Full Moon Symbolism and Meaning

Full Moon Symbolism & Meaning

Exploring the Full Moon’s symbolic meaning is a journey full of intrigue, mystery, and wonder. Cultural views play a significant role in shaping the Full Moon’s symbolism. The meaning of the Moon has become richer over time. There’s great irony in the fact that the Moon reflects sunlight; so too, the Moon’s symbols are reflective of societal beliefs, traditions, and people’s observations of the lunar body’s transit in the nighttime sky throughout history.

Full Moon’s Symbolism, Meaning, & Correspondences Table of Contents

Full Moon Symbolism & Meaning

The Full Moon & Femininity

The Full Moon & The Medicine Wheel

Cultural & Religious Full Moon Symbolism

Moon Symbolism & Numerology

Western Astrology & The Full Moon

Full Moon & The Tarot

Animals & Full Moon Symbolism

Full Moon Symbolism & Meaning…

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2 thoughts on “Full Moon Symbolism and Meaning

  1. There are some wonderful resources you’ve gathered here, thanks so much for putting this together. I think the Cultural & Religious Full Moon Symbolism link in particular is a great resource for getting to know some of the many Deities of the Moon

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