Quiz of the Day – Which Bird Will Help You Today?

Quiz: Which Bird Will Help You Today?

by Cait Johnson

Birds can be powerful allies for becoming our truest selves or for simply  helping us to get through our busy and challenging days. Do you need the  sharp-eyed eagle, merry finch, or something else? Take the quiz and find out,  here:

Answer the following questions TRUE or FALSE.

1. I need the ability to wait patiently until the right time comes to  act.

2. I need to get a clear overview of my life right now; I’m too bogged down  in details to have perspective.

3. I feel like I’m operating in the dark and could really use some help  finding my way.

4. I need to feel more cheerful and optimistic.

5. I want my brain to feel sharp and flexible, making the best possible use  of what I know.

6. I want to feel more loving, gentle, and affectionate.

7. I need to feel that my territory is protected and safe.

8. I need help getting rid of outworn things in my life.

If you answered TRUE to:

1, then Crane will be helpful to you.

2, then Eagle is your guide.

3, then Owl is your ally.

4, then Finch will aid you.

5, then Crow is your helper.

6, then Dove will be your companion.

7, then Jay is your friend.

8, then Vulture is your guide.

You may want to put photos or other images of your bird where you can see it  and be reminded of its basic nature, which offers itself to you for help and  guidance. Be sure to put an offering of birdseed outside, if you can, as a  thank-you.


Cute Little Quiz Just for You – Which Bird Are You?

Which Bird Are You?

by Cait Johnson

Let your imagination take flight with this fun quiz that can tell you  something significant about your true nature. After all, if you’re a sparrow  you’ll need to beware of hawks, and if you’re a heron, you need periodic times  of stillness in order to thrive. Birds can give us useful information about what  we need and who we most deeply are.

Learn more so you can really soar, here:

Answer the following questions TRUE or FALSE (and be truthful with  yourself!).

1. I do my best work alone.

2. People have told me I am a visionary, capable of seeing the big  picture.

3. I am quick and incisive when it comes to making decisions.

4. I am in a leadership position at work or in my life; people tell me I have  a lot of personal power.

5. I come alive after dark; early rising is not for me.

6. I sometimes need to come to a complete standstill before I make a  move.

7. My nature is extremely quick: my metabolism, thoughts, and actions tend to  be on the fast side.

8. I love to talk and/or sing.

9. Although I am imaginative, I prefer to stay close to home.

10. I thrive under adverse conditions and often find unusual ways of seeing  things.

11. I enjoy interacting with many people at work.

12. If I had to choose one word to sum up the meaning of life for me, it  would be “joy.”

13. I am drawn to watery landscapes and find great serenity beside ponds,  lakes, and inlets.

14. I love a sense of spaciousness; heights don’t scare me.

15. I prefer to see all sides of something before I make a decision. People  tell me I have a well-rounded sense of things.

Take note of the clusters that are mostly true for you: they can tell you  which bird is your guide.

If you answered TRUE to 1, 3, 7, and 12 you are a HUMMINGBIRD.

If you answered TRUE to 1, 2, 4, and 14 you are an EAGLE.

If you answered TRUE to 1, 5, 10, and 15 you are an OWL.

If you answered TRUE to 1, 3, 6, and 13 you are a HERON.

If you answered TRUE to 7, 8, 9, and 11 you are a SONGBIRD.


Quiz of the Day – How Centered Are You?

How Centered Are You?

by Annie B. Bond

This fascinating quiz gives us important information about the ways we  usually relate to the world: through thinking, feeling, intuiting, sensing–or  from a centered place which many believe is the goal of our inner work and  healing, a place of deeper/higher consciousness.

Take this multiple-choice quiz and learn more about your basic nature,  here:

1. Your lost pet is returned to you, but the finder refuses your offer of a  reward. You

a. Are deeply moved by the refusal, though you would have done  the same in that position.

b. Inquire about the expense incurred in  returning the pet and insist that the other accept that amount with your  thanks.

c. Express your gratitude for having met such a fine person as the  finder.

d. Know the finder doesn’t need the money or he or she wouldn’t have  refused it, so you extend thanks.

