Your Daily & Witches Rune for February 1

Your Daily Rune for February 1


“The most obvious Truth is hidden deep within, and only you will ever know it.”

Berkano – “Burr-can-oh” – Literally: “Birch Goddess” – Esoteric: Birth, Sanctuary

Rune of continued growth and continual rebirth or renewal in all things. The rune of becoming.

Psi: secrecy, silence, safety, mature wisdom, dependence

Energy: container/releaser, female fertility, trees and plantlife

Mundane: motherhood, healing, gardening, child raising, the womb

Divinations: Birth, becoming, life changes, shelter, liberation, sanctuary, secrets; or blurring of consciousness, deceit, sterility, stagnation, conspiracy, insecurity

Rebirth in the spirit
Strengthens the power of secrecy
Works of concealment and protection
To contain and hold other powers together
Realization of stillness, the Now-ness of all things
Bringing ideas to fruition in the creative process

Daily Witches Rune

February 1, 2019

The Rings

Keywords: Love, relationships.

Meanings: The Rings is the rune of love and when it is the leading stone, it is a positive answer to your question. It is very much a rune of relationship and can indicate engagement, marriage or a new/renewed relationship. It can also indicate the need for a fresh approach to an existing relationship.


Shuffling the Cards, Your Influences for the Weekend of February 1

Your Weekend Influences


Tarot Influence

The Six of Wands Reversed

Success may be delayed. Be wary of accomplished enemies











Astrological Influence


Pisces brings intelligence and perception to the forefront. This may be a time to rely more on serendipity than cold, hard facts.










Element Influence

Fire Reversed

Fire reversed denotes calamity that may be on a catastrophic level. Prepare to deal with changes you do not want.

Your Daily Tarot Cards for February 1

Your Daily Tarot Card for Feb. 1

The Sun










Keywords: joy, friendship, union, stability, brotherly love!

Astrological Correspondence: Sun

The Sun card stands as a symbol for the paternal, masculine energy, the cosmic father, and brotherly love. Being regarded as the primary source of life, light, and warmth, the Sun banishes the darkness so that we may see our path clearly and are enlightened within. As a result, we can see the truth and understand its impact. The Sun card is representative of energy, good health, virility, opportunity, generosity, self-confidence, success, marriage, children, and material wealth. These positive elements provide us with the confidence that we will be successful in all our endeavors, be it in the spiritual, material, or emotional realm. We need to be aware of the negative elements such as boisterousness, arrogance, vanity, and false appearance that can induce failure or uncertainty.

Your Love Tarot Card for February 1











This card is your permission to reveal your strength. You can show someone that you can deal with a situation with confidence today. If necessary, this card reassures you of your own power. If single, the Tarot’s Strength selected you to let you know that ‘next time’ you will enter into a new union as an equal partner. As one-half of a couple, you are an equal partner.

Your Daily Egyptian Tarot Card for February 1

The Star










The Star has risen above the masses and shines down upon you from above. It is what you dream on and whisper your hopes to. This is why the Star card can denote success coming to as an artist, because the artist in you is what can make your dreams come true. When your dreams come true, you immediately forget most of the pain you have suffered getting here. The Star card says keep on dreaming, because dreams really do come true.

Your Egyptian Love Tarot Card for February 1

The Hanged Man










The Hanged Man card can sometimes make you feel like you are at the mercy of outside forces. If you feel like a victim in regard to love and romance in your life right now, be assured that these feelings won’t last forever. In the short-term, meditation, prayer, and spending time in reflection will help you move through this period more gracefully and in a more open frame of mind.


Get A Jump On Tomorrow, Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, February 2

Your Daily Horoscope for Saturday, February 2

By Kelli Fox


March 21- April 19

You’re hardly in the mood to get down to business today, but buckle down anyway, and tackle whatever is on your to-do list. If you don’t, a pessimistic mood could set in before you know it. Soon you’ll be snapping at your coworker or spouse — and you’ll only regret it later. But working long and hard toward a particular goal that means a lot to you can help you avoid that type of issue.


April 20-May 20

It’s time to start reining in your spending and eating habits. It’s just so easy for you to slip into excessive behaviours — spending too much on food and other treats for yourself and your friends, or eating far too many goodies at parties or in the break room at work. But today is a good day to get back on track. You’re feeling grounded and you know what to do.


May 21-June 21

It could take time to get used to the new energy moving in today. You’re feeling less excited and excitable than you have been; you may even be in a slight slump. Any financial worries you may have don’t help much, either. If you’re concerned for your future or your career status, spend some time today revisiting your budget or making solid plans for your next big steps in life. You’ll feel better.


June 22-July 22

Today, serious doubts creep into your consciousness about money and the future. Suddenly, you’re feeling worried, especially if you know you’ve been living outside your means recently. But don’t waste too much time feeling pessimistic about your current financial or career status. Instead, sit down and make a plan to pay off any credit card debt and save money for the future. Establishing a solid plan will make you feel more in control.


July 23-August 22

There could be a stark contrast between recent fun and the sombre mood that descends over you today. Suddenly, life seems a little less colourful, and that may depress you. But try not to give in to discouraged thinking. Isn’t it good to have a little break from all the fun? Now you can get your budget under control and set up a plan to pay off credit card debt.


August 23-September 22

A sober, hardworking mood sets in today, and you’re secretly glad — or, perhaps not so secretly. The frivolous fun and speculative ventures of the past few days have made you nervous, especially if spending extra money was involved. But now you can revisit your budget and get back on track, and this fills you with a sense of purpose. You’re comfortable working within limits you understand, so enjoy it today.


September 23-October 22

A sombre mood descends today, which is especially noticeable after the all fun of recent weeks. You might even feel a little down or discouraged, but if you tap into the side of your nature that responds well to the need for balance, you’ll feel better. Now you can make up for any recent excessive behaviours. That’s right, Libra — it’s time to start living within your means again. Make a plan and stick to it.


October 23 – November 22

You’re enjoying a surge of energy and purpose today. Even if you don’t have to go to the office or studio, you’re still thinking about work — what projects you plan to focus on next, and how much you’ll charge for your services. You have a strong sense of your own self-worth, and that’s a good thing. Creating a secure future means properly valuing the contributions you make to the world.


November 23-December 20

Has the excitement of the past few days caught up with you? You’re certainly feeling a bit low-energy, which is unusual for you. Follow your body’s cues. Strike a balance today between being active and laying low. The current energy is both grounding and motivating, so spend the morning working quietly toward a long-term goal. Then get some endurance-based exercise in the afternoon, such as a long walk or run.


December 21-January 19

You’re starting a brand-new cycle of motion and motivation, one that will play out for the next month. What a wonderful, uncommon confluence of energies! Be sure to take advantage. You’re a master at achieving your goals, so take some steps toward a meaningful one today. Stay grounded, too. Keep up your energy with endurance-based exercise, such as running, walking or yoga.


January 20-February 18

You’re a thinker by nature, but focus today on staying grounded in your body. Go for a long walk or do some yoga on your living room floor. Eat foods that are densely nutritious. Then focus on your future. It’s time to take some solid steps toward a more secure life, whether that means adjusting your budget, looking for a new, better job, enrolling in classes or anything else that will improve your standing.


February 19-March 20

Low energy could catch up with you today. Maybe it’s all the recent fun, and the stress, too. Take today to rest and recuperate as much as your schedule allows. Be realistic about your feelings, your relationships and your general life situation, but avoid pessimistic thinking. If you slip into gloomy thoughts, distract yourself with practical tasks around the house, such as cleaning or balancing your checkbook.