Why All the Reposts from Lady Abyss this Past Week?

Lady of the Abyss 3/19/1961 – 6/13/2019

Lady Abyss or Lady A or her full pagan name Lady of the Abyss has been on my mind a lot this month. I would have been on the phone with probably more than once a day asking for help or just venting. So, I decide I am going to honor her memory by reposting Lady A’s original posts for some of our regular daily posts. She was a virtual font of knowledge. As I can afford it, I want to purchase some of the books she used for posts on WOTC.

For those of you who have joined the WOTC family after about the middle of June 2019 did not have the pleasure of knowing her, so I am going to tell you a little about this fantastic lady and witch.

Lady A founded WOTC in 2004 when the world wide web was just opening to individuals to start websites. She once told me that the Goddess had called her to do this work and so she did. She was all alone posting about witchcraft when she started out. Because she came so forcibly out of the broom closet back in the day, she received numerous hate mails and even death threats throughout her 20 some years bring the Goddess’ message to people around the world. She received the last death threat a mere month before she crossed the veil. One of the main groups that kept threatening her was ISIS. Much to her dismay she found out there were members of that group only about 20 miles from where she lived in Kentucky.

She was born as far as I remember her telling in the hills of eastern Kentucky but moved to around the center of the state as a young woman. Her style of witchcraft stemmed from her birthplace and family.

I was posting on WOTC for about 3 months until she talked me into opening my own website, covenlife.co, which I ran along with opening a witchcraft school on the website starting in I think 2014 or early in 2015. In May of 2019 Lady A had WOTC up for sale. We were talking on the phone one day shortly after and I told her I would love to take over WOTC but in no way had the money she was asking for it. Lady A totally surprised me by asking if I had WOTC would I keep it going in honor of the Goddess and continue the work she had started to help stop the hater towards witches because of the extremely bad reputation witches caused my movies, books, and most of all history (think of the Burning Times). I said I would and bam she gave me WOTC but if I ever went to dark magic only, she would shut the site down. Shutting it down meant all her hard work and knowledge would be lost. I did practice the dark side of Magick for a couple of years when I was in my late teens but have been a white/gray witch since 1978 which comes out to roughly 45 years.

Lady A was my mentor, dear friend, and heart sister. Looking at her death certificate closer than I could before I found out they only had a probable cause of death because there was no autopsy performed. She was cremated and I have no idea whether one of her two children or her estranged husband have the ashes. She was not give any type of “funeral” services. When I found out about her crossing in November of 2019 it was by accident while researching her contact information on the internet. I was in shock and heartbroken that no one had told me of her crossing. I only found out because it was time to fully change WOTC from her information to mine. I do know I spoke to her on the phone less than 24 hours before she crossed and she sounded fine. We were talking about how I had to make WOTC mine while still doing the Goddess’ work she was called to do a couple of decades before. I had only been running WOTC about a month when she crossed. This is hard for me to share going on 4 years later. I have the picture you see above on the wall next to my desk so when I get stuck or don’t feel like posting I can talk with her. Quite often I get an answer to what is troubling me and not just with WOTC. Her and I still rejoice when things are going well in my life, and she is there to kick me in the butt when needed also. At times I can feel her hovering next to me and it is a totally wonderful feeling.

I will be doing reposts here and there when this week is over because of the excellent things we can learn about witchcraft from WOTC’s founder and my muse for it, Lady of the Abyss. May she continue to walk by my side and help me bring meaningful things about witchcraft and life to you for however many years I have left to run this website.

I will add more to this story another day right now the tears of my memories of Lady A are making it hard to see my keyboard plus I do not want to get it wet.