The Daily Motivator for Oct. 8th – Looking happy and being happy

Looking happy and being happy

Happiness is not based on the way you appear. Happiness is an authentic state  of being that you can choose.

When you are truly happy, people around you will no doubt see it. Yet there’s  so much more to being happy than merely looking happy.

If you’re striving to impress others with how happy you are, you’re not happy  at all. Let go of the striving and the needs, and allow happiness.

You can be happy doing nothing. You can be happy doing anything.

Happiness does not come from the situation the person is in. Happiness comes  from the person who is in the situation.

Be the person to allow happiness. And you can experience it at any and every  time and place.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator


Your Charm for October 7th is The Greek Vowels

Your Charm for Today

Today’s Meaning:   

This aspect will be influenced by a sudden strong stroke of good fortune. This good fortune will be unpredictable and will last only a short time. It will bring with it good health, happiness and success.

General Description:

This talisman was a great favorite in olden times, and was composed of the Seven Vowels of the Greek Alphabet. The desired favours were supposed to be granted upon the correct utterance of the forty-nine different sounds of the Seven Vowels, each vowel having seven distinct methods of expression. Of the many benefits supposed to be conferred were – good health, happiness, wisdom, fortune, foresight, success in all undertakings, complete protection from moral, as well as physical ills, and control over the powers of darkness. The ancients thought that there was an affinity between the seven vowels and the seven planets which they believed kept this earth in existence.

Daily Motivator for January 1 – New, improved year

New, improved year

There’s one key factor that will make this New Year the best one ever. That  important factor is your attitude.

The way you most consistently decide to see life will play a major role in  the way your life actually unfolds. Right now, as the year begins, make the  choice to make your life, and your whole world, the best it can be.

Create a new, improved year by going through it with a new, improved outlook  on life. Make this a great year by choosing an attitude that reflects your own  unique greatness.

In the year ahead you’ll encounter many obstacles, and yet there’s one  powerful obstacle you don’t ever have to deal with again. That obstacle, the one  you can get rid of for good, is your own negative attitude.

Just because things can often get difficult, doesn’t mean you have to be  difficult. No matter what the situation, a positive, empowering attitude is  always your best choice.

Stride confidently forward with the highest and best expectations you’ve ever  had. Your life this year is what you make it, so embrace an attitude that will  make it positive, fulfilling and great.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator

Wishing You A Very Blessed Day On This Last Monday Of 2012!


Good Morning my dear friends & family! Well can you believe it this year is almost over. In a few hours, it will be 2013.  As I sit here I pondered is it a good idea to even look back on 2012? We have witnessed terrible events, even events that have absolutely horrified us. War, violence, killings will this be the legacy of 2012? There had to be moments of happiness and peace sometime during the year. But those moments don’t stand out in our mind. Perhaps it is because with the violence and killings a part of our hearts are ripped out. Some of the violence rips us to our very souls.

I will be the first to admit the violence the world has experienced this year has cut all the way to my soul.  Am I a better person for it? I don’t know. I know I am much more somber than I use to be. I know I don’t take any minute in the day for granted. I grab a hold of those minutes and squeeze them for everything I can get out of them. I believe I lost my innocence this year. Sounds funny coming for an older person, I am not really that old. But it still sounds strange. I believe I have emerged a new individual, a new Witch. I have a new determination. I want to fight back. I no longer want to stand on the sidelines and idly watch, I want to fight. I want to fight for peace, for all the wars to end, for all the violence to stop, I want to fight for a world that is fit for my grandchildren to live in. I believe the most of you do too.

It is time we all get off our brooms and do what we are suppose to do, help & better mankind and this world. This year we are going to make an effort to actually make a change in this world of ours. I have thought about it and thought about it, here is what I have come up with but I need your help for it to work. It is nothing complicated, in fact it is what we do best, chanting and releasing energy. Is that so hard? Here’s the plan, if you are with me:

Every month (starting in January 2013) at the time of the Full Moon, we will gather as one. How’s that you say? Our spirits can unite no matter where we are. They can come together as one. I will set a time, probably around midnight. I know quite a few work so it might be earlier, the more that participate the better this will work. So stay tune for the time. But at the allotted time, we will stop whatever we are doing. Go to our sacred space, light a white candle and begin to chant, as we chant we will build up energy. When our energy is at full capacity, we will release it into the World. The energy we release will be the energy of the Goddess. Her pure love, pure goodness and pure kindness will be released into our world. Can you imagine that?

Sound crazy? But it’s not. We unite our spirits in one chant, calling for all the violence, hatred, killings and murdering in the world to cease. Instead releasing the Goddess’ goodness, kindness and love to every man’s, woman’s and child’s heart on this planet. We can do it. We have the power to make this world a better place. It is our calling to do so. I can’t do it without you. Together we can accomplish great things. This year we will accomplish great things.

I hope you will join me in this huge undertaking. I believe the Goddess is calling us to do this. I believe our Goddess has shed as many tears as we have. Now it is our turn to fill the world with Her Love. If you are willing to help, please remember to look for the time of the ritual each month. Till then….

Love, Happiness and Much Joy for the New Year Ahead,

Lady A


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We Wish You & Yours All the Joy and Happiness Of This Holiday Season!


