Good Tuesday Morning to all of our dear, sweet family here! We owe you a big apology and explanation, I am so, so, sorry for missing yesterday….

A Cute Ted For You...

I would like to wish everyone a very belated Happy Lammas. I apologize for us being off the internet for the last few days but our lives have been a living hell! Really, no joke! We were planning on being back on the net yesterday but the weather didn’t cooperate at all. I have never seen such weather for this area. The wind got up, it sounded like someone was knocking on the door, it was blowing so hard. Then it was like someone just took pails of water and just started dropping them on top of us. The lights went out, the water came up and we had to move it. Now, I have experienced a flash flood, first for me. I can survive three tornadoes but that rushing water is something else and I can swim.



Anyway, I know Lady Beltane called and I apologize, sweetie. I don’t know how the answering machine picked up your message since the power was out. But I did get it this morning and I wanted to introduce you and everyone else to my newest baby, Nicolas. He is an absolute doll. I love it, I go from a person without a pup to a person with two! I also had to get rid of my bobcat. Razzy(the bobcat) got to the point she didn’t want to socialize with anyone. She just stayed in the bedroom and would occasionally come out to get me and that was it. My daughter took her out to that end of the country. I should also mention that my new baby came from her also. She told me she was tired of me crying so she got Nicolas for me. She is a good kid, ha, grown woman. It is nice to know they actually care. She came out here yesterday and took Razzy with her. The first night Nicolas was here, we came into the bedroom and I bent down to see where she was, she was under the bed, in attack mode. From Sunday night to Monday morning, I shut the bedroom door and we all slept in the living room. Well, the pups did, I didn’t sleep a wink. It got quiet, everyone had settled in for the evening and I got hit with some horrible images. I don’t know if Kiki and Mocha sent them to me or Morrighan did, but they were horrible. They showed me what would happen if Razzy stayed here and I don’t even want to describe it. It was awful. She knows how to open doors and it hit me what if she opens that door and comes in here. So I didn’t sleep a wink at all and everyone was wanting to know why I had the shakes yesterday, go figure!


Everyone thought I would cry and be upset when Razzy left. They were all amazed, I didn’t. The night before Kiki passed, Razzy had bite her. Since then, I had lost all feeling for her. I also blamed myself for it. I was checking the email real quick and that was when she bite Kiki. The next day, she died in my arms. Razzy didn’t bite her that hard. Kiki didn’t die from the bite at all. She was just fed up with the bull from Razzy and she went after her like a Pit bull. Then after that, she started acting strange but I never figured she would die a few hours later. I really hadn’t felt comfortable on the computer and like I said I blame myself for Kiki’s death. If I hadn’t been on the computer, then maybe Kiki would be alive. I could have prevented the bite. I don’t know Razzy’s personality had changed so bad since Kiki died. She wasn’t the same or maybe it was because I didn’t feel the same about her anymore. I don’t know but I know I went to bed last night and actually slept for the first time in a long time.


I think everyone appreciates the break from the internet. I told them to give me a day or two to get Nicolas settled in and hopefully things will get back to normal. I look at it this way, they work their rumps off and I know they have to get burnt out. We really hadn’t took that much time off since we have been on WordPress. I was planning on up-dating the sites today and we will get back to work tomorrow, hopefully. Like I said it has been a living hell around here for the past month, well little over a month. I told my daughter I was about ready to jump off the bridge and she took me seriously, gee whiz! She is a Physician’s Assistant and told me, she was obligated to call the law if she knew of anyone who was threatening suicide. It was like, WHAT!!! I was just kidding, I love me too much, thank you!


But anyway, that is not here nor there. I wanted to let you know what was going on. I also wanted to apologize for missing Lammas and Imbolc for those down under. I know Imbolc is about cleansing and purification. The seasons are definitely screwed up. We got a cleansing with all the darn water yesterday. I should add it is storming today also. It has rained every day since Kiki passed. I am sick of rain. Like I said I wanted to apologize, introduce the newest member of my family and let you know what is going on. I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding with us, as we try to get back to normal. So if we don’t get blown away or washed away today, we will be back tomorrow. Till then…

Love ya, my sweets,
Lady A


Oh, almost forgot (see, no brain), the raffle is going to be drawn on schedule. Remember it is due to end the 4th of this month. We will draw the winner then and announce the results on the 5th, I hope. So if you want to get in on some great merchandise, don’t miss this chance. The raffle has raised a good amount of money, thanks to all of you. We should survive the winter. So anyone still interested in it, check out the items and get your ticket before the end of the day on August 4th. Thank you again!