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Well had you thought we had run off and left the country? No, you ain’t that lucky, lol! It has been a wild couple of days, I can say that. There were suppose to be posted on here daily so you would know the site was still alive but…..oh, well, here I go back to the old saying, “when the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Since I saw there hadn’t been any posts on the site in the last few days, I decided to take a break from building our new store and come and aggravate y’all for a bit, lucky, lucky, lucky! Your luck has never been so good has it.

As I stated the last few days have been rather wild and that is putting it mildly. I am sure I have mentioned it before but for those of you who are new here, I will mention it again. The WOTC is not only active on-line it is active off-line as well. We help out local food banks, help the Elderly with some of their expenses throughout the money(since they are on limited incomes) and we still take in a stray or wild animals on occasions. I am an animal lover, can’t help myself when we get one of those calls. A call that an animal is in distress or going to be shot if something isn’t don’t with it, I am Johnny-on-the-spot. But that is just a few of the things we do off-line.

I have my reasons for bringing up some of the things we do off-line because of a phone call I received Thursday. It was a phone call from two local elderly sisters who are witches themselves. We have helped them out off and on when they needed it. They called Friday because they needed our help. Even though our funds are gone and I mean, gone, gone. I couldn’t refuse them and I told them I would see what I could do for them. Neither one of the sisters have ever married, they only have each other, no family left. They feel like I am their family because when my mother was alive I remember us stopping by to visit them on our way to town. They were quite a bit younger than my mother but they were witches so she made a point of visiting them when she could. The live on the other side of county from where we are now. I can still remember going to their house. On both sides of the gravel road leading to their house was nothing put trees. Thick trees, in fact, it looked like a forest with a path cut through it. Then the house was a house built out of wood. Honestly it looked like the house from Hansel and Gretel, seriously. The only difference the house from the fairy tale was in much better shape. I took them some groceries recently and it still looks the same except it had a few boards that had come loose. I had Lord M with me and he fixed the boards for the sisters. You get the idea, these sisters do not have much money coming in at all and are basically just surviving day to day,

Now back to the phone call, one of the sister (Mildred) called and asked if we could talk for a minute. I told her sure anytime, she knew that. She was upset and I could tell that. I was afraid something had happened to her sister but thankfully that wasn’t the case. She was upset because she had received a $538.00 electricity bill, I told her I didn’t doubt it because our bill had been outrageous this month. She told me that they didn’t have the money to pay it. I asked her if she had talked to the light company and she said no. I told her to give me a minute and I would call them and see what I could do. I called the electric company, which by the way is a Co-Op. A Co-Op is suppose to be owned by its members and the members are suppose to have some rights and say so in how it is run. I talked to one of the ladies there and she was just down right rude. She told me that the sisters would have to pay the full amount of the bill or have their power cut off. It is in the low 20’s and they are going to cut off two elderly ladies’ power. Really? I asked to talk to a supervisor. The supervisor was a little nicer. She asked me how much could they pay that day and then call back and make payment arrangements before the next disconnect notice came due. Well I told her I could pay $50.00 on it. That was all I had and I gladly did it. The supervisor made a note on their account that payment arrangements would follow. I called the sisters back and told them what I had done. They were delighted. I told them to be sure to call back before the disconnect notice was due to make payment arrangements or else they would be out to cut them off. Well they called back to make the arrangements and I got another phone call. Mildred was upset to no end. She told me the lady told her that she had to pay $180.00 that day and then the remaining balance would be stretched out to the 28th of this month. Of course, the poor sisters did not have the money nor did I.

After I talked to Mildred, I called the power company. By this time, I was mad as an old wet hen. I had already pulled up the law in regards to utilities company disconnecting people in the Winter months. The law states that no one can be disconnected between the Winter months of November through February of each year. It also went on to state that if a person in the household was disabled, elderly or needed the electricity for live saving equipment then the power could not be cut off either. I informed the supervisor of this and she said since they were a Co-Op they could do as they pleased. The law didn’t apply to them. Which, of course, we had a hardy disagreement over that. I asked them when the next Co-Op meeting was and I would be there with bells on. I also wrote the County representative over this matter but I have not heard back from him yet. It didn’t matter what I had to say to this woman, she told me they either pay the bill or else they would be disconnected.

