Good Saturday Morning To All My Dear, Sweet Family!

Wishes For You...
Good Saturday morning to one and all! I hope everyone is having a great day so far. I wasn’t really planning for us to take the day off especially since we have been off for so many. But I am absolutely ashamed that I have let the blog page on here and our Blogger site go so long without updating them. I talked to Lady B yesterday and was apologizing for a graphic that I made still being up over there. She did make a good point, without the internet and power, how was I suppose to get anything done. Hmm, she is right! You can’t very well get anything done on the internet if you don’t have access to it.

I do feel bad for us not being on here. I think you all know the situation though. So far so good, we have had power and the internet for two days(and counting, lol!). Though yesterday, it was seriously doubtful. After we got off the internet, I ran some of Kiki’s old food out to a neighbor. We got to talking and I didn’t know behind me was a huge, black cloud. He mentioned he had to get back to mowing before it rained. He has been mowing our yard now for almost two months, free of charge. I don’t know how that happened but he told me he would start mowing it and I didn’t have to worry about that. He knows we are witches and he isn’t and he is still willing to mow the grass. I guess we are making progress locally. Anyway, back to the story, I got caught at the Dollar Store and a tornado warning was issued. The wind got to blowing and the trees were touching the ground. The first thing I thought was there goes the office. Luckily, I got back and nothing was bothered. We are located about 5 miles from the river. When a storm makes it across the river, you can bet it is going to be bad. They told me, they had tried to call me to see if I was alright. The wind was so bad I didn’t even hear the phone rang. I know when it started to calm down, I ran the stuff out to the truck. My hair looked like I had just washed it, my shirt was glued to me and the front of my pants had got soaked. That is how bad it was raining. We have never had a summer like this one before. It has been hot and then it rains. Due to the heat, the storms this year are bad. I guess it is climate change or something. It has been rough(just can’t wait for winter, NOT!).


Ok, sorry, enough with that. You know me, I could talk forever about nothing. I just wanted to let you know what was going on. I am going to update the material here. If you have any questions or just want to give me a holler, I will be around for probably the next 3 hours. It takes that long just to do this one, perhaps I ain’t figure my time right, lol! Anyway, we will back tomorrow with our daily posts. For now, I am off(more ways that one) to get this place up-to-date.


Have a very blessed and relaxing Saturday. I guarantee you, we will see you tomorrow. Till then….


Love ya,

Lady A