Surprise! Surprise! Guess Who's Here for Your Wild & Wacky Wednesday?

Yeah, it’s me, Mystie! What do you think about the pic? I love it. I would say it was one of Lady A’s cats but they don’t smoke or drink, lol! Lady A is out panhandling this morning. She left me here to see what mischief I could get into, plenty! I wanted to let you know we are starting a new game today. A new game, ha! It is the first game we have ever had on here. The game is called “How Well Do You Know The Witch.” Lady A and myself will take turns posting questions with multiple choice answers about each other. The winner will collect points to buy some of the merchandise we are going to feature or just hang on to them for future items. It should be hilarious. We hope you enjoy it. The game will appear at the end of each day’s postings so you can find it easily.

Have a very blessed Wednesday,