Your Ancient Symbol Card for August 3rd is Balance

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today


Balance denotes the benefits of keeping the use of your energies justifiably proportioned between your pursuits. The symbol Yin and Yang is used to represent the balance. Yin and Yang is possibly the most elegant and sometimes elusive definition of Balance there is. While Balance is rarely if ever perfect, being far out of Balance means that while one part of you may be thriving tremendously, another part of your life may be wilting.

As a daily card, Balance indicates a need to find and maintain a level physical and spiritual state. It suggest you may be concentrating your energy on one or a few things so much that you are neglecting other important aspects of your life. While this is often necessary to make immediate gains it can lead to missing out on the diverse richness of life in the long term.

Your Daily Witches Rune for August 3rd is The Wave

Daily Witches Rune

The Wave

Meaning: This rune symbolizes your friends and family and their influence upon you. Its meaning is usually derived from the other stones closest to it. This rune is also associated with travel. A journey abroad is indicated especially if the Sun rune is nearby, but a journey for someone close to you if the Moon stone is closest. If it is near to the Rings it foretells a holiday or long distance relationship.

Your Daily Influences for August 3rd

Your Daily Influences for August 3rd


Tarot Influence:

The Tower

The Tower upright represents change, conflict and possible catastrophe.











Astrological Influence

Gemini Reversed

Gemini reversed denotes vacillation. Decisions are not made, because all side of the issue pull with the same strength.










Element Influence

Fire Reversed

Fire reversed denotes calamity that may be on a catastrophic level. Prepare to deal with changes you do not want.

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Aug. 3rd is The Universe

Your Crowley Thoth Tarot Card for Today

The Universe

Like The Sun, The Universe brings good blessings. The Universe appears where all is in balance. It allows you to act effectively not only as an individual but as a member of a group too. The Universe promises contentment, fulfillment and completeness to those under its influence. It doesn’t guarantee there will not be moments of strife or discord in your life, but it does indicate that your trials and tribulations will be overcome; that ultimately you will know inner-peace and contentment. The Universe suggests you have found or will find your place in the scheme of things—that place where all is as it should be.

Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading for August 1st





Your Weekly Tarot Card Reading for August 1st

A one-card reading gives you a glimpse at what’s coming

For the week of August 1, I chose the Knight of Pentacles, reversed!

The reversed Knight of Pentacles just can’t seem to get out of his rut and move forward. Perhaps he’s bored with the day-to-day routine but isn’t inspired enough to create change. Perhaps he’s fed up with a situation but is not willing to do things differently to shift the energy again. Or perhaps he’s just being lazy and unmotivated.

Think about how this reversed Knight might be playing out for you this week. Are you being stubborn and unwilling to move? Or are you feeling lazy or unmotivated? What is it going to take to get you out of your comfort zone and get the energy moving once again?

Prepare to change things up, break the routine and get creative as you get yourself out of this funk.

Ask yourself, “How can I break free of routine?”


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Your Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: August 2016






Your Monthly Tarot Card Forecast: August 2016

Answering your inner calling

Hi, I’m Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the Monthly Tarot Card Forecast for August 2016. OK so I’ve drawn our cards for today, and I have Judgment reversed for our Blessings, I’ve got the Eight of Wands reversed for Challenges, and I’ve got the Eight of Cups reversed for our Outcome.

What we have here is we have three reversed cards. Now some people thing reversed cards mean all these problems are going to be coming up, or it’s a lot of negative energy, but I like to see reversed cards often in the frame of internalized energy — you’re actually focusing your energy on yourself.

And we also have two Eights here. Eights are often around mastery, and really getting into our skills and developing our skills. Let’s start with our Blessings for the month of August…

Blessings card: Judgment reversed

I have the Judgment card here. I really see this in the reversed position as kind of like an inner calling. You start to feel like something is emerging within you and something is calling to you, and you have a choice: you can listen to that call, or you can ignore it. The reason why people sometimes ignore that inner call, is because that call will often ask you to make big sacrifices in your life, and make some really, really tough decisions about what is truly important to you. You can see it as, “Wow, this is a sign that I’m slowly being drawn to a different path. So the Blessing this month is that there is an inner calling, but it’s really up to you as to whether you’re going to hear that inner calling and pay attention to it.