2. At a restaurant a waiter spills some soup on your jacket. While he is  apologizing, the manager intervenes and threatens to fire him for being so  careless.

a. You assure both the manager and waiter that the jacket has not  been damaged and the incident is unimportant.

b. Recalling mistakes you’ve  made yourself, you reassure the manager that no great harm has been done.

c.  You convince the manager he should excuse the accident if the waiter will pay  for dry-cleaning your jacket.

d. You make light of the incident and joke  about it with your companions.

3. A new neighbor has asked you for a recommendation to your employer for a  position that is available. You don’t know the individual well enough to give a  competent recommendation but you

a. Are pleased to have the neighbor know  you have influence, so you agree to the request.

b. Agree to ask your  employer to interview the neighbor.

c. Have a feeling he or she wouldn’t be  right for the position, so you refrain from arranging any meeting.

d. Do as  asked so you won’t hurt the feelings of the newcomer.

4. You are in line at a supermarket with about nine items in your basket,  when someone with a full shopping cart asks to go ahead of you so as not to be  late for an appointment. You have ample time. You a. Perceive that the  person is always late, so invent an excuse for refusing. b. Are happy to be  of assistance, so exchange places and start a conversation with the person. c. Know what it’s like to be late, so agree to change places. d. Realize  the other couldn’t save that much time by going first, so invent an excuse for  refusing.

5. On a television show you are offered the choice between taking a stated  sum of money or gambling on what is behind a curtain. You decide

a. To  follow your impulses, since whatever you receive will be best for you.

b.  According to whether you need the money or can risk losing it for something that  may be worthless to you.

c. To gamble on the prize behind the curtain  because you’re enjoying being on the show and want to prolong the fun.

d. On  the basis of your success or failure in guessing correctly in the past.

6. Everyone is taking a turn at telling stories at a gathering. You choose  the content of your story on the basis of

a. What you believe is most suited  to the backgrounds and interests of those present.

b. Some possible future  incident of a science-fiction nature that would intrigue your listeners.

c.  Whatever seems most important to you at the moment.

d. The inherent  fascination of the topic, so you can tell one of the most memorable stories.

7. Though you are happy in your present position and expect advancement, you  are offered an immediate promotion in another part of the country. You  decide

a. You will refuse the offer rather than leave your family, friends,  and current business associates.

b. That while you have considered the  situation, no clear alternative seems preferable, so on the basis of a hunch you  decide it is or isn’t right for you.

c. After carefully considering the pros  and cons of the matter.

d. That what is in your best interest will happen  without any strenuous effort on your part.

Here is the key. Just note in which category you scored highest:





































Today’s Quiz for July 23 – What Season Are You Now?

What Season Are You Now?

By Cait Johnson


The spirit has its own seasons that may or may not coincide with the world of  nature outside our doors. What season are you in right now? Is your life  beginning to open up with a burgeoning Spring-like sense of new life? Or are you  in a quiet Winter time of lying fallow? Depending on where you are in the  seasons of the soul, there are many ways you can work with and honor–rather than  resist–your inner reality.

Take this fun quiz to find out what inner season you’re in right now. Then  find out how to get the most from it! It’s all here:

Make note of any answers that are true for you.

1. I can almost see the doors opening right in front of me: new opportunities  seem to be all around me.

2. I crave activity, movement, and change: I may be considering moving house  or starting a new job or beginning a program of some sort.

3. I am eager to make plans for my future.

4. I may feel a little vulnerable and tender.

5. My life feels very outwardly-focused and expansive right now.

6. Everything seems to be aligning for me so that I will have what I need in  the near future.

7. My activities are many and varied and I have plenty of energy to do what I  want.

8. I feel very powerful and optimistic.

9. I am finally reaping the rewards of a lot of hard work.

10. I like to feel that I have enough: I may find myself stocking up on  necessities now that abundance seems to fill my life.

