Grounding Energy and Releasing What Was Called

Grounding Energy and Releasing What Was Called

Before you end a circle, it is important to leave everyone feeling refreshed and the space in its original state. When rituals are long and complex or there is a great deal of energy raised, quite often there will be energy left that wasn’t used, both in the participants and the circle itself. Grounding this extra energy prevents it from escaping to run into an unsuspecting person when they visit the space next and allows the participants to center themselves again and prevent having jittery nerves or suffering from an inability to rest or sleep.
Take time to have everyone sit in a circle with his or her palms pressed to the floor. Visualize the extra energy passing into the hands and out into the earth, only keeping enough to be balanced and centered. The leaders of the ritual should then gather up all the excess energy free in the room and send it down into the earth as well. Everyone present should, at the end of the ritual, have a sense of wholeness within themselves.
Once this is accomplished, releasing the Gods and elements with the participant’s thanks can begin. Usually, proceeding in reverse order of calling is appropriate. When the Gods and elements are release, they should be thanked and told that they may stay as long as they are needed and they will be welcomed by all present again.