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I know, I know, anything to get out of work, lol! No, just one of those things that has to be done every month. We will be back up and running tomorrow, I swear. I am also going to add some new merchandise to the store, Magickal Necessities later on today. We have several new items for Spring and we have got to get them on there or else, we will be stuck with them.

You know this morning when I came to the site, I was really surprised. I expected to see some comments on the post I made yesterday about the abortion law trying to be passed in Virginia. Not a single one. What? What’s up? I will admit it was a rather hot-headed rant but it seems at times that is the only way I can get things done. So if it was too hot-headed I apologize. I do have good news though, the governor of Virginia is now being asked to resign. It’s not over his abortion policies but over the black face/KKK photo of him from his year book. I listened to him give his apology speech and change his story about the photo. I have deducted the man is a swine. But I had already figured that out listening to his abortion laws that he wanted added to the pre-existing ones. Back to the topic at hand, he is being asked to resign which he refuses to do. If he stays in office, he will basically be a lame duck governor. He won’t be able to do anything or pass any legislation.

You know I got to wondering last night, if this whole mess with the photo is just a distraction from the abortion laws he is trying to get passed. I don’t trust politicians worth a damn and neither should you. I think the man needs to hit the road. I wonder if the people of Virginia knew what he was planning on doing when he got in office. I wonder if he told them, he was going to pass a law so newborn babies could be slaughtered. I don’t think so, who in their right mind would want that kind of animal to hold public office. I wouldn’t and I don’t believe most of you would either.

I have already been up and tracking down some useful information for us. I got the link to email the governor of Virginia. It is a direct link that goes straight to the Governor’s Office. I was just sort of wondering if perhaps while I am up-dating the sites, if you might do me a little favor. Email the bastard. The link I am going to give you has a spot so you can leave a comment. Now I am not telling you what to write, but……if you do, you could bring up the black face photo and you could throw in his views on abortion. Then perhaps, something like….

“Even though the Black Face photo is a hot button topic, the real reason I want him removed from office is because his views on abortion. Painting yourself up as another race is appalling in itself but the killing of newborn infants is criminal. With what has come to light in the past few weeks and months, you should resign your office immediately,” (or something like that). 

It is just an idea, but I hope you will write his office. He needs to go. He is dangerous and we don’t need these kind of people holding public office and dictating what rules we are to live by. You can go back through history and find dozens of examples of people just idly standing by watching others be killed. Are you willing to stand by and watch innocent babies being slaughtered? I sincerely hope not. If it gets started in this country, where will it end? Please follow the link and write to the Governor’s Office of Virginia and express your views on this man and his views. Get him out of office.

Now I am off to work, we will be back tomorrow in full force. Have a very blessed Sunday and please don’t forget to drop a line to the Governor of Virginia. This is a very important issue, probably more important than some of you realize. So please drop him a note and let him know how you feel. Thank you.

Love ya,

Lady of the Abyss

Link to Governor’s Office of Virginia:


A Thought for Today

Many of you know about the recent shut down of the USA Government, part of that shut down included the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since only parts of the USA government have been recalled to work now it is about for 6 weeks we gain face the truth that more Americans can get very ill possibly fatally with the FDA only concentrating it’s few workers in what is considered by the agency as high risk. So while this cartoon may give you a chuckle it is also here to remind you our voices speaking as one to get the government that is supposed to be for the people back on the right track again. Remember to write to your districts congressperson and your state senators demanding the work for all the people in their district and state no matter whether the person voted for them or not is a babe in arms or a person nearing the end of this lifetime. It is time these officials start taking care of our citizens instead of those half-way across the world. Do not get me wrong I believe in helping those that need it in other parts of the world too but remember the old saying, “Charity begins at home.” In this case “home” is the United States of America,

Also, write to your state’s and county elected officials that have the ability to change and/or modify laws. No one in the United States should ever go to bed hungry or without a warm and at least semi-comfortable to lay their head at night, to be able to shelter from bad weather (snow storms, extremely cold or hot temperatures) thunderstorms, etc).

One person’s letter can make a teeny difference but thousands of letters can and should make a big difference in how our elected officials run our country and states. Let our voices be heard from, Alaska, Hawaii, and all 48 contiguous states, as one for the betterment of the country we live in and the people who need help to build or re-build a better life. Are we not the “land of opportunity?”