Now can you imagine that? Two elderly sisters, one 82 and the 84, fragile and thin, living in a 100 year old house(which has cracks everywhere you look) getting their power shut off? I could not believe the cruelty or inhumane treatment coming from this supervisor or the electric company. What it all boils down too, is that if these ladies do not come up with the money to pay their power bill, they will be disconnected probably either Monday or Tuesday. We are flat broke or else I wouldn’t have been beating my brains out trying to rebuild the store. I need your help, these sisters need your help. It would absolutely kill me to think that they got their power cut off. They wouldn’t leave their home to save them. They would stay there and try to survive. Survive they wouldn’t, they would freeze to death. I can’t let that happen. I am asking that you help me by assisting them in trying to pay their power bill, Later on, when we get back on our feet, we plan on insulating the house for them but right now we have to worry about the power being cut off. I am not asking for myself but I am asking for these dear, sweet old ladies. If you could meet them you would fall in love with them. Just listening to their stories, then learning witchcraft from them and just basically stories about the old days. They are wonderful, beautiful human beings and for the power company to do this is just wrong. I plan on going to the Co-Op meeting and I also plan on pursuing this at every level of government in this town. This treatment of the elderly is oh, so wrong and I plan on making a huge stink about it. But right now, we have no choice but to try to pay the bill.

I said I would never beg you for money. I am not begging for myself, I am begging for these two wonderful ladies. Will you please help me raise the money to keep their power from being shut-off. It is the middle of Winter, they need their heat to survive. They still have many years ahead of them and to think of them freezing to death is killing me. I am asking for your help in assisting them to keep their power on. I know it is a hard time for everyone but we can’t let our Elderly be treated like this. Hell, they will take a dog in off the streets but they won’t keep our elderly warm by just leaving their heat on. It is pathetic. These sisters desperately need your help. If they knew I was telling their story, they would be mad as heck at me. They are proud women and they don’t like asking for a hand out. I told them it wouldn’t be a hand out but a hand up. They had did so much for the Pagan community around here, I feel that it is only right that we try to help them. No matter what you can give, it all adds up and hopefully we will be able to keep their power on during these cold days ahead.

Thank you so very much,

Lady of the Abyss


A Little Humor for Your Day: Fashion No-Nos

Fashion No-Nos

As we all get older in the Pagan Community, it is easy to get confused about how we should present ourselves. We’re unsure as we try to be nice and harmonize with the fashions that younger members of our community have adopted.

So I’ve made a sincere study of the situation and here are the results. Despite what you may have seen on the streets or at Pagan gatherings, the following combinations do not go together and thus should be avoided:

  1. A eyebrow piercing and bifocals
  2. Pony tails and bald spots
  3. A pierced tongue and dentures
  4. Ankle bracelets and corn pads
  5. Nipple jewelry and a gall bladder surgery scar
  6. Midriff shirts and a midriff bulge
  7. Tattoos and liver spots or varicose veins
  8. Belly-button piercings and old pregnancy stretch marks
  9. Skyclad and Depends.

Please keep these basic guidelines foremost in your mind when you shop.

Turok’s Cabana

Your Influences for the Week of February 18

Your Influences for the Week of February 18


Tarot Influence

Three of Cups

Good luck and success are possible. Pleasure is likely.











Astrological Influence


Pisces brings intelligence and perception to the forefront. This may be a time to rely more on serendipity than cold, hard facts.











Element Influence


Water is the card of hidden truths and emotions. It also calms and soothes and is basic to life. The Water card may denote a period of discovery, fulfillment through learning and the unraveling of mysteries.

Your Daily Runes for Sunday, February 17

Your Daily Rune for Sunday, February 17



“Log-uhz” – Literally: “Water” or Ocean – Esoteric: Unconscious, Collective Memory

Rune of the unconscious context of becoming or the evolutionary process. Rune of Life’s longing for itself.

Psi: emotion, psychic powers, unconscious mental processes, love, dreaming

Energy: life energy, ocean spirit, origins of life, collective unconscious, the astral plane, love as unity, evolution

Mundane: water, imagination, occultism, dreams

Divinations: Life, passing a test, sea of vitality and of the unconscious growth, memory, dreams; or fear, circular motion, avoidance, withering, depression, manipulations, emotional blackmail, lack of moral fiber, fantasy, poison, toxicity


Transpersonal powers
Mastery of emotion in order to shape wyrd
Guidance through difficult initiatory tests, ie. initiation into life
Increase in vitality and life force
Communication between your conscious mind to another’s unconscious mind
Development of ‘second sight’ or prophetic wisdom
All powers of dreaming (lucid dreams, astral projection)


Daily Witches Rune

The Rings

Keywords: Love, relationships.

Meanings: The Rings is the rune of love and when it is the leading stone, it is a positive answer to your question. It is very much a rune of relationship and can indicate engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. It can also indicate the need for a fresh approach to an existing relationship.


