Lady A’s Spell of the Day for 8/24 – A Simple Warding




The following is an easy warding ritual for your home or just one room.

You must admit that there are those who would use magic in unwise ways.

A simple way I’ve found of dealing with such attempts is to ward a room you work in, or your home.
It is similar to casting a circle except that it is as permanent as you want it to be.
Be sure that you won’t be disturbed while casting the ward or you will have to start over.
Nothing is required to do this but you may use any props necessary to make you more comfortable.

After ensuring you won’t be disturbed, ground and center (use any form you wish, this is a very adaptable ritual). Cast your circle, using the walls as the four Quarters (again use whatever method you are most comfortable with). After the circle is cast you will do something similar to circle casting.
Invoke the Quarters again this time asking for protection of the area being warded against all negative influences from being able to ever enter the area involved.
As you invoke each Quarter visualize a wall of energy completely covering the wall involved sealed by a floor to ceiling pentacle. On the wall/s with a door visualize a smaller version of the energy wall and pentacle so that entering and leaving will not affect the integrity of the working.

After each wall, the floor, and the ceiling are sealed be sure to cleanse the area to ensure that no negativity was trapped inside the room (any method is acceptable).
When done thank the Quarters for their help and dismiss them.

Lady A’s Spell of the Day for Aug. 21: Enlighten Yourself Spell

Enlighten Yourself Spell

The following ingredients are needed:

Symbols for the Elements

3 Sage Leaves

Put your mind and body back into balance

Enlighten Yourself Spell 

From the Native Americans, this spiritual journey will help to put your mind and body back into balance.

Ideally this ritual should be preformed in open air at noon, with the four elements-earth,air,fire and water naturally present. If this is not possible,use substitute flowers or symbols;or a little soil from the earth;and incense stick for air;a yellow candle for fire;some spring water.

Place these in a circle and sit in the middle. Purify your face and hands by wiping them with sage,then clasp your hands,close your eyes,and let your thoughts drift away.

Open your ears and listen to the elements and nature around you. With your mind’s eye,become part of the water,and feel the warm earth in your hand and the soft breeze of the wind on your face. Feel the harmony and enjoy being at one with the world around you.

Use this ritual at any time to restore balance and harmony to your life.



 I kindle my soul at the hearth-fires
 of the Kindler of Souls; breath of love,
 breath of light,
 breath of life,
 be upon the embers of my
 Spring-wakening soul.
 Preserve my soul in gladness
 May it flame forth with the sun's
 returning glory.


Goddess, teacher of my soul, I am inspired
every time I contemplate your wonders. As
the world celebrates the coming of Spring,
help me to follow the path of my life and
walk with me. Give me light to meet the
questions of this day.


Goddess, today may I remember all newborn creatures
about to begin their cycle of life. May they live
and love in joyful awareness.


 I make the encircling and go forth today
 under the power of the heavens,
 light of sun,
 radiance of moon,
 splendor of fire,
 speed of lightning,
 swiftness of wind,
 depth of sea,
 stability of earth,
 firmness of rock.
 From the heights, to the depths,
 may I be encircled in love and safety.


 Under the tender cloak of night I clarify my soul,
 out of the evening reach of the wind; 
 without guilt, without shame, without aversion,
 soul-friends and teachers all, help me clarify this day.
 I relinquish all the cares and burdens of my day
 into the deep lap of night.
 May my soul's teacher reshape them into wider pathways
 of understanding for me to walk.


 I refresh my soul in the slowers of Spring,
 drop of light, drop of love,
 drop of life,
 be the blessing on my brow, my heart,
 my hands.
 May my soul be preserved in peace
 from Spring's dawn light,
 till Spring's twilight.


 Creative Son, Skillful Daughter,
 between you the shuttle of life
brightly runs like a child's colorful game.
 In the rhythm of your weaving 
 I am enfolded.
 I gratefully put about my shoulders
 your garment of silence.


 I make the encircling of the crafts
 about me this Spring day:
 delight of poetry,
 majesty of music,
 variety of art,
 vision of seership,
 compassion of healing,
 peace of prayer, spirit of druidry,
 inquiry of science,
 transformation of alchemy,
 Nine crafts about me,
 perfection of skill
 encompass my soul this day.


 Snow-light turns to Spring-light's
 Bride-lights linger in the sky;
 twilight dews the flowers caressing,
 vision's gift through soul-veils fly.


 I kindle my soul at the
 sown-flowers of Spring,
 bud of life,
 bud of light,
 bud of love,
 petals of my heart,
 preserve my soul in peace this day,
 from day's work to night's play.


As Spring awakens all energies from dormancy,
so I call upon my soul's teacher
to show to me how this day has led
me out of isolation...
May the passion of awakening life
be granted to all who journey
through the realm of Spring.


Goddess,Awakener of Spring, at the rising of the sun
I take refuge in your presence: as plants bud and
creatures prepare for the birth of their young,
so do I await the blossoming of my heart in your stillness.
May I walk with you this Spring day.


Goddess, as I wonder at the beauty of the world,
I offer thanks and blessing from my heart's depths.
I give thanks for the places that give me inspiration
and continuity of spirit, especially for __________.
I give thanks for the protective encircling of
the elements.

Aos Sidhe Blessings
Faery Warrior

Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your enemies, but begin with self-love. You cannot love others until you love yourself. You cannot share what you do not have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either. Don Miguel Ruiz