2014 Chinese Horoscopes

2014 Chinese Horoscopes

Take action and demand more in the Year of the Wood Horse

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January 31, 2014, begins the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse. Horse years place great emphasis on hard work and tenacity. 2014 could present fantastic opportunities for business, travel and adventure, but these things will require decisive action.

In general, “you snooze, you lose” could be the action-oriented Horse’s motto. Furthermore, dishonesty and injustice may backfire spectacularly this Chinese New Year. The forthright Horse does not reward those who achieve their goals through underhanded methods.

The Wood element is ambitious, assertive and heroic. By aiming high this Chinese New Year, you can achieve much more than you ever dreamed. Settling for second best and sitting on the sidelines may result in terrible disappointment.

In a Wood year, you’ll fare better by working to improve your life, rather than trying to maintain the status quo. Apply for jobs that pay more, afford greater satisfaction and offer more leisure time. Demand more from your romantic partner, and don’t tolerate shoddy behavior.

Horse years are wonderful times to expand horizons, explore unfamiliar territory and get plenty of mental stimulation. If you’ve been thinking about taking or teaching a class, this would be a wonderful time to do so. Learning a foreign language and mastering a musical instrument are also favored activities in 2014. Beware of biting off more than you can chew, however, because Horse years can prompt people to overestimate their abilities. 

Money in the Year of the Wood Horse

Wood years favor businesses that encourage education, exploration and hip trends. Day cares, schools and universities should fare well in 2014. Publishing houses and media enterprises could also turn handsome profits. Ventures related to travel may experience an uptick in business. Airlines, car rental firms and train lines could do very well in the Year of the Wood Horse, as well as travel agencies. After a prolonged slump, fashion lines may see a dramatic improvement.

Institutions that require thoughtful planning and patience, such as banking, accounting, architecture firms, government agencies and technical research, could have difficulty in this spontaneous Horse Year.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a good job during a Wood Horse year, adopt an optimistic outlook. Those who are decisive, imaginative, compassionate and idealistic will fare very well in 2014. Learning to turn anger into kindness can attract better job offers. A positive attitude is more important than impressive skill sets during The Year of the Horse.

Love in the Year of the Wood Horse

The Wood Horse Year favors romance and adventure. Committed relationships that are showing signs of strain need careful attention. Impromptu outings, exciting vacations and spontaneous gifts can keep love alive throughout 2014.

Dull routines and predictable behavior could be the kiss of death for couples who refuse to mix things up! If you have children, hire a sitter so you can spend more quality time with your partner.

If you’re single, you could enjoy the dating scene this year. Playing the field could be really stimulating. Instead of going after a certain type, try dating as many different people as possible. This will help you narrow your choice for a life partner.

Ultimately, you may decide you’re having so much fun that you won’t settle down. Wood Years can make people a bit restless. In the event you do fall in love, it could be with someone who is introspective, imaginative and cautious. Neat freaks and critics could get on your nerves.  

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Overview of Your Chinese Horoscopes for Oct. 31st


October 31st

Powerful influences are very favorable to your career, but you must remember to be diplomatic and accommodating. Many projects to which you give much importance will be hatched out, as if by magic. Beware of excessive perfectionism — it will only lead to disappointment. This is a good sentimental climate: You will strengthen your existing ties, or perhaps you will begin new and charming relationships.

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October 25th

A positive day for speculation and investments; but if you want to invest on a large scale, ask for a specialist’s advice. You must beware of all that could provoke a domestic accident. You might suffer from lumbago or vertebral pains; swimming and yoga will prove effective remedies. Ideal day for asking for a loan. The moment will be well-chosen to resume the struggle in spite of the past difficulty.

Overview of Your Chinese Horoscope for October 24th

October 24th
You’ll succeed in reaching some of your objectives thanks to your motivation and your patience. Get a cholesterol level test, as it’s possible that it’s too high and threatens your arteries. You’re likely to have family problems and you may be tyrannical without realizing it. If your children are teenagers, know that they’ll need more autonomy than before. You have a tendency to take your desires



October 22nd

In your work, don’t try to get ahead of schedule; patience will pay off. Erect an impenetrable barrier between your career life and your private life. Closely control the studies of your children; give them advice and support their efforts. If you must manipulate inflammable or corrosive liquids, be doubly cautious; an accident is likely to occur this day. You’ll lay down plans with your friends,

Daily Chinese Horoscope for October 21st


October 21, 2013

In the love realm, you must produce something other than jokes so that your indiscretions will be forgiven; try small gifts. New friendly ties will be created, and it will be in your best interest to cultivate them. You’ll be in shaky physical form: bad nervous resistance and lethargy, for instance. The professional initiatives that you’ll take this day will lead you straight along the path to success.

Daily Feng Shui Tip for Dec. 20th: ‘Go Caroling Day?’

Is it music to your ears to know that today is ‘Go Caroling Day?’ Making music is not only good for your ears, it’s also great for bringing balance to the rest of the body. And the ‘Carol of the Bells’ can bring that same beautiful balance, peace and prosperity to your home too. Traditions throughout time have told us that bells cleanse the exterior environment. Legends maintain that the sound of the bell can actually positively affect the environments surrounding each of us. These sounds ostensibly purify the molecules of our external space and acts as a strong and powerful detoxifier of existing negative energies. Sleigh bells and silver bells, Tibetan or Balinese; it doesn’t matter what kind of bell is tolling, as long as it is toiling and detoxing for you.

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