Your Daily Tarot Cards for Sunday, February 17th

Your Daily Tarot Cards for Sunday, February 17th


The Hierophant











The Hierophant represents the protector of a culture’s heritage and traditions. His purpose is to defend and teach the established ways and beliefs a group embraces. He is inherently conventional and a true believer in the power of the group. He loves the structure of the group and its values. It is the task of The Hierophant to bring new members into the group—to prepare the uninitiated to take their rightful place in his culture. In this sense he is very much like a teacher or a priest. He also acts as the repository of his group’s history. The Hierophant is certainly not one to buck proper authority. However, he is staunch and worthy defender of the tried and true. He represents the positive aspects of conformity.


Your Daily Love Tarot Card for Sunday, February 17th


The Magus











The Magus is the physical embodiment of decisive action based upon knowledge and aimed squarely at specific goals. While firmly set in the material world, he none-the-less has a powerful spiritual connection as well. His knowledge, wisdom and skill are all encompassing. He is complete. His power as a creator is unmatched on our earthly plane. He is self-aware and unafraid to act. His enormous strength gives him the freedom to act as he chooses. However, responsibility comes with that freedom. Because he is not bound to the restraints of others he must choose how to act. The question that always lies before him is should he act morally, or forsake ethics for personal gain.



Your Daily Exotic Tarot Card for Sunday, February 17th


The Hanged Man











The Hanged Man is the most enigmatic card of the Tarot. Even Tarot giants like Waite, Crowley and Levi had trouble deciphering The Hanged Man’s true meaning. Generally The Hanged Man is thought to represent the value of surrender and selfless acts. The Hanged Man embodies the notion that sometimes to lose is to win. Unlike the aggressive Chariot, The Hanged Man creates his fate through inaction and accepts his fortune passively, without resistance. He does not struggle to control the path his life takes, but rather allows events to sweep him where they will, even if he is called upon to sacrifice himself. He is so at ease with the Fate the Universe chose for him that even hanging upside down from a tree does not ruffle his inner peace.



Your Daily Tarot Power Card for Sunday, February 17th


The Empress











The Empress is “The Earth Mother” of the Tarot. She embodies all that is nurturing, clean and wholesome. Her powers resonate from her drive to create and care for life on a grand scale. She is in tune with Nature’s rhythm and realizes that life’s most pleasurable moments often stem from the simplest things. She is not afraid to enjoy herself–to let loose—to the point of being lavish. Abundance and luxury are important to her. The Empress is completely comfortable with her femininity and her sexuality. She is sensual, earthy, generous, and likes the good life. Still, her driving force is a need to create and nurture, and fulfilling this need overrides everything else.


Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, Feb. 18

Get A Jump On Tomorrow

Your Daily Horoscopes for Monday, Feb. 18


Moon Alert

We have the “all clear” today to shop and do business. The Moon is in Leo.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Until your birthday arrives, keep a low profile and play your cards close to your heaving bosom. Work alone or behind the scenes. Seek out solitude. Use the next four weeks to set some goals for your new year ahead (birthday to birthday).

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

The next four weeks will be super popular f! Enjoy schmoozing with others, particularly younger people. This is an excellent time to formulate goals and decide how to pursue them. Hint: Your time of harvest is two years away!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You look marvellous in the eyes of bosses, parents and VIPs in the next four weeks because the Sun is at high noon in your chart. This happens only once a year so make the most of it. Quite literally, make hay while the Sun shines!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Grab every opportunity to travel or take courses for further training because you will want to expand your world in the next four weeks. It’s a great time for writing projects. In fact, March will be a wonderful month to finish something that’s been lagging on forever. (A thesis perhaps?)

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

You’ll be intense and ambitious in the next four weeks! Your gonads are in overdrive and you’re ready for action! Not only will you be sexually passionate, you will be passionate about everything that you care about. Expect lively discussions about wills, inheritances and shared property.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This is the only time all year when the Sun is opposite your sign for four weeks! Symbolically, the Sun is your energy and it will now be as far away from you as it gets all year, which means you will need more rest and more sleep. You will also be more focused on partnerships.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

Do what you can to get more efficient and be more productive in the next four weeks. When it comes down to it, you will want to give thought to how you can best run your life so that it flows well. You like an atmosphere that is pleasing, supportive and attractive.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Lucky you! The next four weeks will be lighthearted, fun-loving and flirtatious! Enjoy the arts, sports events, social outings, the theatre, long lunches and fun dates plus playful activities with kids. This will be one of your most pleasant months of the year!

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Home, family and your private life will be your main focus in the next four weeks. Many of you will be involved with a parent more than usual. All of you will enjoy cocooning at home, especially among familiar surroundings. Get cozy!