Good Tuesday Morning, my dear friends! And to those who celebrate Christmas, “Merry Christmas to You & Yours!” I know I am running late, what’s new! I mean really. I can never get anywhere on time anymore. But today I was very relaxed and laid back because I actually get to work from home!!!! Peace and quiet, brother who am I kidding? I got up this morning and wasn’t really planning on doing anything. Then I got to cleaning a little here and a little there. Well you know how it is, before it’s over with you have cleaned the entire house. But as I was cleaning I was thinking about what to say today on the site. Deep down inside though, I was thinking wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do like Samantha on “Bewitched.” You know twitch our little noses at this or that and ZAP it becomes the way we want it. Just going through life zapping our cares away. Making all the wrongs in the world right by just zapping. Having everything we desire by just zapping. Making our lives perfect by just zapping.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works and we know. We must endure what life deals our way. Whether it be great sadness, which we have experienced much too much of this year, or great joy. We all have to find a way to just survive. Get through one day at a time. I know what I am getting ready to ask you will be hard for some to do, but……during this long holiday season try to put all the sadness, bad experiences, losses you might have had, and trouble by the wayside for just a moment. Instead of thinking about all of those, think about the joy of this season. Think what this season is all about, let it feel your soul and your very essence. Breathe deeply, my friend. For you are breathing in the Love of the Goddess. She surrounds us completely. She is waiting for you to let Her give you great Joy and Happiness. All you have to do is just breathe deeply if only for a moment. She is there. She has Returned The Sun to Us. What a Blessing! We have the promise the darkness will soon end and the light will return to us. In this, we have the promise of starting anew, refreshing our souls, letting the Goddess enter our lives and guide us daily into the New Year.

For a moment, my friend, breathe, breathe deeply. Feel Our Glorious Goddess, let Her engulf you and fill you with the joy and happiness of this Blessed Season!

Much Love & Happiness To You & Yours,

Lady A


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Daily Motivator for September 29 – Joy is a choice

Joy is a choice

There is nothing that can make you happy if you choose not to be. And there  is nothing that can prevent you from being happy when happiness is your  choice.

There is no need to delay the joy of living until some future, imagined,  ideal time when conditions are perfect. Now is when you are living your life,  and now is your opportunity to live with genuine joy.

No position or possession or experience or set of circumstances will make  your life good. Your life already is filled with magnificent goodness that’s  yours to be experienced to whatever degree you allow.

Worrying about the future achieves nothing other than to rob you of joy in  the present. Feel the wonder of your being, right here, right now, and fill your  awareness with its richness.

Instead of looking for reasons to be envious or resentful, see in each moment  all the opportunities for joy. Instead of avoiding or delaying what must be  done, step enthusiastically forward each time you have a chance to make a  difference.

Joy is a beautiful, life-affirming choice that you can always make no matter  what. Choose to live with joy, and give yourself a life that’s truly rich.

— Ralph Marston

Daily Motivator

What Would You Do With a Year Off?

What Would You Do With a Year Off?

Chelsea, selected from

Close your eyes. Imagine for a moment that you had a year — 365 days, 8,760  hours, 525,600 minutes — to do anything you please, with $100,000 to cover your  expenses. Would you travel? Would you continue working and give the money to  charity? Would you take the time to simply do nothing, maybe go on retreat?

Last week, Mallika encouraged readers to consider what they would do if they  had a year off. I have to say, my first inclination was default to the  “make-the-world-a-better-place” answer– give it to charity, of course! I mean, I  know this may sound crazy, but I love working. Even if I had a year off, I don’t  think I could bring myself to drop my job and do nothing. So if my ideal year  would include working anyway, why not give it away, especially when we know  that contributing to others’ happiness is a much greater source of joy and fulfillment than anything  money could buy?

But as I thought about it more, I remembered the words of a friend I have who  keeps trying to convince me of the important of “leisure” and “pleasure” in my  life. I know, foreign concepts for the modern workaholic, right? A few months  ago, when I went to visit her in Miami, her assignment for me was to get a  pedicure once a month — which has been surprisingly difficult for me to actually  follow through on. I have a hard time slowing down, relaxing, engaging in an  activity simply for the sake of enjoying it.

have always wanted to travel. I’ve never ventured outside the  US (not even to Mexico or Canada), and I’ve long wanted to visit other cultures  — learn about how they find happiness, purpose, and meaning in their lives.  Taking a year off for travel… now that would be cool. But would it be  fulfilling? Would I be mentally, physically, and spiritually satisfied with  taking a year off to travel?

What if, I thought, I could combine those three things somehow? Create a  year-long project that would combine the work I love (writing), giving back  (service/charity), and the leisure (travel)? What would that project look  like?

Here’s what I came up with. If I had $100,000 to take a year off, this is  what I would do:

  • Take a writing tour of charity organizations in four different countries  around the world, spending three months deeply immersed in each community
  • Listen and learn about how each organization’s programming is benefiting the  community and transforming individuals’ daily lives
  • Document the experience through a series of articles that synthesize  personal stories, scientific research, historical background, etc
  • Highlight major social issues affecting underserved communities  (poverty, violence against women, water shortage, climate change,  HIV/AIDS, etc) and what people are doing to help
  • Record interviews with staff, volunteers, scientific researchers,  and other involved professionals at each nonprofit to shed light on best  practices
  • Compile all the articles into a book at the end of the year

So that’s my dream year. Heck, maybe that’s my dream life. I think it’s a  good recipe for happiness: find meaningful work, connect with people, give back  to your community, and take time to enjoy the ride. I guess, really, you  don’t need $100,000 to do that.

What about you? What would your dream year look like? What do  you think is a recipe for a happy year and fulfilling life?

Gold Peak Tea is giving away $100,000 to one deserving  person to do whatever — whether it be travel the world, write a book, start a  nonprofit, or simply kick back and enjoy the comforts of home. To enter,  you can fill out the application on their Facebook.