Quiz of the Day – What’s Your Place In Nature?

Your Place in Nature? – Quiz

Humanity evolved from the heart of Nature. Day by day, season by season,  generation after generation, human lives were linked inseparably to the cycles  of the living world. Like the heartbeat of a great Mother, the rhythms and  workings of the natural world imprinted themselves into every cell of our  bodies. We knew our place within the whole and developed spiritual beliefs that  honored our independence within the vast network of sibling species.

For eons, the idea that humanity could be separate from the rest of life was  essentially incomprehensible. Only in the past few hundred years have our minds  fully embraced these concepts that tear us from the embrace of our broader  family. The new myth is hard. By keeping us from recognizing the Earth as our  natural means of support, it engenders in us a feeling of abandonment.

How do you perceive the living world around you? How do you view nature? Take  this quiz and find out:

As you consider each question, jot down your responses. Be brief. The point  is not to have everything all polished and exact – it is to get you thinking.

1.  How would you define Nature? What is your personal relationship with it?

2.  What is humanity’s relationship to Nature?

3.  What do you like most about the natural world? Which plants and animals  are most important?

4.  What do you not trust about the natural world? What aspects of it scare  you? Which animals or plants would you consider “bad?”

After taking this quiz step back. Create some distance between yourself and  the mainstream consciousness. Work with your beliefs. As you begin to see the  world more clearly, you’ll have an opportunity to observe your own beliefs with  greater objectivity. Feel your connections. The very best way to demonstrate the  illusion of separation is to gain some first-hand experience of just how  connected you really are. Then, when you hear messages that try to convince you  that you’re isolated, they won’t have any power. You’ll already know the truth  because you’ve felt it in your body.

Surprise! Surprise! Guess Who's Here for Your Wild & Wacky Wednesday?

Yeah, it’s me, Mystie! What do you think about the pic? I love it. I would say it was one of Lady A’s cats but they don’t smoke or drink, lol! Lady A is out panhandling this morning. She left me here to see what mischief I could get into, plenty! I wanted to let you know we are starting a new game today. A new game, ha! It is the first game we have ever had on here. The game is called “How Well Do You Know The Witch.” Lady A and myself will take turns posting questions with multiple choice answers about each other. The winner will collect points to buy some of the merchandise we are going to feature or just hang on to them for future items. It should be hilarious. We hope you enjoy it. The game will appear at the end of each day’s postings so you can find it easily.

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Quiz of the Day – How Centered Are You?

How Centered Are You?

by Annie B. Bond

This fascinating quiz gives us important information about the ways we  usually relate to the world: through thinking, feeling, intuiting, sensing–or  from a centered place which many believe is the goal of our inner work and  healing, a place of deeper/higher consciousness.

Take this multiple-choice quiz and learn more about your basic nature,  here:

1. Your lost pet is returned to you, but the finder refuses your offer of a  reward. You

a. Are deeply moved by the refusal, though you would have done  the same in that position.

b. Inquire about the expense incurred in  returning the pet and insist that the other accept that amount with your  thanks.

c. Express your gratitude for having met such a fine person as the  finder.

d. Know the finder doesn’t need the money or he or she wouldn’t have  refused it, so you extend thanks.

2. At a restaurant a waiter spills some soup on your jacket. While he is  apologizing, the manager intervenes and threatens to fire him for being so  careless.

a. You assure both the manager and waiter that the jacket has not  been damaged and the incident is unimportant.

b. Recalling mistakes you’ve  made yourself, you reassure the manager that no great harm has been done.

c.  You convince the manager he should excuse the accident if the waiter will pay  for dry-cleaning your jacket.

d. You make light of the incident and joke  about it with your companions.

3. A new neighbor has asked you for a recommendation to your employer for a  position that is available. You don’t know the individual well enough to give a  competent recommendation but you

a. Are pleased to have the neighbor know  you have influence, so you agree to the request.

b. Agree to ask your  employer to interview the neighbor.

c. Have a feeling he or she wouldn’t be  right for the position, so you refrain from arranging any meeting.

d. Do as  asked so you won’t hurt the feelings of the newcomer.

4. You are in line at a supermarket with about nine items in your basket,  when someone with a full shopping cart asks to go ahead of you so as not to be  late for an appointment. You have ample time. You a. Perceive that the  person is always late, so invent an excuse for refusing. b. Are happy to be  of assistance, so exchange places and start a conversation with the person. c. Know what it’s like to be late, so agree to change places. d. Realize  the other couldn’t save that much time by going first, so invent an excuse for  refusing.

5. On a television show you are offered the choice between taking a stated  sum of money or gambling on what is behind a curtain. You decide

a. To  follow your impulses, since whatever you receive will be best for you.

b.  According to whether you need the money or can risk losing it for something that  may be worthless to you.

c. To gamble on the prize behind the curtain  because you’re enjoying being on the show and want to prolong the fun.

d. On  the basis of your success or failure in guessing correctly in the past.

6. Everyone is taking a turn at telling stories at a gathering. You choose  the content of your story on the basis of

a. What you believe is most suited  to the backgrounds and interests of those present.

b. Some possible future  incident of a science-fiction nature that would intrigue your listeners.

c.  Whatever seems most important to you at the moment.

d. The inherent  fascination of the topic, so you can tell one of the most memorable stories.

7. Though you are happy in your present position and expect advancement, you  are offered an immediate promotion in another part of the country. You  decide

a. You will refuse the offer rather than leave your family, friends,  and current business associates.

b. That while you have considered the  situation, no clear alternative seems preferable, so on the basis of a hunch you  decide it is or isn’t right for you.

c. After carefully considering the pros  and cons of the matter.

d. That what is in your best interest will happen  without any strenuous effort on your part.

Here is the key. Just note in which category you scored highest: