Follow Your Star

Follow Your Star

Look for hope and guidance from your inner star. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and bring your left forefinger to touch the centre of your forehead, just above your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and focus on the warmth of your finger on your forehead. In that spot visualize a bright star radiating energy – you may experience this as a warm, tingling sensation. Focus on your inner star for about five minutes. Allow it to fill you with renewed hope and purpose.
If you speak specific guidance, ask your question silently while focusing on your star. The answer may come immediately in the form of words or images or it may come later.

Bird Migration

Bird Migration

Each year, with the onset of Winter, flocks of birds from the Northern hemisphere fly long distances to warmer territories in the South. Birds navigate their way by following internal compasses comprising tiny grains of a mineral called magnetite, stored in their brains. During rest stops they recalibrate their inner compasses using the positions of the stars to account for the fact that magnetic north lies 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometres) from the North Pole. When rest stops are too short, birds can get disorientated. In a similar way we possess a sense of inner knowing that helps us to find our way in life. But, unless we allow ourselves daily periods of time alone in which to tune into this inner knowing and recalibrate it against changing circumstances, we, like migrating birds, can lose our way.

Consult the Oracle

Consult the Oracle

Within each of us lies an oracle to whom we can turn for guidance. Imagine entering a dimly lit room. Your oracle – a wise woman – sits at the other side of a table. You approach her and describe your dilemma. She asks you to pick three magick cards out of her fanned out deck and lay them face-down on the table. Smiling, she begins to turn the cards over, revealing images and words that reflect on your situation. As she does so the room becomes brighter and you realize what it is that you need to do next. You thank your oracle and leave.

True North

True North

When we are finding our way, it helps to know the nature of the experience we are seeking – our true north or spiritual purpose. Thinking that our purpose lies in a particular goal, such as a certain relationship or job, we may feel lost when that option is thwarted. However, when we realize that what we are seeking is a profound experience, such as deep connection or creative fulfilment, rather than something predefined, we can seek alternative ways to live out our purpose. Meditating on the North Star can help to clarify the experiences we are seeking. As you gaze at the star, ask “What fulfilment am I looking for ?” and let the answers come to you.

Ask for Spiritual Guidance

Ask for Spiritual Guidance

Some people believe that we each have a number of spirit guides – angelic beings from the spiritual realm – to whom we can turn for guidance. To contact your spirit guides, address them directly, asking your question aloud, in your head, or in writing – whichever feels most natural. Remain open to the answer- it may come at any time, whether spontaneously, out of a chance conversation, or perhaps revealing itself in a book you happen to pick up.


Questions of Destiny

Questions of Destiny

When we make a choice, is there a sense in which we are also chosen by our destiny? What is destiny, if not the choices we make? Meditate on this question, as on a Japanese koan – that is a paradoxical question.


A Ball Of Light

A Ball Of Light

Although we often experience intuitive wisdom, we frequently ignore its directives in order to follow reason, our own worldly impulses, or other people’s ideas. Whenever you hear the quiet voice of intuition, pay attention to its advice. If rational logic conflicts with your intuition, imagine a ball of light moving from your heart and filling your mind with truth, indicating the right course of action for you.

Elijah the Prophet Water

Although this is known as Elijah the Prophet Water, it has little to do with the biblical prophet.

In Russian tradition, Elijah is syncretized to the thunder spirit, Perun. His feast days are July 20th and July 30th, known as “thunder days.” Rain falling on these days is believed to have tremendous therapeutic and magickal value. Bottle it, refrigerate it and reserve for magickal emergency. Elijah the Prophet Water protects against the Evil Eye, general serious illness, and malevolent magick.

Damnation Water

The antithesis of Holy Water, Damnation Waster is frequently used for malevolent purposes, but sometimes also for protective spells.

Grind asafetida, sulfur and the ashes of palm leaves blessed on Palm Sunday into a powder. Add this to a base of whichever Holy Water formula you prefer.

