6:29 pm↑ 264° West
Length of Daylight: 11 hours, 35 minutes


The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 279.30° W
Moon Altitude: -4.92°
Moon Distance: 230427 mi
Next New Moon: Oct 19, 20172:12 pm
Next Full Moon: Nov 4, 201712:22 am
Next Moonrise: Today7:29 pm
Moon Illumination: 99.1%
Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous


The Lunar Calendar
Moon Phase Tonight: Waning Gibbous
Third Quarter: Oct 12, 2017 at 7:25 am
(Next Phase)
Full Moon: Oct 5, 2017 at 1:40 pm
(Previous Phase)


Your Astronomy for Friday, October 6th

The Moon is in Aries until 7:55 PM, after which the Moon is in Taurus.
The Moon is void from 6:37 PM to 7:55 PM.
The Moon is waning and in its Full Moon phase.
The Full Moon occurred yesterday in the sign of Aries, and the Last Quarter Moon will occur on October 12th.

Moon in Aries


We’re motivated by a strong desire to start fresh. A gut instinct to start something new is with us now, as well as the gumption to do so. Our pioneering impulses are strong, and we feel energetic, spontaneous, and enthusiastic. We may also be tactless and impulsive now. Excess energy is best channeled into physical activity.

The Moon in Aries generally favors the following activities: Quick actions that yield immediate results. Undertakings that involve the self and the personality. (Staying power may be lacking). Self-assertion, taking on challenges, beginning short-term projects.

The Sky This Week for October 6 to October 8

Friday, October 6

The second brightest asteroid of 2017 puts on a nice show in October’s sky. Minor planet 7 Iris glows at magnitude 7.5, which is bright enough to see through binoculars from the suburbs. It resides in the constellation Aries the Ram, a region that climbs high in the east by late evening. Iris stands 3° due east of Aries’ brightest star, magnitude 2.0 Hamal (Alpha [a] Arietis), all week.

Saturday, October 7

Uranus reaches opposition in less than two weeks, but it is already a tempting evening target. The ice giant world rises within a half-hour after sunset and climbs more than 30° above the eastern horizon by 10 p.m. local daylight time. The magnitude 5.7 planet lies in Pisces, 1.4° west-northwest of magnitude 4.3 Omicron (o) Piscium. Although Uranus glows brightly enough to see with the naked eye under a dark sky, binoculars make the task much easier. A telescope reveals the planet’s blue-green disk, which spans 3.7″.

Mars reaches aphelion at 6 p.m. EDT, when the planet’s orbital motion carries it farthest from the Sun. It then lies 154.9 million miles (249.2 million kilometers) from our star.

Sunday, October 8

Look high in the east after darkness falls this week and you should see autumn’s most conspicuous star group. The Great Square of Pegasus stands out in the evening sky at this time of year, though it appears balanced on one corner and looks more diamond-shaped. These four almost equally bright stars form the body of Pegasus the Winged Horse. The fainter stars that form the rest of this constellation’s shape trail off to the square’s west.

Mercury passes behind the Sun from Earth’s perspective at 5 p.m. EDT. This means the innermost planet lies on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth and remains hidden in our star’s glare. It will return to view in the evening sky at the end of October


The Astronomy Magazine

The Witches Current Moon Phase for Friday, October 6th

Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 99%

Moon in ♈ Aries
Moon is passing about ∠23° of ♈ Aries tropical zodiac sector.

Tomorrow the Moon will be in a Waning Gibbous Phase. This is the first phase after the Full Moon occurs. It lasts roughly 7 days with the Moon’s illumination growing smaller each day until the Moon becomes a Last Quarter Moon with a illumination of 50%. The average Moon rise for this phase is between 9am and Midnight depending on the age of the phase. The moon rises later and later each night setting after sunrise in the morning. During this phase the Moon can also be seen in the early morning daylight hours on the western horizon.

Phase Details for – Friday, October 6, 2017

Phase: Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 99%
Moon Age: 15.55 days
Moon Angle: 0.53
Moon Distance: 373,875.66 km
Sun Angle: 0.53
Sun Distance: 149,520,297.34 km


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