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Your Daily Tarot Card for August 3rd is The World

Your Personal Daily Tarot Card

The World

Like The Sun, The World brings good blessings. The World appears where all is in balance. It allows you to act effectively not only as an individual but as a member of a group too. The World promises contentment, fulfillment and completeness to those under its influence. It doesn’t guarantee there will not be moments of strife or discord in your life, but it does indicate that your trials and tribulations will be overcome; that ultimately you will know inner-peace and contentment. The World suggests you have found or will find your place in our Universe—that place where all is as it should be.

Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, August 4th






Get A Jump On Tomorrow….

Your Daily Horoscopes for Thursday, August 4th

by Rick Levine


General Horoscope

Complicated emotional dynamics set the stage for interpersonal drama today. We may find ourselves engaged in a power struggle as warrior Mars is dragged into the shadows by dark Pluto. Trust, or the lack of it, fuels our fears as we attempt to control irrational feelings. Meanwhile, the Moon shifts into analytical Virgo, urging us to favor logic over intuition. Nevertheless, we need to find comfort no matter where the current circumstances lead.

Aries Horoscope MAR 21 – APR 19

You could feel resentful if someone railroads you into doing something against your will. Nevertheless, you’re ready to fight for what feels like your survival. In fact, it’s hard to bury your anger any longer while combative Mars packs a punch today. But be careful not to overreact; the stakes are considerable and you will likely emerge the winner as long as you take the high road. Acting for the good of all is more soul-satisfying than selfishly attempting to garner more power or wealth for yourself.

Taurus Horoscope APR 20 – MAY 20

You may be a bit thin-skinned today, even if everyone else seem tough as nails. Aggressive Mars creates a contentious connection with uncompromising Pluto that can turn a small disagreement into a serious quarrel. Nevertheless, your key planet Venus aligns with wounded Chiron, sensitizing you to the emotional vulnerability of others. Ideally, your delicate feelings give you the finesse to frame conflict in a loving light by establishing common ground as the basis of cooperation.

Gemini Horoscope MAY 21 – JUN 20

You can see that something’s wrong with a relationship today and are ready to jump in and fix it. Although action-hero Mars is teaming up with penetrating Pluto, they have vastly different approaches to problem-solving. On one hand, you want to go for the quick solution. On the other hand, you’re driven to get to the underlying source of the conflict and handle it once and for all. Whichever route you choose, be cautious since you could stir up resistance from others. As with all Pluto aspects, acting for the common good brings more emotional satisfaction than just striving for personal success.

Cancer Horoscope JUN 21 – JUL 22

A simple difference of opinion at work could grow into a major conflict today as militant Mars crosses swords with ruthless Pluto. Although you might think someone is bullying you, you could simply be caught in the crossfire between coworkers. If it’s not your personal battle, establish clear boundaries and get out of the way. Even with good intentions, your high ideals may not be appreciated when belief systems collide. Every time you subtract negative from your life you make room for more positive.

Leo Horoscope JUL 23 – AUG 22

You’re the recipient of an extra boost of energy as boisterous Mars drives you to accomplish more at work today. Thankfully, a stressful situation can remind you to handle a delicate issue that you previously dodged. But expecting too much change all at once may be unrealistic, so look at making minor adjustments that have lasting impact. As Confucius said, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Virgo Horoscope AUG 23 – SEP 22

Maintaining a cool and calm approach helps you to manage an emotionally volatile situation today. Although you might not want to make compromises while being pressured by others, being rational is key to avoiding conflict. Practicing self-discipline and adopting a clear set of priorities empower you to promote your interests rather than getting sidetracked by someone else’s agenda. Thinking about your actions in advance helps you decide where to hang on and where to let go.

Libra Horoscope SEP 23 – OCT 22

You are a pro at finding your way back to center when the storms of change are swirling around you. Nevertheless, it’s challenging to stand back from the intensity as different points of view clash around you now. An anxious aspect between aggressive Mars and relentless Pluto can tempt you to engage in an unnecessary power struggle before reaching your goal. Paying close attention to the interpersonal dynamics and your own emotional well-being enables you to moderate your energy so you don’t exhaust yourself in the process.

Scorpio Horoscope OCT 23 – NOV 21

Rather than getting caught up in an unwinnable struggle, focus on what you can do to positively influence long-term events. An internal conflict between your need for cash and your core values is unlikely to be resolved right away, yet your options should become clearer over time. Your key planets, warrior Mars and unyielding Pluto, are duking it out as opinions boil over with extreme points of view and little tolerance for dissent. Remember, managing your emotions is not about denial; it’s about being honest in the way you express them.

