Lady A’s Spell of the Day for Aug. 21: Enlighten Yourself Spell

Enlighten Yourself Spell

The following ingredients are needed:

Symbols for the Elements

3 Sage Leaves

Put your mind and body back into balance

Enlighten Yourself Spell 

From the Native Americans, this spiritual journey will help to put your mind and body back into balance.

Ideally this ritual should be preformed in open air at noon, with the four elements-earth,air,fire and water naturally present. If this is not possible,use substitute flowers or symbols;or a little soil from the earth;and incense stick for air;a yellow candle for fire;some spring water.

Place these in a circle and sit in the middle. Purify your face and hands by wiping them with sage,then clasp your hands,close your eyes,and let your thoughts drift away.

Open your ears and listen to the elements and nature around you. With your mind’s eye,become part of the water,and feel the warm earth in your hand and the soft breeze of the wind on your face. Feel the harmony and enjoy being at one with the world around you.

Use this ritual at any time to restore balance and harmony to your life.