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

The pace of your days will accelerate in the next four weeks because you will be busy with short trips, errands, appointments, conversations with siblings and relatives plus increased reading, writing and studying. You will feel a strong urge to enlighten others about your views.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Money issues will be on your mind in the next four weeks. You might negotiate a salary or discuss financial deals. You will also give more thought to your possessions and your assets and how you want to handle things.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

The Sun will be in your sign for the next four weeks giving you a boost of energy that is a special advantage! It will attract people and favourable situations to you. This is great news for you because it’s your chance to get out there and fly your colours!

If Your Birthday Is Today

Actor John Travolta (1954) shares your birthday today. You are ambitious, hard-working and unique. You are patient but you want recognition and hopefully fame for what you do. Because this will be a fast-paced year, get ready for action. Expect fresh excitement! Enjoy travel opportunities and chances to expand your horizons. Be open to embracing change and new opportunities. Your personal freedom is one of your goals this year.



Born on the Cusp: Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

Sign Dates And Definition



THOSE BORN ON the Aquarius-Pisces cusp are known the natural psychics of the zodiac.

Loved for their compassionate, understanding, and tolerant traits, Aquarian-Pisces tend to have more extroverted personalities than you might imagine for those with such sensitive souls. Being around people can rejuvenate an Aquarius-Pisces, give them a sense of purpose, and relieve stress.

The only problem? This innate desire is often coupled with a sense of isolation … and the feeling of being misunderstood.


Though they are goal-oriented, those who embody the AquariusPisces cusp are major procrastinators. Sometimes this procrastination is built-in, given the innate disorganization that disrupts any organic flow that might have carried them to the finish line. But who has time for organizing things when your mind is filled with so many great ideas? There is so much creative energy to this cusp, so much compassion and emotion, that the chores that make daily life run smoothly can easily fall to the wayside.

If you are dually ruled by both Uranus and Neptune, know this: You are loved. You are amazing. You are brilliant, creative, and highly intelligent. You might feel at times that people just don’t GET you. But, hear this: People don’t need to get you. You get them. And that’s your greatest strength.

And if you know a person born on the Aquarius-Pisces cusp, tell them this: You love the way their mind works. You love the way they see the world, and you are grateful to be able to be a part of theirs. Let them know they are seen.


Born on February 17, Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday, Aquarius!

IF YOU ARE BORN ON FEBRUARY 17, you are hot-blooded and yes, my dear Aquarius, you are weird and wonderful! It’s not because of your out-going personality, or that you do not care for people knowing your business. It is not even that you prefer to be a loner. You like being by yourself.

People with a February 17 birthday are private and expect people to respect your wishes. (Call before you come as intrusive people are turn-offs for Aquarians.) It is because, Aquarius, you get in a mood and suddenly, your word becomes questionable.

As your birthday horoscope profile shows, you become rebellious, hurtful and angry, almost to the point of doing physical harm to someone. If not this, then you are keeping to yourself. You do not answer phone calls or return messages.

February 17 Aquarius, you can be stubborn and sometimes, you are just unstable. You need not act on your impulses all the time. It is in you. Be strong. Because of this, you do not make friends right away, or at least any real friends. You want them to shed their quandaries but will not allow yourself to be seen as human.

On the surface, many that seek your companionship are willing participants in the dating game until they find out that you value your freedom more than you appreciate them. Aquarians born on February 17 are usually best compatible with someone much like themselves.

You don’t have to work as hard with two Aquarians. You are mirroring so, figuring out where your weakness is or where your strengths are, is easy.

On the other side, Aquarius, you are a do-gooder. The Aquarius birthday analysisfor those born on February 17 shows you are proud humanitarians. You will do something beneficial that will change the conditions of people for the better. You know how to get down to the root of a problem, hear both sides and draw your conclusion before making a decision.

Some of your efforts may be idiosyncratic so expect a negative response or two. That is when you pull your pants up and dig deeper. People should respect your hard honesty. After all, you get the job done.

The February 17 birthday person is full of ideas, and your results are prosperous. What is wonderful about you Aquarius is that you are intelligent, rational, and down-to-earth. Those born on this day are Aquarians that can be trusted. You are always looking for new ways to make money. You have a progressive way of thinking. Aquarians are sophisticated people.

As the February birthday zodiac sign, you will be driven like the wind. Some people never change how their surroundings look. Not you, Aquarians live for a change. You also have a flair that is different from most of ours. It is a drastic change from shopping at Gap.

You have invented your style, which shows your personality off. You love to mix and match the oddest of things. The proof is in your decorator’s tips complete with all the latest commodities. Innovative and unique ideas impress you.

You are advised to stay on the grind and stay away from quick loan services. Avoid the stress so you won’t suffer from headaches and experience sleepless nights.

Aquarians, you need to take good care of your health. You have an appreciation for alcohol. You need to be careful with that especially since you are prone to having some mysterious accidents, some of which can be downright funny stories.



Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, February 17th

Your Daily Horoscopes for Sunday, February 17th

Moon Alert

Avoid shopping or important decisions from 9 AM to 11 AM EST today (6 AM to 8 AM PST). After that, the Moon moves from Cancer into Leo.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

You are restless for change and you want to have a good time! One of the things that might make this day interesting is you will meet someone new and different. This person might be avant-garde or bohemian. In fact, this person might be someone you already know! (Oh wow.) Ken?

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

This is an unpredictable day. Things are unpredictable on the home front especially dealing with authority figures like parents. Be ready for anything. If you are caught off guard by unexpected changes – never underestimate the power of courtesy. Be cool.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

You are very curious about things today. (Admittedly, you are a curious person every day of the week. “Look – a bright shiny object!”) But today is different. Someone might introduce you to unusual ideas or different ways of thinking. Very thought provoking.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Something to do with money, resources, the wealth of your partner, or shared property might be surprising today. When it comes to money, you don’t like surprises. You like to plan for a rainy day and you watch your pennies. Today’s a good day to keep your eyes open.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

The Moon is in your sign today, which makes you a bit more emotional than usual. However, you are probably reacting to what someone else is doing – a partner or close friend, and it is something you didn’t foresee at all. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

New technology might be introduced to where you work today because something unexpected will greet you. It might be perplexing or it might be liberating. Keep an open mind — but not so open that everything falls out.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

A surprise invitation to a social event might delight you today. Admittedly, a scheduled event might be cancelled. Your kids might also surprise you in some way today. Expect to have a vigourous discussion with a female friend. But on the whole, this is a fun-loving day!

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

People notice you today, even though your primary focus is to cocoon at home and get away from all this. Mars opposite your sign makes you feel that others are annoying – and they probably are. Look around you because life is quite beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

You want to do something different today because you’ve had enough of the same old, same old. Ideally, it would be nice to travel. After all, you are the traveller of the zodiac. But if you can’t travel, you can at least explore your own backyard. Try it.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

You might see new ways to earn money today or to make a little on the side. Or possibly, you will spot something that you want to impulsively buy because it’s unusual. Check all financial deals very carefully because things are unpredictable today.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

You’re restless today. You’re full of excitement because you are planning something or you’re hoping for something to happen. This is the kind of day where you can go with your impulses to see where they lead you. Expect a miracle!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

It’s Sunday and you want the day off. Have another cup of coffee and read your newspaper or do the crossword so you can relax. You need a break today. Give yourself some time off for good behaviour. You deserve it.

If Your Birthday Is Today

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (1981) shares your birthday today. You are hard working and ambitious. You handle problems with dignity and strength. This year hard work and effort pay will pay off. Start by simplifying your life so you can build solid foundations. Focus your energy in one direction. Physical exercise will be important this year. Explore yoga, martial arts or jogging — any physical discipline that you enjoy.




One for Pagans In Action to Keep Their Eye On – The ‘Green New Deal’

The Facts on the ‘Green New Deal’

On Feb. 7, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez introduced her Green New Deal in the House and Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts introduced a companion resolution in the Senate.

The text of the legislation, which is a nonbinding resolution, lays out a broad vision for how the country might tackle climate change over the next decade, while creating high-paying jobs and protecting vulnerable communities.

Unlike a bill, this type of legislation is not presented to the president and cannot become law. Even if the Green New Deal passed in one or both chambers of Congress, separate legislation would have to be introduced to make any of the resolution’s goals a reality.

Much of the response to the proposal has focused on details that don’t appear in the resolution text. President Donald Trump, for example, suggested on Feb. 9 in a tweet that the plan would “permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military.”

Donald J. Trump


I think it is very important for the Democrats to press forward with their Green New Deal. It would be great for the so-called “Carbon Footprint” to permanently eliminate all Planes, Cars, Cows, Oil, Gas & the Military – even if no other country would do the same. Brilliant!

79.8K people are talking about this

Two days later, at a rally in El Paso, Trump repeated some of those claims, saying that he really doesn’t like “their policy of taking away your car, taking away your airplane flights, of ‘let’s hop a train to California,’ of ‘you’re not allowed to own cows anymore!’”

Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming made similar claims when she warned in a subcommittee hearing on Feb. 12 that the Green New Deal would “outlaw” plane travel, gasoline, cars and “probably the entire U.S. military.”

The Green New Deal doesn’t call for any of these prohibitions. But documents about the resolution released by Ocasio-Cortez’s office did address some of the issues raised by Trump and others.

