Your Ancient Symbol Card for Jan. 21 is The Tower

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today

The Tower

As in the game of chess, where the towers stand guard at the corners of the battlefield, The Tower represents a defense and stronghold, perhaps at the edge of life, of change, of sanity. The tower rises out of solid bedrock and is a place to take refuge, to recoup, to meditate upon the next step. United as it is with solid earth, it also rises into the heavens, and it is there the answers appear to us, when we have climbed above daily worldly matters into a higher consciousness. When the Tower appears, seek solitude and cultivate inner strength, prepare for coming challenges.

As a daily card The Tower suggests you are in a time when you are likely to face major challenges. The Tower indicates that the best way for you to face these challenges is to fortify your inner resources and keep yourself solidly grounded.

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Your Ancient Symbol Card for Jan. 15th is The Tower

Your Ancient Symbol Card for Today


The Tower

As in the game of chess, where the towers stand guard at the corners of the battlefield, The Tower represents a defense and stronghold, perhaps at the edge of life, of change, of sanity. The tower rises out of solid bedrock and is a place to take refuge, to recoup, to meditate upon the next step. United as it is with solid earth, it also rises into the heavens, and it is there the answers appear to us, when we have climbed above daily worldly matters into a higher consciousness. When the Tower appears, seek solitude and cultivate inner strength, prepare for coming challenges.

As a daily card The Tower suggests you are in a time when you are likely to face major challenges. The Tower indicates that the best way for you to face these challenges is to fortify your inner resources and keep yourself solidly grounded.


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Images You See While Scrying, What Do They Mean?

Images You See While Scrying, What Do They Mean?

Reading symbols (archetypes) is subjective at best. When interpreting symbols, use your psychic abilities to get more information. You can also use a Dream Book or a book that details symbols and archetypes to get further clarification of the images you see. As consciousness is evolving, so too are the meanings of most symbols.  Try to view them as holograms.

List of Symbols

ACORN – at the top means success and gain: At the bottom means good health.

AIRCRAFT – journey; if broken means danger of accident; can also mean a rise in position

ANCHOR – cross, Jesus, at top rest, stability, constancy; at bottom means clouded, inconstancy

APPLE – computer, knowledge, achievement

AXE – difficulties; if at top overcoming of difficulties

BABY – something new, pregnancy

BALL – completion, variable fortunes

BELL – harmonics, creation, spiritual, unexpected news

BIRDS – ascension, good news, bird headed beings

BOAT – lifepath, (note size and speed of boat), and visit from a friend, protection

BOOK – you will find your answer by something written, if open it’s good news; if closed you need to investigate something

BUTTERFLY – transition, transformation, Butterfly Effect

CANDLE – sacred light, creational flame, help from others

CAT – deceit, a false friend, Cat Headed Beings

CELEBRITIES – To see the face of a celebrity, may link to that person’s destiny or the initials of their names

CHAIN – DNA, engagement, a wedding, chain link, karma

CHAIR – a guest

CIRCLE – success, completion

CLOCK – alchemy of time and consciousness, better health

COIN – change in financial status

CROSS – protection, sacrifice

CUP – reward, bloodlines

DAGGER – warning, danger from self or others, power

DOG – friend, Sirius, celestial connotation, Egyptian god, Anubis

DOOR – opening (to something new) or closing (old issues and relations), spiritual (portal)

DUCK – money coming, a man named Bill, ‘ducks in a row’

EGG – good omen, creation, new beginnings, sacred geometry

ELEPHANT – wisdom, strength, luck, Ganesh, trunk up indicates overcoming obstacles

ENVELOPE – message coming, positive or negative

EYE – creation – open (awakening) – closed (something not seen)

FAN – hand held (pleats) – rotary (4, time divination, numerology)

FEATHER – ascension

FENCE – limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent

FINGER – which finger, pointing in what direction,pointing to god

FIRE – sacred flame, at top achievement; at bottom danger of haste

FISH – Jesus, Creation – Vesica Pisces, Amphibious Gods, good fortune, Christ Consciousness, return of the soul to higher frequency or god

FLAG – denotes nationality

FLY – domestic annoyance

FORK – speak with false tongue, false flattery

FORKED LINE – decision

FRUIT – fruitful, prosperity (depends on the fruit which goes to seeds and planting something new)

