Today’s Quiz for July 23 – What Season Are You Now?

What Season Are You Now?

By Cait Johnson


The spirit has its own seasons that may or may not coincide with the world of  nature outside our doors. What season are you in right now? Is your life  beginning to open up with a burgeoning Spring-like sense of new life? Or are you  in a quiet Winter time of lying fallow? Depending on where you are in the  seasons of the soul, there are many ways you can work with and honor–rather than  resist–your inner reality.

Take this fun quiz to find out what inner season you’re in right now. Then  find out how to get the most from it! It’s all here:

Make note of any answers that are true for you.

1. I can almost see the doors opening right in front of me: new opportunities  seem to be all around me.

2. I crave activity, movement, and change: I may be considering moving house  or starting a new job or beginning a program of some sort.

3. I am eager to make plans for my future.

4. I may feel a little vulnerable and tender.

5. My life feels very outwardly-focused and expansive right now.

6. Everything seems to be aligning for me so that I will have what I need in  the near future.

7. My activities are many and varied and I have plenty of energy to do what I  want.

8. I feel very powerful and optimistic.

9. I am finally reaping the rewards of a lot of hard work.

10. I like to feel that I have enough: I may find myself stocking up on  necessities now that abundance seems to fill my life.

11. I am letting go of many things in my life that no longer fit who I am.

12. I find I am becoming more reflective, looking inward and taking stock of  my life.

13. I have no desire for activity: I crave quiet and doing nothing.

14. I have faced some important losses in the recent past.

15. Whenever I try to start something new, I am prevented or it does not work  out.

16. I feel stuck and a bit frozen over. It seems that my life will never  change.

If 1, 2, 3, or 4 were true for you, you are in a SPRING period. This is a  wonderful time to plant the metaphorical seeds of your future life-garden; make  plans, gather information, allow the rising green life-force to point you in the  direction of your best and brightest future. Surround yourself with fresh spring  colors, flowering bulbs, nests, and eggs. They will remind you of your own new  beginnings.

If 5, 6, 7, or 8 were true for you, you are in a SUMMER period. Now that warm  sunlike energies fill your life, make the most of it! Stay as busy as you can to  solidify your position and celebrate this expansive time. Surround yourself with  golden, fiery colors, and images of suns, vibrant flowers, and ripening fruits.  They will remind you of your own vibrant  I-can-do-it life-force.

If 9, 10, 11, or 12 were true for you, you are in an AUTUMN period. This is  the time to celebrate your accomplishments, gather in what you need for the  future, evaluate your life, and release what you have outgrown. Surround  yourself with warm wine and turning-leaf colors, and images of harvest: apples,  pumpkins, vines and bunches of ripe grapes, and vibrant leaves. They will remind  you of your own life-harvests and encourage you to continue letting go of  anything that is no longer appropriate for you as you gather in your own inner  harvest.

If 13, 14, 15, or 16 were true for you, you are in a WINTER period. Although  it may feel as if this time will last forever, take heart:  everything changes,  and so will this–especially if you stop fighting it and decide to honor it  instead. Take plenty of time to sleep, and be sure to write down your dreams.  Take a retreat from the busyness of life. Surround yourself with the grounding  energies of stones and clear quartz crystals, soft cozy fabrics, and bare  branches. They will remind you that a period of rest is an essential part of the  cycle of life.

Quiz of the Day – Which Sun Color Are You? Which Will Help?

Which Sun Color Are You? Which Will Help?

by Annie B. Bond


It’s the perfect time to find out which of the sun’s many vivid, fiery colors  could help you become more energetic, vital and radiant.

Take the quiz here to find out which sun-color is closest to you as you are,  and which one could help you to embody your most vibrant self, here:

Choose the description below that most closely matches you as you are. Then  choose the description that fits the qualities you would like to embody. Are  they the same? Find out which color you could wear or invite into your life to  help you be the self you want to be!

1. I want to be an energetic, vital person, vibrant, outgoing, dynamic, with  leadership qualities.

2. I want to be warm-hearted and generous, at the same time steadfast in  purpose.

3. I want to be a caring, nurturing, fun person. I want to feel lighter, less  depressed.

4. I want my love of life and living to be tempered with wisdom.

5. I want to feel the joy of living, have a sunny disposition, and feel  inspired: I want to have a mission.

6. I want to be generous with wisdom, to help and inspire others just by  being present.

7. I want to be intellectual, rational, with a good mind which is used  thoughtfully and with care for others.

Here are your colors:

1. Red

2. Soft Red

3. Orange

4. Light Orange

5. Yellow

6. Gold

7. Gentle Yellow