Crone Chant for Good Judgment


Crone Chant for Good Judgment
Ancient Hag, Wise Grandmother,
You of Wisdom, like no other,
Help me weigh choices with precision,
To make a good and fair decision
Show me what I need to see,
Shed some light on what should be.
And should I turn a deafened ear
Open it so I can hear
Help me feel what I should know.
Show me now which way to go.
Guide me in what I just do.
This, Old Crone, I ask of You.

Bast Chant for Liberation


Bast Chant for Liberation
Feline Goddess, Cat-like Bast,
Give me what I need at last.
Scratch through mental knots that bind,
Bring independence to my mind.
Claw through ropes that hold me tight,
Bring liberation to my life.
Help me let go of what is old
And venture forth, reborn and bold.
Help me live my life in truth.
Bast, I ask these things of You.

Chant to Hecate


Chant to Hecate
The chant below bring swift justice to those who treat you unfairly. Take caution in using it, though, especially if you have also behaved inappropriately. Hecate’s justice knows no bounds. She sees to it that all involved get precisely what they deserve.
Chant to Hecate
Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea
Bring justice now, I ask of Thee!
Right the wrongs that have been done,
Avenge me now, Oh Mighty One.
Turn misfortune back to those
Who cause my problems and my woes.
And heap upon them karmic debt
Lest they all too soon forget
Their wrongful actions, words, and deed
Don’t let them get away scot-free
Bring them forth from where they hide,
Bring swift justice–weild your knife.
Hasten, Dark One: hear my plea–
Do what it is I ask of Thee.

Chant to Athena


Chant to Athena
Try this chant when you must make a decision, but aren’t sure that all the facts are on the table.
Athena, Goddess of Great Insight,
Wisest One, take owl-like flight.
Come to me–stay at my side.
And let Your wisdom be my guide.
Show me what I need to see,
So that I can solve efficiently
These problems. Lend Your expertise
And grant Your wisdom unto me.

Determination Charm

Determination Charm

This charm uses the power of the Elements to give yourself added energy to carry on in your quest for a better life. Like four Goddesses, who are sisters, the Elements each have their own unique quality that is powerful by itself, but when combined, become even more divinely powerful.
You will need a piece of carnelian and a red candle.
Wash the carnelian in cool water for at least a minute before using it as a charm. Draw a circle of light and call in the Elements. Light the red pillar candle, and dedicate it to the four sisters:
“Sisters of the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water
Let your light shine bright tonight.”
With the piece of carnelian in your power hand, move to the north point of the circle, and call out:
“Divine Sister of Earth
Give me strength.”
Moving to the east point, call out:
“Divine Sister of Air
Give me hope.”
Moving to the south point, call out:

Divine Sister of Fire

Give me creativity.”
Moving to the west point, call out:
“Divine Sister of Water
Give me love.”
Now that the piece of carnelian has been programmed with the power of the four sisters and their corresponding Element, keep it near you as a reminder of your internal strength and determination. When you are done, bid farewell to the elements and pull up the circle. Allow the candle to safely burn down.

Banishing Trouble Spell


Banishing Trouble Spell

The purpose of this spell is to banish your troubles on this waning moon eve.

You will need a pen for writing, a piece of blue paper, a white candle, a fireproof pan and a cup.
After dark, write down all the things that have been troubling you on the blue paper. This includes anything that causes you anger, stress, and pain.
Light the candle and dedicate to the Goddess by saying:

Mother of all things bright and wonderful,

Come spread your light on this dark night.

Take the blue piece of paper and light it in the candle flame, taking care not to burn yourself and put it in the fireproof pan to burnout. As you watch the flames burn the embers into ashes, see all of your troubles burning away as well. Sense a great burden being lifted from your shoulders.
Gather up the ashes of the blue paper, and place them into a cup. Take the cup and your athame outside. Standing in a clear area, point the athame up at the sky and then down at the earth. Now, spin around and draw a circle around you while saying:

All troubles and woes be gone from my space

In my Lady’s name.

Take the cup and spin around, scattering the ashes to the wind, saying:

I give my troubles to the wayward winds

May they never darken my light again

So mote it be!

Stardust Abundance Spell


Stardust Abundance Spell

Cast this spell to bring abundance and prosperity into your life.

You will need a gold candle, a green felt, gel, or ink pen, a piece of paper, glue and glitter.

Once the moon has risen place the gold candle on your altar. Draw a magic circle and call in the elements. Call in your favorite Goddess or God of abundance. Light the candle, dedicating it to this deity. Write your dream career or work on a piece of clean paper. Place the paper safely in front of the candle so that it is illuminated by the flame. Next, drip glue in a clockwise circle on the paper around what you have written, and say:

May my career wish become reality. So be it!

Now, sprinkle gold glitter clockwise over the circle and say:

By the powers of stardust, blessed prosperity. So be it!

Sprinkle a second clockwise circle of glitter on top of the first circle, and say:

By the power of gold, my work is blessed be!

When the glue is dry, fold the paper four times, and keep it in your desk drawer until you attain your career desires. When you are done, thank the Goddess or God, bid farewell to the elements, and pull up the circle.