Sagittarius Horoscope NOV 22 – DEC 21

You are riding a growing wave of enthusiasm now that fiery Mars is heating up your sign. His alignment with potent Pluto today dramatizes your desire to make measurable progress toward your goals. However, your sense of urgency can also destabilize interpersonal dynamics. Be careful about riding roughshod over someone else’s wishes or you might accomplish your mission, only to find that you disenfranchised your best supporters along the way. You will be alright if you remember that compassion is passion with heart.

Capricorn Horoscope DEC 22 – JAN 19

Sharing power can be tricky for you calculating Mountain goats, especially when a trusted ally seems to be harboring secrets. Tough-guy Mars is pushing against non-negotiable Pluto in your sign, triggering extreme reactions that make compromise a real challenge. Neutrality is elusive if unexpressed desires and hidden agendas are at work. Whatever happens, don’t waste the potency of this cosmic force on trivial matters; instead, be a fierce warrior for a worthy cause that’s close to your heart.

Aquarius Horoscope JAN 20 – FEB 18

You’re all set to challenge someone who uses self-righteousness as a justification to hold their beliefs over yours. In fact, the strength of your convictions can be inspirational if you don’t promise too much or not enough. Unfortunately, the Goldilocks syndrome makes it difficult to get it just right. You may be motivated by irrational fears of failure today, so try not to overcompensate for your insecurities. Rather than getting lost in philosophical justifications for your actions, approach each situation in a practical manner. But most importantly, only make commitments you intend to keep.

Pisces Horoscope FEB 19 – MAR 20

Your career trajectory is blazing a direct path into your future now that superhero Mars is traveling through your 10th House of Status. However, the heavy hand of relentless Pluto can motivate you to take risks that may not ultimately work out in your favor. You must take stock of your resources, including your time and energy, and maintain control of your emotions if your current actions are to succeed. Don’t get distracted by disagreements over principles or politics; instead, focus on the forces that are within your control to fuel your ambition.


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If Today is Your Birthday: August 3


If Today is Your Birthday: August 3

You are bright, inquisitive, and playful. Your presence is strong and, very frequently, all eyes are on you. You enjoy attention, but as you mature and gain more self-awareness, you learn to offer others the stage now and again! You have good money sense, and can at times be quite materialistic. Your ambition and desire to do your own thing can easily put you in the role of boss or self-employed. When motivated, you can be extremely determined and hard-working. Love can sometimes be a difficult life department, but you are very earnest with and supportive of those you love. Famous people born today: Martin Sheen, Tony Bennett, John Landis, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Ealy.

Your Birthday Year Forecast:

Your birthday falls shortly after a Full Moon this year, suggesting a period ahead of communication and teaching. You may be turned to for advice more frequently, and you are very willing to offer your help. This is a strong year for publicity and any other endeavors that involve spreading the word. As well, your ability to be objective–or to see the “big picture”–can be especially pronounced and rewarding this year.

Transiting Saturn harmonizes with your Sun from December forward (and until October 2016). This suggests benefits from keeping your feet on the ground and paying attention to, and honoring, tradition as well as tried-and-true methods. Work you have done in the past begins to pay off now – not necessarily in dramatic ways, but in small, measurable ways. You may be recognized or rewarded in some way for the efforts you put forth. When you project a more responsible and credible “you”, people in authority are more inclined to appreciate you and recognize your work. This is a time in which you put your life in order in some significant manner. The key to success under this influence is adopting a realistic, practical, disciplined, and orderly approach to your life. Having a strong sense for both tradition and innovation opens doors for you. You have a real sense of tomorrow now, so it’s easier for you to take the necessary steps to make all of your “tomorrows” better.

This can be a year in which you are building faith and confidence in your personality, skills, and talents. You can experience a stronger desire to seek out meaning, wisdom, and mental stimulation in your life during this period. Others might frequently turn to you for guidance.

This can be a strong time for updating your electronics and technology in ways that open up new avenues for communication or ease. Wonderfully creative ideas can fill your head this year. You might take on new and possibly alternative interests or projects.

Mars harmonizes with Saturn around the time of your birthday this year, helping to ground you. Work is solid this year, and you can see results from your efforts, or at least foresee success down the road. This gives you a sense of responsibility and a feeling of directedness and purposefulness. Traditional methods work, and thoroughness brings rewards. Practice or refining a technique is favored this year.