11. I am letting go of many things in my life that no longer fit who I am.

12. I find I am becoming more reflective, looking inward and taking stock of  my life.

13. I have no desire for activity: I crave quiet and doing nothing.

14. I have faced some important losses in the recent past.

15. Whenever I try to start something new, I am prevented or it does not work  out.

16. I feel stuck and a bit frozen over. It seems that my life will never  change.

If 1, 2, 3, or 4 were true for you, you are in a SPRING period. This is a  wonderful time to plant the metaphorical seeds of your future life-garden; make  plans, gather information, allow the rising green life-force to point you in the  direction of your best and brightest future. Surround yourself with fresh spring  colors, flowering bulbs, nests, and eggs. They will remind you of your own new  beginnings.

If 5, 6, 7, or 8 were true for you, you are in a SUMMER period. Now that warm  sunlike energies fill your life, make the most of it! Stay as busy as you can to  solidify your position and celebrate this expansive time. Surround yourself with  golden, fiery colors, and images of suns, vibrant flowers, and ripening fruits.  They will remind you of your own vibrant  I-can-do-it life-force.

If 9, 10, 11, or 12 were true for you, you are in an AUTUMN period. This is  the time to celebrate your accomplishments, gather in what you need for the  future, evaluate your life, and release what you have outgrown. Surround  yourself with warm wine and turning-leaf colors, and images of harvest: apples,  pumpkins, vines and bunches of ripe grapes, and vibrant leaves. They will remind  you of your own life-harvests and encourage you to continue letting go of  anything that is no longer appropriate for you as you gather in your own inner  harvest.

If 13, 14, 15, or 16 were true for you, you are in a WINTER period. Although  it may feel as if this time will last forever, take heart:  everything changes,  and so will this–especially if you stop fighting it and decide to honor it  instead. Take plenty of time to sleep, and be sure to write down your dreams.  Take a retreat from the busyness of life. Surround yourself with the grounding  energies of stones and clear quartz crystals, soft cozy fabrics, and bare  branches. They will remind you that a period of rest is an essential part of the  cycle of life.

Quiz of the Day – Which Sun Color Are You? Which Will Help?

Which Sun Color Are You? Which Will Help?

by Annie B. Bond


It’s the perfect time to find out which of the sun’s many vivid, fiery colors  could help you become more energetic, vital and radiant.

Take the quiz here to find out which sun-color is closest to you as you are,  and which one could help you to embody your most vibrant self, here:

Choose the description below that most closely matches you as you are. Then  choose the description that fits the qualities you would like to embody. Are  they the same? Find out which color you could wear or invite into your life to  help you be the self you want to be!

1. I want to be an energetic, vital person, vibrant, outgoing, dynamic, with  leadership qualities.

2. I want to be warm-hearted and generous, at the same time steadfast in  purpose.

3. I want to be a caring, nurturing, fun person. I want to feel lighter, less  depressed.

4. I want my love of life and living to be tempered with wisdom.

5. I want to feel the joy of living, have a sunny disposition, and feel  inspired: I want to have a mission.

6. I want to be generous with wisdom, to help and inspire others just by  being present.

7. I want to be intellectual, rational, with a good mind which is used  thoughtfully and with care for others.

Here are your colors:

1. Red

2. Soft Red

3. Orange

4. Light Orange

5. Yellow

6. Gold

7. Gentle Yellow


How Happy Are You? (Quiz)

How Happy Are You? (Quiz)

  • Shubhra Krishan

When you have a few quiet moments, do take the time to answer the quiz below. It should give you an idea of your Happiness Quotient:

  1. Is your home a calm, soothing place?
  2. Do you enjoy doing what you do for a living?
  3. Do you have at least two close friends?
  4. Are you part of a group or club that enjoys the same activities as you do?
  5. Do you have some goals for personal growth?
  6. Is your relationship with your family a positive one?
  7. Would you say you are in good health at this time of your life?
  8. Are you satisfied with your financial situation?
  9. Do you like what you see in the mirror?
  10. Do you laugh often and heartily?

The more times you answer ‘Yes’, the happier you are. If the number is below five, I would invite you to read my previous post on 4 simple ways to be happy. Even the responses to that piece have elicited some wonderful ideas on the art of being simply happy!


Our happiness levels swing up and down with age. Most of us start life happy, but grow a little less happy as the years roll on. Studies show that people are the least happy in their 40s. After this age, happiness levels start climbing upward again!