In a Feb. 8 interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, an adviser to Ocasio-Cortez incorrectly said that an FAQ document promising all Americans economic security, even if they were “unwilling to work,” was doctored, and was not put out by Ocasio-Cortez’s office. Although the resolution does not include that language, it was part of a fact sheet Ocasio-Cortez provided to media outlets and at one time was available on a blog post on the representative’s website. Her adviser, Robert Hockett, later admitted he was wrong.

Here we explain what the Green New Deal includes — and doesn’t — and why there is confusion over some of the content.

Goals of the Legislation

The Green New Deal is modeled in part after Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal, which was a large federal program designed to stabilize the economy and recover from the Great Depression. The Green New Deal focuses on tackling climate change, but isn’t concerned just with reducing emissions.

There are five goals, which the resolution says should be accomplished in a 10-year mobilization effort:

  • Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions through a fair and just transition for all communities and workers
  • Create millions of good, high-wage jobs and ensure prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States
  • Invest in the infrastructure and industry of the United States to sustainably meet the challenges of the 21st century
  • Secure for all people of the United States for generations to come: clean air and water; climate and community resiliency; healthy food; access to nature; and a sustainable environment
  • Promote justice and equity by stopping current, preventing future, and repairing historic oppression of indigenous peoples, communities of color, migrant communities, deindustrialized communities, depopulated rural communities, the poor, low-income workers, women, the elderly, the unhoused, people with disabilities, and youth (“frontline and vulnerable communities”)

The primary climate change goal is to reach net-zero greenhouse emissions in a decade. “Net-zero” means that after tallying up all the greenhouse gases that are released and subtracting those that are sequestered, or removed, there is no net addition to the atmosphere. The goal, then, is slightly less ambitious than calling for no greenhouse gas emissions at all.

In October, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded in a special report that in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels — and thereby avoid many climate change impacts — the world would have to reach net-zero emissions of carbon dioxide by the year 2050.

The resolution goes on to propose additional aims and projects to accomplish these overarching goals, but generally does not stipulate how the country will reach them. The resolution is also silent on cost and funding mechanisms.

We’ll go through some of the specific topics that have received the most attention.


One of the most ambitious and prominent goals of the Green New Deal is to meet “100 percent of the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.”

The resolution doesn’t offer any more details, other than to say that this would include “dramatically expanding and upgrading renewable power sources” and “deploying new capacity.”

One point of confusion has been what sorts of energy sources the Green New Deal would allow for electricity generation. Ocasio-Cortez’s office released an FAQ document that specifically said that new nuclear plants would not be permitted, although existing nuclear plants could stay. And in response to a question about carbon capture, utilization and storage, or CCUS, the fact sheet read, “We believe the right way to capture carbon is to plant trees and restore our natural ecosystems. CCUS technology to date has not proven effective.”

But the text of the resolution does not mention nuclear power or carbon capture, and as written, does not prohibit either method of generation.

In a press conference on Feb. 7 announcing the proposal, Markey told reporters that the fact sheet’s thoughts on nuclear power were not part of the resolution. He also added that while the resolution doesn’t mention carbon capture, “we are open to whatever works.”

The power sector is one of the biggest contributors to the nation’s carbon footprint, although in recent years emissions have begun to fall. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, generating electricity accounts for about 28 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gas emissions.


If the country wants to reach net-zero emissions in a decade, one of the most important areas in which emissions reductions need to occur is transportation. Transportation recently surpassed power generation as the sector with the highest greenhouse gas emissions, and is responsible for about 28 percent of the U.S. total.

As with electricity generation, the text of the resolution that discusses transportation is open-ended. The Green New Deal requires “overhauling transportation systems in the United States to remove pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector as much as is technologically feasible, including through investment in— (i) zero-emission vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing; (ii) clean, affordable, and accessible public transit; and (iii) high-speed rail.”

Some people, including the president, have said that the Green New Deal gets rid of cars or air travel. And as we’ve detailed elsewhere, some popular memes online have even suggested that the plan advocates building “trains over the oceans.”

The resolution does not call for that. It only states that transportation emissions should be reduced “as much as is technically feasible,” and suggests three ways of reaching that goal, including high-speed rail and zero-emission vehicles, which would include electric cars. There is no mention of air travel.

But air travel was mentioned in various FAQ materials produced by Ocasio-Cortez’s office.

In one FAQ that was given to NPR, one of the highlighted projects was to “totally overhaul transportation by massively expanding electric vehicle manufacturing, build charging stations everywhere, build out high-speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary, create affordable public transit available to all, with goal to replace every combustion-engine vehicle.”

At another point, the FAQ was trying to explain why the goal was net-zero emissions, rather than none at all, and said that was “because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.”

Corbin Trent, Ocasio-Cortez’s communications director, said in a phone interview that any such interpretation of the fact sheets was not intended. “Obviously, no, we’re not trying to ban air travel,” he said.