GATE – opportunity, future success, ancient civilization, portal, doorway

GLOW – enlightenment

GOAT – be careful of enemies

GUN – anger, sex

HAMMER – hard work needed, getting a point across

HAND – of god, creation, if open means friendship; if closed means an argument

HARP – creational harmonics, love, harmony

HAT – head, consciousness, improvement

HAWK – Horus, jealousy

HEART – chakra, pleasure, love, trust, compassion

HORSE – if galloping means good news; if just the head means a lover or nebula, new

HORSESHOE – good luck, attraction, Earth’s magnetics, Omega or Leo, closure

HOURGLASS – time running out, need to decide something, synchronicity, illusion, creation

HOUSE – security, change, success

ICEBERG – danger, planetary meltdown, ice age, consciousness frozen in Time

INSECT – depends which one

JEWELS – DNA, Pearls, Diamonds, Star Tetrahedron, sacred geometry, gifts

KANGAROO – harmony at home

KITE – wishes coming true, flying free

KNIFE – broken friendship, hidden enemy

LADDER – promotion, a rise or fall in life, DNA

LAMP – turned on means enlightenment, at the top means a feast; at the side means secrets revealed; at the bottom means postponement

LEAF – new life

LINES – if straight means progress; if wavy means uncertain path

LION – Leo, Omega, Closure, influential friends, strength, Zoroaster

LOCK – obstacles if closed – new information unfolding if open, lock and key are phallic symbols of creation

LOOP – loops of time and creation, avoid impulsive actions, slinky effect

MASK – something hidden

MOUNTAIN – obstacles or a specific area

MOUSE – theft, computer

MUSHROOM – at top means journey or moving to the country; near bottom means  rapid growth; if reversed means frustration, psychedelics

NAIL – injustice, unfairness

NECKLACE – DNA, complete, admirers; if broken means danger of losing a lover

NEEDLE – recognition, admiration, sewing, eye, weaving

OAK – health, long life, tree of life

OCTOPUS – danger, 8, infinity

OSTRICH – travel, not seeking a truth

OWL – gossip, scandal, aliens owl symbology

PALM TREE – success, honor, place were they grow

PARASOL – open (you will glean insightful information), closed (something hidden), raining (water symbology of creation)

PARROT – repeating something, a twin, a journey, people talking and saying nothing

PIG – greed

PURSE – at top means profit; at bottom means lose

QUESTION MARK – need for caution

RABBIT – need for bravery, time and illusion, Alice in Wonderland

RAKE – watch details, planting seeks, reap what you sow

RAVEN – bad news, death that leads to new beginnings

RING – phone call, coming full circle, near the top means marriage or the offer of marriage; at bottom means long engagement; if broken means engagement broken off

ROSE – Rose bloodline, creation, flower of life, love, may be accompanied by a fragrance in the room

SAW – interference, tear apart, something viewed

SCALE – legal issues; if balanced means just result; if unbalanced means unjust result

SCISSORS – quarrels, possibly separation

SHEEP – good fortune

SHELL – good news, nautilus, golden ratio, sea of creation

SHOE – sole/soul, condition of shoe is important, transformation

SNAKE – DNA, wisdom, or if the snake is attacking, an enemy

SPIDER – weaving together

STAR – health and happiness, hope, heavens, Isis and other goddesses, female energies,

SUN – happiness, success, power

SWORD – arguments

TABLE – social gatherings, UFO platform, outside the box

TENT – travel, cover, hidden truth

THIMBLE – changes at home

TORTOISE – criticism, usually beneficial, slow moving, Turtle Island (Earth)

TREE – improvements, of life, creation, book of life, your life path

TRIANGLE – something unexpected, 3 in a relationship, pyramids, 3, third dimension

URN – wealth and happiness

VASE – a friend needs help

VOLCANO – harmful emotions

WAGON – a wedding, wagon wheels (wheels within wheels)

WASP – romantic problems

WATERFALL – prosperity

WHEAT – abundance

WHEEL – if complete means good fortune; if broken means disappointment

WINGS – messages, winged beings

WOLF – jealousy

YOKE – domination

ZEBRA – adventure, especially overseas, black and white


What is the Magickal Self?

What is the Magickal Self?

Author: Robin Fennelly

The building of the magickal personality brings us to something else; each one of us has the actor within him or her. As Shakespeare put it, so beautifully and poetically:

All the world’s a stage
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
and one man in his time plays many parts.”

The Magickal Self acts as the interface and point of transition from the mundane world to the spiritual realms. It is you, in your higher form of vibration that will more closely match the rhythms of the other worlds you are transiting. It is the trained you that as you progress along the Path also grows and expands to encompass more of knowledge and experience you have gained and reflect it back so that it may be recognizable and usable in your magickal workings.