Lecanomancy Divination

Lecanomancy Divination
You will need three white stones you find in nature and a basin or bathtub filled with water.
At midnight, rinse the stones in cool water for at least a couple of minutes to clear them or any residue energies. Fill the basin with water. Hold your hands over the stones, and say three times:
May the Goddess and God bless these stones as a true oracle.
Toss the stones, one at a time into the basin of water. If they make a clear splashing sound, the answer to your question is “Yes.” If they make a dull, muffled sound, the answer is “No.” Also make a note of any images in the ripples of the water as you toss the stones into the basin. When you are finished, return the stones to nature.

Healing Talisman

Healing Talisman
The idea of this spell is to program your crystals with healing powers.
You will need a pen, a piece of sugar, two green candles, and a clear quartz crystal.

After dark, write down on the piece of paper what ailment you want to heal. Draw a circle of light, and call in the elements. Light tht two candles an dedicate them to the Goddess and God:
Goddess and God of healing,
Please bless my circle with your
Healing light.
Using your breath, clear the crystal of its energy field. Now program the crystal for healing by holding it in your power hand and gazing deep within the lattice structure of the crystal. Envision a green healing color filling the crystal from the inside out until the whole thing shines brightly with a healing energy that traves from the crystal to your body. Sense the healing energy as it energizes the area of your body, that needs healing.
Burn the piece of paper, thus releasing yourself from the disease. Keep the talisman with you, letting its healing energy, keep you free from any illnesses that may come lurking. When you are done, bid farewell to the elements and pull up the circle. Allow the candles to safely burn down.

Salt, Sage, and Sandalwood Spell


Salt, Sage, and Sandalwood Spell

Use this spell to clean any negative energy from your bedroom that has accumulated there, either from you, your mate, your lover{s}, or from people who have lived in your home before you.

Gather together a newspaper, three blue candles, sea salt, a sage smudge stick, and sandalwood incense.

At midnight, open and lay the newspaper out on your bedroom floor. Put the candles in holders, and set them on top of the newspaper. Surround each of the candles with a circle of sea salt. Light the candles, one at a time. With each candle you light, repeat three times:

One times two times three

All darkness and negativity

Be gone, now and forevermore!

Light the smudge from the candle flame, and smoke the room thoroughly. Allow the candle to safely burn down. Then take the newspaper, salt and candle remains and throw them in the garbage. As you do, repeat three times:

One times two times three

All darkness and negativity

Be gone, now and forevermore!

Light the sandalwood incense and fill your bedroom with the spicy scent. If you prefer, you can use a diffuser with sandalwood-scented oil, or you can put a drop of sandalwood oil on your light bulbs and let the heat of the bulb fill the room with the fragrance. Allow the candles to safely burn down.

Happily Ever After Sex Magick


Happily Ever After Sex Magick

You will need a book with erotic love stories and your lover. Some books that will stir your erotic desires and passion are Greenfire: Making Love with the Goddess and Moonflower; Dreaming with the Goddess are both filled with sexy pagan stories.

When you retire for the evening, select an erotic story to read together with your lover. Open the book to the page you desire, and say:

And we made love happily ever after, Blessed be!

Enjoy the story and the romantic interlude that is sure to follow. A variation on this spell is to write the erotic story for your lover and tell him or her exactly how you would like to make love. Include what you will be wearing and what your lover will be wearing. Put the clothes on the bed with the story you write for your lover to discover, light a few candles and do what comes naturally. You will love the results!

Dream Creation Spell


Dream Creation Spell
Some innovative approaches to dreams include those of Frederic “Fritz” Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy, who felt that every character and object in a dream represents some facet of the dream’s life, and Medard Boss, who saw the dream as a mirror or reflection in a metaphorical sense of what is happening in the dreamer’s life.
After dark, think about a recent dream that sticks in your mind. Now create something from that dream. Allow it to inspire a creation such as a collage, painting, poem, song, woodworking, sewing project, flower garden, dances, new business, a dream vacation, and so forth. All of these creative representations of your dreams are empowering ways of connecting with your dream self. Bless your dream creation by saying:
Goddess and God, please bless my dream creation
May your divine blessings and guidance empower me
So be it! Blessed be!

Cyclone Clearing Spell


Cyclone Clearing Spell

Cast this spell to clear the negativity out of your home, as well as encourage positive energies into your space.

At midnight, light a sage smudge stick and smudge your home thoroughly. Use a fireproof bowl or pan to catch any burning ash that may drop from the smudge stick. Now, fully extinguish the smudge. Take a few minutes and merge with the divine. In your mind’s eye imagine a cyclone spinning counterclockwise, awash with cobalt blue energy, hovering above you. Build the cyclone up with your intention and deep breathing. Send the cyclone around your home, in a counterclockwise direction, to clear out any negative, disruptive, or chaotic energies. Actually see the cyclone pulling the negativity up and out of your home. As you do this, chant loudly:

“Negative energies get out, begone now and forevermore.”

Imagine the cyclone diving beneath your home and pulling any negativity out from that area. Once you have cleared out the negative energy, see the cyclone spinning up and out of your home and into the night sky. Repeat this process three times.

When you are done, merge with the God and Goddess. Then spin slowly in a clockwise circle and imagine bright white light shooting out from your outstretched palms and filling your home with its divine power. Say nine times:

“May the divine power of love, hope and peace fill my home, now and forevermore. So be it! Blessed be!”