Venus conjuncts Jupiter and squares Saturn in your Solar Return chart this year, affecting either your finances or romantic relationships, or possibly both areas. In these areas, you may often find that you have to make a choice in which both alternatives are desirable, but you must choose one at the expense of the other. Venus with Jupiter suggests ease, indulgence, generosity, freedom, material comforts, and an expansive love nature. Saturn asks you to be responsible, hard working, dutiful, and serious. You need to assess areas of your life that have become dysfunctional and, in the process, you may need to sacrifice a material benefit for a spiritual good (or vice versa). The urge to expand and socialize is great, but circumstances may be such that you are unable to “play” as often as you’d like. Or, you may find that extravagances in your spending have a way of catching up with you, and buckling down is necessary this year. At times, there can be very pleasing circumstances surrounding your love life, finances, and creative pursuits. You might receive financial backing or special gifts.

This can be a good year for sharing your knowledge with others, teaching, and guiding. There can be some ups and downs in social relationships until you discover a better balance between work and play. It’s a good year for getting organized and for making solid progress with important projects. You can make significant headway in specific areas this year, and you are likely to feel a nice sense of direction and purpose.

2015 is a Number One year for you. Ruled by the Sun. This is a year of action. The seeds you plant now, you will reap later. Others might find you less sociable, as you are busier than ever and you focus on your activities and your needs. Still, you are outgoing and your initiative is stronger than ever. Advice – Stand alone, take action, start fresh, express independence.

2016 will be a Number Two year for you. Ruled by the Moon. This is a year of potential companionship. It is a quiet, gentle, and mostly harmonious year that is less active than other years. Instead, you are more responsive to the needs of others. If you are patient and open yourself up in a gentle manner, you will attract both things and people. This is an excellent year in which to build and develop for the future. Advice – be patient, be receptive, enjoy the peace, collect.

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Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, August 3rd






Your Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday, August 3rd



Aries Horoscope

The first half of the day inclines towards pie in the sky thinking, dear Aries, and while musing definitely has its place and even its merits, avoid too-high expectations now. If you are expecting something to materialize and it doesn’t, you’ll end up wrestling with disappointment. There may be some doubts that need clearing up, but it won’t be long before you’re feeling more positive and confident. Be sure that you really own what you’re doing instead of taking shortcuts. Authenticity is always important to you in the long run. Love may not be faring very well today, as you could be doubting someone or keeping a distance. Try to tame a desire to control things, as it can get you into hot water!



New ideas and promises today may not have much permanency, dear Taurus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dreaming things up. Your focus can be diffused, making it a less than ideal time to make serious decisions or to do important fact-based work. You might have a hard time doing what you want because people who need help or support are taking priority. Be patient with others and avoid resorting to roundabout ways to get your way. Alternatively, you may be frustrated with people doing the same thing to you. Later today, while jealousies or resentments can be operating close to the surface, you can choose whether to accept and understand them or to let them control you.



The first half of the day requires some detachment, dear Gemini, as plans are unlikely to run smoothly. You can feel up and down – sometimes confident, other times unsure. Slow your approach just enough to see where you might be making errors or overlooking important needs. Listen carefully to what your intuition is saying to you, but wait for clarity. Your defenses may not be up to par, leaving you somewhat vulnerable to others’ judgments or comments. Be gentle with yourself and avoid setting too high expectations. As the day advances, your conviction increases, perhaps to the point that you become completely absorbed in your personal interests or even a relationship.



If you find that you’re more sensitive than usual to slights or criticisms today, dear Cancer, consider that you’re in need of some rest or special attention to overlooked needs. This is not the best day for feeling reinforced and appreciated. You might even see problems where they don’t exist if you’re not feeling self-confident. If emotions and reactions seem to be over the top and thus inappropriate for the situation, it’s time to look within. Someone is hitting a nerve, and you’ll do well for yourself if you take a deeper look at trigger areas. Try not to let sentiments and whims blur your judgment today. It can be difficult to state your needs directly, and you might resort to passive ways of asserting yourself, but that won’t leave you feeling better or satisfied. Do what you can to get extra time for yourself.



You’re in a good position with personal plans these days, dear Leo. However, you will need to get over a few hurdles and make some refinements before moving forward. You could be feeling a little vulnerable or low and temporarily demotivated in the first half of the day. Tomorrow’s energies are more stabilizing, but for now, consider those things you’ve overlooked. While today can bring you forward in some ways, you may be second-guessing something. If you are feeling off or confused, look for objective feedback. Build up your health and resistance with rest, then move forward. Later today, watch for latching onto an idea and pushing it without budging. It may temporarily feel that you’re protecting or gaining something as you do so, but you’ll be in a better position if you aim to grow through your conversations.


