Work, Work, Work, It Never Stops…….

Even if you burn the midnight oil around here, you never get caught up! I am trying to get back to some sort of routine. I went out in the warehouse and found a whole new supply of stuff. I will be here till eternity. I know it piled up rather quickly. Oh, well, I will get what I can get done and leave the rest for the crew when they come back on Monday. I was dreading Monday, now I am praying for it to hurry up and get here after I saw all these boxes. But speaking of boxes, I am over at the store today adding lots of new merchandise. Got a moment, stop by and check it out. New books of shadows, new oils, new soaps, new spell kits and the list goes on and on. Also the jewelry company in California, the deal when through and I will be adding some of their merchandise today also.


Now off on other things, I am sure you all know Lady Beltane. She is the one who runs Coven Life. Well, she just happens to be in the hospital and didn’t bother telling me because she didn’t want to worry me anymore than I was already. I got an email from her this morning, she is suppose to be out of the hospital Monday. So please light and candle and say a prayer for her speedy recovery. Also that she may have a healthy Winter. She gets sick this early, oh, it don’t look good for Winter. So please say a prayer for her and that she will have good health this coming Winter. She is a sweet lady and I hate to see her sick. I just wish she had told me sooner.


Next, I know this is a long shot but I am going to give it a try anyway. I have been doing a search on Linked-In, Google and every place else for a customer who placed an order on Magickal Necessities.  His name is Joey N………… I am trying to contact him in regards to a wrong email address we received for him. I am hoping that he is either a member here or stops by to see what is going on. I know it is a long shot but Joey if you read this, could you please contact me at, it is rather important. Thank you!


Now, I believe that pretty well covers the day for me but I can’t leave without telling you a funny story first…

Yesterday, I was in a hurry to get the daily postings done so I could take the boys fishing. I don’t let them go by themselves because these are farm ponds around here and they are deep in the middle. So we got all our stuff ready and off we went. We haven’t had any rain around here in weeks so the pond’s bottom near the edge is starting to show. We had been going down to the part that had dried, sit and fished there. Well, we got all our stuff out, throw our lines out and sit for about 15 minutes, no bites, That’s unusual because you generally throw your line in and a fish is waiting on it. We got bored, started to move around the pond. Jacob caught a fish, he was thrilled to death. They love to catch them but hate to take them off the line. They generally dangle the fish in front of my face so I can take them off the line. Ha, I told him yesterday it was time he learned how to take them off the line. After a few faces he made, he got the fish off the line. Then when he went to throw it back, he accidentally threw it in the mud. Well, I am not going to watch a fish lay and die in the mud. So I told him to leave it alone I would get it. And boy did I, we have an old superstition if a fish shews water out at you, he has jinxed the rest of your fishing trip. Well, this little bast*&%!, shewed at me. after I was nice enough to go dig him out of the mud, he shewed. I ended up sinking in mud up to my knees. The boys were having a fit, I was going to drown, I was going to drown. Which was really funny because dry land was about 5 inches away from me. Anyway, while one of them when to get the farmers, the other stayed telling me not to move, I was going to drown. We always take the dog with us and I hollered at Kade (the dog) to bring Momma her stick. I always take my staff with us because I use it to climb the hills and occasionally knock a snake in the head. Anyway, Kade knew what I meant. He walks over to the stick and starts rolling it down the hill to me. He got it to point so I could reach it and I put it on solid ground and pulled myself out of the mud. Damn, that mud stunk! By that time, here comes Jacob and the farmers just flying on four wheelers. I could hear Jacob holler, she is drowning, hurry. I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off. We were sitting on top of the hill and I looked like a mud puppy and we were both laughing by this time. All of them were totally confused and couldn’t figure out how on earth I got saved. Until they found out my little 8 pound Pomeranian had saved the day. Long story short, I won’t never call Kade a dumb butt again!


Now I am off to the store, got a minute stop by and see what’s new and oh, yeah, don’t go fishing at any muddy ponds, please!

Till tomorrow, my luvs,

Lady A


I is a good puppy. I saved my Mommie! Ain’t he cute, meanest little poot, you ever seen in your life.

10 thoughts on “Work, Work, Work, It Never Stops…….

  1. Lady Beltane, please don’t hesitate to tell us these things when there are so many that want to send you love, light, and good health blessings. Know that my candles are burning and I am sending out healing light for you. Much love- Raven

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  2. Made you’re s good boy. Auntie B will send you a special treat for saving momma.
    Thank you Lady A for the prayer request on my part. I haven’t posted on CL where I am. Also now I am not sure when I’m getting sprung because the antibiotics aren’t working as quick as they should.
    Love ya,


    1. I ain’t talking to you. You called me a big mouth, lol! Just kidding! I hope you are feeling better. Are you still getting out tomorrow? Prayer is one thing I do believe in and you getting sick this early bothers me, ok! When you get a minute check out Coven Life? I had a few minutes this morning now they are quickly running out but I did some work over there. Let me know if you like it. If not, I will change it. Take care of yourself, mind the doctors and the nurses and don’t cause any trouble, sounds like I am talking to a 6 year old, huh? That’s what you get for calling me a big mouth. You know I love you and worry about you. I just wish you had told me sooner. Anyway, let me know about CL? Got to run for now.
      Love ya,

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      1. Lady A,

        You did it again you wonderful witch! I love CL’s new look!!!! Thank you!!!
        Not getting out for a few days. Infectious disease doctor was in today says I also have a sinus infection. He has ordered blood tests for allergies and a pliable fungal infection in my lungs.
        So now you are caught up 😛 lol

        Love ya dear sister,


  3. Kade is adorable.. and adorable little butt.. and he loves his momma.. sounds like you and the boys had a perfect day.. much needed indeed. And yes.. I’ll be keeping Lady Beltane in my dailies for healing comfort and strength.. as well as for you to (((hugs)))

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