Trent iterated that the Green New Deal does not include details in any other documents. “The resolution is what we’re focused on,” he said.


A third major industry the Green New Deal targets is agriculture. About 9 percent of the nation’s greenhouse gases stem from agricultural activities, including the release of nitrous oxide from soil and methane from livestock.

Once again, the agriculture section of the resolution is vague, stating only that one of the goals of the Green New Deal is “working collaboratively with farmers and ranchers in the United States to remove pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector as much as is technologically feasible, including— (i) by supporting family farming; (ii) by investing in sustainable farming and land use practices that increase soil health; and (iii) by building a more sustainable food system that ensures universal access to healthy food.”

Although the resolution doesn’t say anything about cows, the animal is frequently mentioned by critics of the Green New Deal. The president referenced cows twice — once in his tweet, and again in El Paso.

And on Feb. 12, Sen. John Barrasso of Wyoming incorrectly said livestock would be banned and that ice cream was “another victim” of the proposal. “Say goodbye to dairy, to beef, to family farms to ranches,” he said. “American favorites like cheeseburgers and milkshakes will become a thing of the past.”

Cows were discussed in two FAQ documents, which likely explains the preoccupation. As mentioned earlier, the fact sheet sent to NPR reads, “We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast.”

The same idea also appeared in a blog post on Ocasio-Cortez’s website, although the language was tweaked to omit “farting.” The post was taken down and no longer appears.

Cows are one of several animals that produce methane as a result of digesting food. In a process known as enteric fermentation, microbes in the cow’s stomach help break down cattle feed, releasing the gas. The majority of the gas is actually exhaled from the mouth, or belched, not released from the back end.

In the U.S., methane production from livestock accounts for almost a third of the greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, and more than a quarter of all methane emissions. Methaneis about 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a century.

Economic Security

Along with its environmental goals, the Green New Deal aims to provide economic security for Americans.

One of the proposal’s key goals is to “create millions of good, high-wage jobs and ensure prosperity and economic security for all people of the United States.” The plan also guarantees “a job with a family-sustaining wage, adequate family and medical leave, paid vacations, and retirement security to all people of the United States.”

Both FAQ sheets — the version sent to NPR and the one posted to Ocasio-Cortez’s website — however, go further, and include a provision guaranteeing economic security to “all who are unable or unwilling to work.”

There is nothing in the Green New Deal about providing for people who are “unwilling to work,” but the inclusion in the FAQ materials has proven to be one of the most contentious aspects of the Green New Deal’s rollout.

In his Feb. 8 interview on Fox News, Hockett, a Cornell law professor and adviser to Ocasio-Cortez, falsely said that no materials released by the congresswoman included the “unwilling to work” language, and must have come from a doctored version.

He later told the Daily Caller that he had been mistaken, and had been thinking of a doctored version of the Green New Deal that Ocasio-Cortez had tweeted about. That fake version of the Green New Deal falsely claimed that men would be required to urinate in “an empty milk jug instead of a toilet.”

On Feb. 9, after a Washington Post reporter noticed the disconnect, Ocasio-Cortez responded on Twitter, noting that there were various versions of the Green New Deal and the FAQs.



The Not So Fabulous “Green New Deal” introduced by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been one I have been aiming to call your attention too. Time to wake up, my dear brothers & sisters and keep an eye on what our elected officials are trying to do again.

When I first heard about this “Green New Deal,” I had to go back a replay it. I honesty couldn’t believe the first outline of it they released. Basically, their first idea was to get rid of farting cows and airplanes. Can you imagine getting rid of cows because they fart. I mean really, it is a known fact, you eat, you are eventually going to have to toot! Their theory on getting rid of the farting cows was because they emitted Methane into the atmosphere, thus having a huge effect on our ozone layer and leaving a huge carbon foot print on the planet. Get rid of cows, now when you get rid of cows, you are not only talking about cows in general, but you are also talking about all the products we get from cows. No more milk for kids, of course, I am sure they will find some reason milk is no longer good for us too. Getting rid of yogurt, I take offense to this because I am basically on a yogurt diet. Cheese. would be gone. And for all of you that like those big old steaks, forget it, they would be history. We would all be turned into vegetarian by the government. Don’t get me wrong, I love vegetarians to death and have no bones to pick with them whatsoever. My point is the government is going to start to tell us how to eat and what we put on our cereal in the morning. I guess if you do away with the cow though, there would be no milk, therefore, no need for cereal. So Cortez wants to put the dairy farmers out of work and the cereal business out of business. Way to go, Cortez!