Virgo Symbol/Glyph

The Moon is in your privacy sector again today, dear Virgo, and it’s an important time to catch your breath. There can be some minor confusion or doubt hanging in the air early today. You are more impressionable, vulnerable, sensitive, and inclined to daydream. You may give in to others or withdraw and escape something you’d rather not do simply because you don’t have the energy. Watch for confusion or vagueness in close relationships. Put aside matters that require factual thinking for a clearer day. Focus instead on big ideas and fill in the details when you are in a better frame of mind to do so. There can be some tension later today revolving around memories or reminders of a frustrating past matter. Put resentment behind you – tomorrow you begin a new lunar cycle and start fresh.


Libra Astrology Glyph-Symbol

You may not be feeling very directed in the morning, dear Libra. Try to go with the flow rather than insisting on a solid plan. You might not feel that you’re in step with those around you. However, if you just go with the flow instead of worrying too much about the details, you should be fine. Take a break from the routine, but consider that the temptation to get out of a responsibility may be too costly in the long run. Save critical decision making for later. If you do something to help someone out, do only what you believe to be fair instead of doing more and feeling resentful. Later today, there may be some tension or power plays in your interactions, but it’s a temporary disruption only. Look for ways to release tension through networking or pressure-free relationships.


Scorpio Symbol Glyph

The first half of the day requires patience and letting go of a need for a solid plan, dear Scorpio. It’s not the time to pin anyone down – few people around you truly know what they want at the moment. It’s not the time for definite answers, but rather for exchanging information and enjoying the flow rather than worrying about the actual outcome. Be extra vigilant in communications, as misunderstandings are likely. Because you are more idealistic and inclined to wishful thinking right now, it’s a little easier for you to be deceived – by others, and by yourself! Strive for objectivity, even if you need to find it through someone else, before making any substantial commitments. As the day advances, you can fill with conviction, but you should still be more mindful of how you’re communicating.


Sagittarius Glyph Symbol

You may start the day feeling that you can do pretty much anything, dear Sagittarius, but plans may not come together just yet. Slow down until your heart and mind are in agreement. Dreams and ideas today may not take on real substance down the road, but you might enjoy a fantasy or two anyhow. If you feel tired or unable to get going today, you may very well need a bit of a break from routine or some rest. Attempting to push to find a resolution to a problem is unlikely to work out, but pulling back from it might. There’s sure to be a bit of a gap between your wishes and ideals and reality, but don’t waste time on discouragement – just give yourself a time out.


Capricorn Symbol/Glyph

You can benefit from looking back at old relationship matters and emotional issues these days, dear Capricorn, particularly regarding how they may be affecting you in the present. However, it can be tricky to broach taboo or complicated topics honestly today without ending up feeling awkward or out of the loop. If you don’t feel especially motivated right now, energy levels can drop. Be selective with where you direct your energies this morning. Consider waiting until you are totally onboard before going forward. As the day advances, watch for some insecurity in your self-expression. If others seem to want you to prove yourself, you may get better results if you quietly refuse to stoop to that level. Try to let go of a desire to control the smallest details.



You can have plenty of ideas today, dear Aquarius, but may lack the energy to get anywhere with them early today. This may be a sign that you need a break or time-out. Many ideas, commitments, promises, and plans emerging today can go by the wayside. Consider whether the easy road is the best choice right now, but if you’re not totally onboard about something, it’s important to put things on hold until you figure them out before committing. Tensions with a partner can surface over unresolved matters from the past, although these may be hard to quantify today. Remind yourself of your needs for compassion, sensitivity, romance, spirituality, and magic now. With all that’s going on in your life, you may be overlooking these things. As the day advances, your creativity increases.



There can be a real desire to accomplish things these days, dear Pisces, and you have a lot more energy to take better care of your daily life. However, in the first half of today, you may not know where to begin. You could be feeling a little out of sync with people around you. You may need to make adjustments for others now, as stepping to the side could be the better choice than to confront or challenge. You might also feel unnoticed or less than appreciated. Be content to be out of step or anonymous, just for now, as this can help you in the long run – it gives you the opportunity to observe and redirect plans. As the day advances, you may be less concerned about others’ expectations and more focused on what needs doing.