Welcome To The WOTC’s Magickal Deprived Weekend

Welcome friends, fellow practitioners and the curious to our “Magickal Deprived” Weekend! We all get caught up in the daily grim of life. We want to rush to a blog to find our horoscopes and perhaps a daily tarot or rune. But we forget what we are really all about, that is the MAGICK! The magick that draws us to these blogs, the magick that makes us want to know what is going to happen today. Will we have the power to change the fates? In our busy lives, unless you are a seasoned practitioner, you can forget items and ingredients that go into a spell. In fact, you can even forget spells.

This weekend, I am going to take you by the hand and whisk you off into my magickal world. A world full of mystery, potions, tinctures, ointments, spells, the Ancient Ways of teaching and most of all MAGICK! Hopefully on your journey with me, you will pick up some new ideas and also become refreshed and ready to conquer the world. Witches are to help better mankind, nature and our environment. We all work together, we can make this one hell of a beautiful world for our children.

But first, this witch has to hop on her broom and fly to Illinois to see my daughter and grandchild. Look over the information that is already posted. When I get back we will take a journey into what makes a witch, some tincture and ointment recipes and some old Celtic spells that are very useful for today. Have a great day and enjoy! Till then…….

Love to all,

Lady A

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