Reincarnation Relaxes the Soul

We are all reincarnating at different rates. This is why some people are truly wonderful and some are, well, not. Those who seem incredibly sensitive and loving are probably way ahead of the prickly, spiteful people in the reincarnation process.

When you meet lovely, kind, and caring people it is probable that they have reincarnated many times. Their endless incarnation has raised their spirits’ vibration, so they automatically show patience and strive to do everything right in their lives. People who are mean, selfish and egotistic probably haven’t reincarnated as much. That isn’t to say that these people are wicked, they simply haven’t learned all their lessons yet. Think of them as bratty, adolescents and the sympathetic, ones as the grandparents of the reincarnation process–regardless of their age!

What Is The Purpose of Reincarnation?

Some people really don’t understand  reincarnation; they wonder why we would want to keep coming back over and over again.  It’s  a bit idealistic to think that we can have just one life and then retire to a fluffy pink cloud for the rest of eternity? You may well get to the ultimate resting place someday, but before you do, you have some work to do.

These are three reasons for reincarnating:

  • To work on overcoming your faults
  • To experience every human emotion possible
  • To eventually become a part of the Divine Power

When a soul is born, it begins a journey of spiritual development. With every incarnation on Earth, we learn valuable lessons that help us on the journey and go on to make us the true individuals we are. It’s a bit like being in school. Sometimes the lessons we face are painless and we can sail through them with ease. At other times, they can be hard-hitting and difficult, making us face arduous challenge head-on.

Take, for example, a person who seems to experience trials and tribulations on a constant basis. From a spiritual perspective, what is this all about? once you have undergone a lesson and have learned it properly you won’t have to go through it again.That chapter of your life will be over and you will move on to other lessons. You might think that it’s unfair to have to go through problematic situations, especially if others around you seem to have it easier, but each lesson we face gives us an internal strength that can never be taken away from us. Call it character building. These lessons enhance our inner wisdom, which is what we are all ultimately striving for. This is how it goes, life after life, until you’ve learned all you need to know.



Witches Never Die, They Just Get Recycled

What is this life about and why are we here? Is there an afterlife? I get asked these questions a lot, especially by  teenage-witches who are curious to know the purpose of life and death. I usually answer by saying that a belief in an afterlife is a personal thing to each and every one of us, so you need to explore as many options as possible and then listen for your soul to find the truth for yourself.

Most witches throughout the world have a deep belief in reincarnation and the afterlife.  Common sense tells us that living a life again of approximately eighty years and then just disappearing forever would be pointless. What could we possibly learn from that? Nothing-and so the modern-day witch tends to think along the same lines as many other religions and faiths, taking comfort in believing that our spirit lives on after we die.

Imagine that your body is an automobile and it transports your spirit around for the duration of your life. Just like an automobile, your body occasionally breaks down and need repairing.A little tune-up every now and again will keep it in peak performing condition, and of course you’ll need to put the  right gas in the engine in the form of healthy good.  But no matter how good a caretaker you are the body that is your vehicle you are, the body that is your vehicle which can’t possibly last forever. Once it takes its last drive your soul steps right out of it and after a little rest with your loved ones in spirit, gets back into another vehicle. This is the crux of reincarnation your soul gets a new car to drive around the Earth in again, so to speak.

Have a Very Blessed & Peaceful Sunday, dear readers!

Did you enjoy yesterday’s post on Astral Projection? There is more to come on that subject I guarantee you. Today, I think we need to touch on a very serious subject, that few of us know anything about, that is Reincarnation.  I think everyone has questions about death but no one has any answers. Perhaps, since we reincarnate we have more questions. It would be nice if someone could go there and tell us what it’s like. But they can’t, so we are left to imagine and dream about reincarnation. We dream and imagine by what we have been told from others. But really they don’t know anymore than we do. Have they been there? NO! So basically we are left to make up our own mind. I hope the posts today will answer some of your questions as well as mine today. Afterward, I will post some spells dealing with death and reincarnation.

I hope you enjoy these posts!