WOTC School of Witchcraft Student Handbook

You must be 18 years old to apply to be a student.


The Novice Course fee is $60.00 USD. $15.00 USD needs to be paid when you send in your application. If you are accepted this will go towards your course fee. If you are not accepted, you will receive a refund of $14.00 USD because of fees charged to us by PayPal

The Adept Course is $80.00 USD. $20.00 USD needs to be paid when you decide if you are going to accept Lady Beltane’s invitation to keep studying with her. If you are accepted this will go towards your course fee. If you are not accepted, you will receive a refund of $19.00 USD because of fees charged to us by PayPal

After the initial $15.00 that you pay with your novice application or upon emailing Lady Beltane that you want to keep studying with her as an adept. If needed, you can pay the reminder of the fee in 3 installments if you are unable to pay the entire fee at one time. There is an additional $4.00 USD fee for novices and an extra $6.00 USD fee for adepts.

The course fee for novices or adepts is nonrefundable in any part if you decide to quit lessons or are dropped for not meeting the expectations of the study level you are at.

Use DONATE button on Homepage to pay for your application payment or class fees, please. Thank you! 

Course Requirements: 

The lessons for all levels are like bricks in the foundation of a building if you miss putting a brick in somewhere or do not lay them in the correct order the whole foundation is weak. When practicing magick there can be no weak spots in your foundation if there is than your magick may not be being done safely and you could hurt yourself, someone or something else somewhere in the universe or your spell and/or ritual might not turn out like you wanted it to.

I expect all lessons to be done in order and completed before sending them to us by their due date. I will then review your lesson and email you back with any corrections that need to be made and/or if further research is needed on any of the questions or any comments I have about your answers. If there are corrections to be made you will have to email these answers in for review before receiving your next lesson.

Email every lesson in its own email with the “Subject” line having the lesson number in it.

All Novice and Adept lesson have a specific due date and will not be accepted for review after the due date. If sent in before the lesson’s due date, they will just sit in the school’s email inbox until their due date. After your lesson is reviewed and if any further information requested is also reviewed you will receive an email with comments from whomever reviewed your lesson. The next lesson will be emailed to you when your current lesson is finished.

Even if you do not have a lesson ready to turn in every week, which is fine, you have to send a short email every week you do not turn in a lesson no matter which course you are in.  Just so we know you are still interested in studying with WOTC’s School of Witchcraft and Magical Hearts Coven. It can be very short, just a hi will do, but you must let us know.

If we do not hear from you for three weeks in a row, we will believe you no longer wish to study with us and remove your email address from the Witches of The Craft email list. We realize there are times health issues or emergencies happen if possible, email us or have another person email us that you are sick, there has been a family emergency, or just had a baby, etc. For these reasons we will keep your email address for three more weeks for a total of six weeks before deleting you completely. If this happens please write to us or ask someone to write for you so we know you are still interested and if the coven can be of any help.

If at any time during your study level you chose to quit studying with us, I would appreciate an email letting us know you are exiting the classes and coven. I will need an email telling us you no longer want to study with me and a reason as to why you are quitting. As it might be a simple reason and we might be able to work something out to keep you studying with me.

Remember course fees are nonrefundable.

Lady Beltane is available by email or to meet on Skype if you need help with a lesson or have any questions about The Craft. These meetings, when at all possible, should be set up a minimum of three days in advance. Lady Beltane will try to answer all students’ emails within three days of receiving them. When requesting a one-on-one meeting with Lady Beltane please give her two different times and days that are convenient for you to meet. She will pick the one that fits into to her schedule.

Lady Beltane will hold an Open Chat held in the Northern Hemisphere on the 3rd Sunday of every month 11:30 to 1:30 PM CT and in the Southern Hemisphere it will be held on the 3rd Sunday of every month 2:30 to 4:30 PM BRT. All students must attend no matter what level you are studying… Attendance is Mandatory for at least 15 minutes sometime during the two hours.

If you cannot attend, you must send an email to ladybeltane@aol.com before the starting time of the open chat or in the case of an emergency as soon as possible. open chats and gatherings will be announced a week before on witchesofthecraft.com homepage. Important information on lessons and/or other topics can come up that are not covered in the study material.

The Esbats are held for the Northern Hemisphere the Sunday closest to the Esbat either before or after or on the full or new Moon. Northern Hemisphere – Social time starts at 3:00 PM CT with Circle cast at 4:00 PM CT, for the Southern Hemisphere – The Esbats are held for the Southern Hemisphere are on the Sunday closest to the Esbat either before or after or on the full or new Moon – Social time starts at 5:00 PM BRT with Circle cast at 6:00 PM BRT.

The Sabbat gatherings are on whatever day they fall on. For the N. H. social time starts at 4:30 PM CT with Circle cast at 5:30 PM CT. For the S. H. social time starts at 6:30 PM BRT with circle cast at 7:30 PM BRT.

All students have to check the Witches of The Craft website at least once a week for a post you want to read. You must leave at least one comment on one post every week so we know you are checking the website for posts that can further your education in The Craft.

Before the sacred circle starts anyone entering the chat room is welcomed to socialize with anyone else that is there. You can ask questions about lessons or anything else. This is a great time to get to know your fellow coven members better.