The form your Magickal Self takes will vary in accord with your energetic changes as you move forward in your work and study. For some, they see themselves in a physical shape and form, although it will not resemble their physical coloring, build or stature at all. For others, this form may more easily take a geometric shape that holds the more highly refined state of their energy. In either case, as the physical form is densest in matter that shape will most likely not be the form taken as there is the need for a more refined energy within the astral realms. Whatever form this Magickal Self may take it is recognizable by you because it still remains your consciousness; just in its spiritual form such as:

Younger Self, Talking Self, and Higher Self
In The Feri Tradition: Sticky One, Shining Body, and Sacred Dove
Hebrew/Qabalistic: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, Yechida
Generically in the Metaphysical Paths: Lower Self, Middle Self, Higher Self and Spiritually Evolved Self.

For our purposes we will be working with the three designations of Lower Self, Middle Self, Higher SELF and The Spiritual (or Evolved) SELF.

Lower/Physical Self: I Have
The Lower Self (Lower Mental) is our primal instinctual nature. This is the physical body we inhabit and the conscious self that responds and reacts to stimuli in the physical world through our senses and tactile abilities. This is our place of foundation and the place from which we concretely and tangibly build the world around ourselves. The Lower or physical self obeys the laws of time and because of its density in energy the laws of space and its place within it as well.

Middle/Emotional Self: I Want (to Become)
The Middle self more closely relates to the subconscious mind. The place of dreams and aspirations; of emotions and feelings. We Feel rather than thinking our way through this world. This is the first place of desire and the catalyst that yearns to become more than we are and can experience in the physical self. The Lower Self says “I Have or possess this” and the subconscious feeds it the “want and desire” that enlivens and creates connection to what we have acquired.

Higher/Mental SELF: I Will Become
The Higher Mental self is the super or Higher conscious self. It knows the results of the subconscious desire working upon the conscious mind and has transcended to a place of “knowing it will be”. This Higher Self has developed a state of “awareness” and from that awareness evolves the Higher Will. It is not the will of baser ego, but instead the Will to create, to manifest to exist. This is the part of Self that is not confined by the bounds of linear time and space.

The Spiritual SELF (The Divine Spark) : I AM
The Spiritual SELF is the continued contact and communication with the impulse of the Divine. There is no longer a need to Have or possess. There is no desire for anything for it is all and at once formed and formless. It is the realization that there is no separateness, only union and synthesis from which all other states of form emanate. It is the Divine Spark that is contained within us all and moves with us as we pass from lifetime to lifetime.

The way in which these parts of self interact when creating and calling forth the Magickal Self are multifold. Each is dependent and interdependent upon the other for forming, coalescing and finally birthing that magickal being that is inherent within us all. The subconscious generates the desire to shape and form the appropriate interface that will allow for movement and access to the higher planes. The conscious self, having been stimulated by the subconscious begins the work of creating the shape and image that magickal form will take.

If you have a firmly established Magickal Persona, this process usually occurs at the point of putting on your ritual grab, a sacred amulet or ring. It intensifies and builds in substance as you enter sacred space. And, once the circle is cast, the quarters called and the energy of the ritual space changes its vibration and intensity the Magickal Self comes forth more fully to begin the work at hand. As the conscious self seeks the contact of the Higher consciousness (Higher Mental) this form begins to interact with the energies and planes that are being accessed in the ritual.

If you are just beginning the process, every ritual, every magickal working that is done with focus and intent will strengthen and bring into greater substance that Magickal Self. In those rare moments, when all the parts of self are in alignment and balance with each other the consciousness rises to a place of opening to the Spiritual SELF, sometimes called the Holy Guardian Angel. This of course, is the ultimate goal and is not something easily attained. This contact usually comes through the subconscious mind rather than the conscious waking mind; and can be likened to a brief flash of brilliant light where you are completely at one with the Universe, its mysteries and its source. These moments are quite rare and even with diligent practice towards that end they occur in their own way in their own time (often lifetimes) , if at all.

So what is the importance of knowing about these various selves? And, what does that have to do with a Magickal Self?

