Daily Motivator for September 29 – Joy is a choice

Joy is a choice

There is nothing that can make you happy if you choose not to be. And there  is nothing that can prevent you from being happy when happiness is your  choice.

There is no need to delay the joy of living until some future, imagined,  ideal time when conditions are perfect. Now is when you are living your life,  and now is your opportunity to live with genuine joy.

No position or possession or experience or set of circumstances will make  your life good. Your life already is filled with magnificent goodness that’s  yours to be experienced to whatever degree you allow.

Worrying about the future achieves nothing other than to rob you of joy in  the present. Feel the wonder of your being, right here, right now, and fill your  awareness with its richness.

Instead of looking for reasons to be envious or resentful, see in each moment  all the opportunities for joy. Instead of avoiding or delaying what must be  done, step enthusiastically forward each time you have a chance to make a  difference.

Joy is a beautiful, life-affirming choice that you can always make no matter  what. Choose to live with joy, and give yourself a life that’s truly rich.

— Ralph Marston

Daily Motivator