Now moving on to the other fine point of the “Green New Deal.” Cortez also wants to do away with cars that emit carbon monoxide into the air. I use to work in our family’s garage and I can tell you first hand, the government monitors the carbon monoxide that is emitted from all cars and trucks these days. They actually go into the factories and test the cars randomly to see if they pass the government standards for carbon monoxide emission. While we are talking about transportation, let’s not dare forget that Cortez also wants to get rid of airplanes and all nuclear plants in this country. Let’s take airplanes first, she started out wanting to get rid of all airplanes in this country. Since the representative from Hawaii spoke up, Cortez has now allowed one plane to fly a day. One plane, hmm, there goes that quick business trip to St. Louis or Salt Lake City. But planes are harmful to the atmosphere so they have got to go. I wonder if she has thought about traveling overseas or is she going to say, we don’t need to travel overseas anymore? What kinds of limitations is this woman trying to place on us.

Then she wants everything to be powered by Solar and Wind energy.  That’s great but what if we have had cloudy days like we have had here for the past week. I sure wouldn’t be on the internet sitting in a lighted office. I would be pacing the floor wondering when the Sun was going to shine again so we could have power. A windmill would be the same way, no wind, no power. I don’t get it, what is she trying to do, but us back in the dark ages again.

Now only is the “Green Deal” one of her so called achievements but another one is losing New York, 25,000 new jobs. Yes, Amazon was going to open up its second headquarters In New York. Well Cortez thought that was a horrible idea. She didn’t get it though. She kept mentioning instead of giving Amazon 3 billion dollars. She thought the state of New York was going to hand Amazon 3 billion dollars, cash money. There was no cash, it was incentives that New York was going to give Amazon for building their new corporate office in the state. She still hasn’t gotten it, she is still holler we could use that 3 billion dollars to do this to our schools and do that to our neighborhood. There is no actually money Cortez, it was just incentives that New York was giving to Amazon. Geez!

I wonder how  people like Cortez way of thinking even got elected in the first place. Did she make these so called grand ideas public before she was elected? She might have built the Green New Deal up but did she give the people of New York the full details of what her plan contained? I doubt it. People like her are dangerous and we need to keep a very close eye on them, She wants to tell us basically what to eat, no cow, then she wants to tell us what to eat, how to get around, how to travel, get rid of cars and airplanes. People like Cortez are very scary indeed, they want to take way our rights and if we stand idly by, they will succeed. The United States will never know freedom again. We will become a third world country. living back in the dark ages? Might sound good to some but it doesn’t to me.

The government interferes in our lives enough. It is time we put some of our representatives in their place and let them know they are working for us. They aren’t elected to go to Washington and destroy our country, which seems like that is now the main agenda in our country right now.

Lady A

I forgot to add when it came out that Amazon was relocating its headquarters to another state, Cortez celebrated. She said it was a great win for the people of the boroughs and the state of New York. But the governor and mayor had other words to say in regards to her leading the charge against Amazon moving to New York.


Since It Is Sunday…..

During the day while we are working, we like to keep the television on and listen to the News. You know just in case there is any breaking News, so we can keep those of you at work who might not know about it informed. Well, someone forgot to change the channel this morning. Since it is Sunday, I would imagine y’all get the same kind of shows we do on Sunday mornings, a lot of mainstream religion shows. I am very religion tolerate except when it comes to someone trying to push their religion down my throat. That is what I think they are trying to do on Sunday mornings, just my opinion now and you know what they are worth. The first song that came blasting through the television was “Amazing Grace.” My clue right there, someone forgot to change the channel. Then I decided, well if they stole it from us, why not steal it back today. So I give you the Pagan version of “Amazing Grace.” Enjoy!

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth
that bore a witch like me!
I once was burned, now I survive,
was hung and now I sing.

T’was grace that drew down the moon
and grace that raised the seas.
The magic in the people’s will
will set our Mother free.

We face the East and breathe the winds
that move across this earth.
From gentle breeze to hurricane
our breath will bring forth the change.

Turn towards the South and feel the fire
that burns in you and me.
The spirit’s flame will rise again
and burn eternally.

We greet the West, our souls awash
in tides of primal birth.
Our tears and blood, our pain and love
will cleanse and heal the earth.

Reach into the North and know your roots
down deep ancestral caves.
We find the wisdom of the Crone,
Of circles we are made.

Amazing earth, enduring life,
from death into rebirth.
T’is earth I am and earth I love
and earth I’ll always be.

Amazing grace, how sweet the Earth
that bore witches like we.
We once were burned, now we survive,
were hung and now we sing.

Goddess bless, so mote it be,
Our magic spirals on.
Merry meet and merry part
and merry meet again.


Verna Knapp, Author

Originally Published on Pagan Library