Giving Honor To Gaia/Mother Earth Every day

I have never understood once I started walking a spiritual path that allows me to live in more harmony with Mother Earth and all living thigs on and inside her why only 1 day every year is called Earth Day. Don’t get me wrong if this one day brings more awareness to people about how we rape and pillage the planet we live on than it is worth the yearly celebration.

I feel we as Pagans and Witches have a duty to help Mother Earth every day of every year. It can be something as simple as taking a small bag with you on walks to pick up the trash others are too lazy to get rid of properly. The smokers who throw the filters of their cigarettes on the ground to me should be horsed whip. I mean how hard is it to put the cigarette out get rid of any tobacco left in it than stick the filter in your pocket until they find a proper waste receptacle? I am a smoker and even when out in my own yard I do this. Yes, I am on my soapbox right now asking you to be part of the solution to the raping and pillage of Mother Earth instead of part of those who don’t give a damn how they treat her.

I challenge everyone who can go outside and take w walk to become the custodian of a two-block area or more around your home to take a walk as weather permits and wear plastic or rubber gloves and pick up any trash you see. I suggest taking at least to plastic or paper grocery bags with you on you first walk and I think you will be amazed at all the trash small and larger pieces you will find. The challenge to those that are homebound because of weather or a disability to put up a post on your social media account asking that the people you are friends with on their pickup discarded things and throw them away properly. If enough of do this post and ask our friends to re-post, we stand a good chance of going viral. Just think of all the good we can do for Mother Earth, wildlife, children, and our external living environment by doing this.

Are you with me on this clean up challenge? Good-bye trash in the comment section if you are.