Use this analogy and think on what it truly means: As we develop our Magickal Self the physical being becomes something like a cocoon. Time passes and the affects of weather and all manner of outer influence go unnoticed by what is being transmuted within. Eventually, and at just the precise moment in time there is movement within the cocoon- from which the “lightness and grace” of an ephemeral butterfly (or the Magickal SELF) emerges, a completely different form from its original with access to different sets of skill and understanding of other worlds. Its world is different from that of its former state as a caterpillar. It is through a similar state of metamorphosis that each time the call to the Magickal Self is issued the potential for a more enlivened and more refined state of being is held. And as we move through these new worlds, we are as the butterfly, transformed and empowered to soar towards our Divine nature.

Online Course: A Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path. R.Fennelly

Lord of Lights: The Path of Initiation in the Western Mysteries. W. E. Butler

Quote by William Shakespeare

August 21 – Daily Feast

August 21 – Daily Feast

Sometimes wisdom is knowing what to overlook. Often it is forgiveness without putting it in words. But why would any quick-thinking, industrious person of knowledge and intellect want to overlook anything? Because we never know when we are going to be in another person’s shoes. If it should happen, we want to be forgiven – for a variety of reasons. Overlooking shortcomings is not just wisdom – it’s kindness as well. Who has not hoped the world was looking the other way when he or she fell short of being admirable? To overlook in Cherokee is, a hi ya s to di – meaning almost the same thing as to ignore. What a blessing to not be ignored, but to have our faults overlooked.

~ You must not hurt anybody or do harm to anyone. You must not fight but do right always. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

Daily OM for July 18 – Rippling and Tipping

Rippling and Tipping

Universal Awakening


by Madisyn Taylor

Like the ripple on a lake spreading out, humanity is awakening at an ever increasing speed.

A snowball at the top of a mountain has the potential to become huge, just by rolling down the mountain and gathering more snow. In a short time, this tiny snowball can become a force to be reckoned with. We humans are like this when it comes to exchanging energy and vision, and no matter how few people are involved at the beginning, there is the potential for massive change. As consciousness seekers, we are in the midst of this process, and it is amazing to see people we thought might never come around, waking up to their truth. Each time we see this, we can count ourselves blessed to be living at a time when the awareness of humanity seems to be at a tipping point, as more and more individuals open their minds and change their ways.

For some people, this revolves around an awareness of the environment, for others it is a spiritual awakening, and for many it is both. A great change in consciousness is sweeping through us all, as we recognize that things are not what they have seemed to be, that there is more to our lives than meets the eye. Many of us have the awareness and the energy at this time to break through old, outmoded ways of seeing things and to move into a new way of being in the world, and it is essential that we do so. The beauty of living at this time is that even small actions have a powerful ripple effect, and the reverberations of what we do have the power to reach and open many minds.

It is as if a scale is about to tip in favor of higher consciousness, and each one of us has the power to bring humanity closer to that point with the smallest of actions. Each time we move in the direction of our dreams and visions, we can visualize another small pebble dropping into the pond, or another gold weight on the scale, rippling and tipping our way to universal awakening.

The New Angel Chakra

Adapted from Tantra of Sound, by Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman (Hampton Roads, 2005).

The “Angel” chakra appears to be a new chakra that is becoming activated now for many people who are working with higher consciousness. This chakra appears to be a way of bringing more light and higher vibrations into the physical and etheric bodies from higher dimensions. It is also a way of getting information from guides and angelic beings, thus the name Angel chakra.

Find out the location of this new chakra, and how to activate and balance it, here:

The Angel chakra’s midway location between the third eye and crown suggests that it possesses qualities that are a little more spiritual than the third eye, and a little less transpersonal than the crown chakra. It is an exciting new area for those who are doing advanced work with energy and relationships.

Directions for Activating the Angel Charka
Activate and utilize the Angel chakra separately from working on the other chakras.

The way to activate the Angel chakra is with the NURR sound. It rhymes with the word “her.” It is phonetically written NNN-UUUU-RRRR.

Make the NURR sound while visualizing the sound going through the roof of the mouth, up through the sinus cavity and into the pituitary-pineal-hypothalamus area, causing light to be projected out from (and at the same time, received into) this area.

True North

True North

When we are finding our way, it helps to know the nature of the experience we are seeking – our true north or spiritual purpose. Thinking that our purpose lies in a particular goal, such as a certain relationship or job, we may feel lost when that option is thwarted. However, when we realize that what we are seeking is a profound experience, such as deep connection or creative fulfilment, rather than something predefined, we can seek alternative ways to live out our purpose. Meditating on the North Star can help to clarify the experiences we are seeking. As you gaze at the star, ask “What fulfilment am I looking for ?” and let the answers come to you.