Ok, I confess I am an lazy, old witch…….

I took Saturday and Sunday off because I have worked my fingers to the bone. I have been creating a store that we could actually be proud of. The last one we had, I guess it is a good thing I got pissed at Wix because the more I looked around at the other stores, ours was a laugh. Yeah, I really thought I had made something, HA! Who the hell was I kidding besides myself. I would imagine several of you probably had a good laugh over it also. But I have to admit that was the first store I had ever built. Websites, yes, I build them all day long but a store is a different beast altogether.

In case you haven’t had a chance to look at the new store or don’t want too, all I can say is I am sorry. I have apologized and apologized for closing the other store. I even went into great detail as to why I closed the store. You all know my health was in horrible shape last year and I had not choice but to have someone take over the store. It was a person I thought I could trust. Was that a crock? When I finally got into the books and saw what was going on, if that person had been there I probably would have strangled her, seriously. Marking the prices up and then pocketing the difference. I got to look at the books when I asked her for money to pay our property tax. She told me there wasn’t any money for the taxes. I liked to have died, no money for the property taxes, you have got to be kidding me. She wasn’t. I grabbed the books and started comparing our normal prices with what she had on our site. She was taking the difference between our price and the mark-up and pocketing it, plus a few extra dollars. To double check what I had seen with my own eyes, I called an accountant to verify what she had been doing. As I suspected and the accountant confirmed it, she was embezzling from us. Plus half the orders were not getting out to our customers because she wasn’t even placing them. Needless to say, she is still in jail and personally I hope she never gets out.

That store almost ruined the WOTC’s reputation and I believe all of you know how I value our reputation. I will let no one or anything tarnish it. So the old store went. The old store is gone and I hope you can put it out of your mind completely. I have apologized and apologized for this one person’s action over and over again. Everyone that even worked in that department is now history. Somebody stealing that much money, had to have help. So I fired all of them and currently looking for individuals to replace them.

The new store that just opened up, I am running myself, by myself. I will never, ever trust anyone again to handle our financial affairs. I will never ever let anyone run or operate anything associated with The WOTC that might ruin our reputation. You know me, if you don’t you should by now. I am a honest witch. What I tell you, you can take it to the bank. In other words, my words are my bond. I am overseeing this new store even after we have new employees. Whether it kills me or not, I am going to be there for every order that is placed to see that you get what you paid for. Something goes wrong, you have me to hold accountable, no one else, me and that its.

It is my intentions for this site and the store to compliment each other. The new store is something I am proud of, I have put many hours of work into it. To my amazement, it has turned out looking pretty damn good too. I want the store to come up in the search engines and I want the WOTC to do the same thing. How am I going to accomplish that, simply. There is nothing hard to my plan and it will save you money, so you ought to like it. If you make three comments a month, then I will personally send you a $5.00 gift certificate to the store. You heard me right, three comments under the posts made on this site will earn you a $5.00 gift certificate to the store. The store has some amazing new items in it and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you should.

You see the reason I am offering you the $5.00 for three comments is because I want to bring the WOTC up in the search engines. The search engines judge sites by their activity. I post every day and that helps but it also depends on the response of that site’s members. If the members are active, then up goes the site to another level on the search engines. When our site goes up in the search engines, the more people who get to hear the truth about Witchcraft. I know you are thinking, “oh, good grief, make three comments, what next?” I am not asking you to write a book. I am asking you to just say, perhaps, “interesting article, I like that.” Something short, sweet and simple. The more activity the higher we rise in the search engines. Just think you are doing something simple and getting paid to do it. Who would pass up an opportunity like that? Don’t worry, I will know who makes their three monthly comments by the register in the back. It tells me who made a comment and on what date. So you will be guaranteed I know you made the comment and you will be receiving the $5.00 gift certificate to the store.

What I am proposing, makes all of us winners. We get the sales to the store, which we desperately need right now, thank to the bitch stealing the money from us to pay the taxes. The WOTC goes up in the search engines and you get paid for making comments on the site. All I see is a proposal that makes us all winners.

Now you have my offer and my intentions on the table. Will you take me up on my offer? I will leave that up to you. Just remember, the comment has to be to left in the comment box for it to show up in the back. Also refer a friend or family member to our store or our site and have them mention your name and I will give you another $5.00 gift certificate for that.

One of my main problems is I am ambitious. I have always been and always will be. But I believe to make anything a success you have to be. Now think over what I have said, if you like it start making those comments and oh, yeah, please visit our new store. I worked my ass off on it and I would hate that no one saw it. Because I can guarantee you, you will be amazed at it. So I will leave the addy to it below. It is the same addy as the old store’s but that is because we own that domain. Visit it, look around and then see if you would like to save some money while helping us out and the WOTC.

Now I am off to design a new banner for our new store. Have a very blessed Sunday, my dear, sweet family. Till tomorrrow…..

Love & Hugs,

Lady of the Abyss


New Store:

Witches of the Craft

addy: https://witchesofthecrafts.net

Goddess Knowledge – The Sphinx

The Sphinx is an ancient moon goddess, the goddess of birth and death. Part animal, part human, she remains connected to her deep instinctual nature. Most stories empathize her aspect as a death goddess who carries the dead to the underworld. Often portrayed as a lion, she shares in the solar and regal symbolism of that animal. Her role as an oracular deity, given to enigma and riddles, points to her as the keeper of the great mystery. A symbol of strength, wisdom, and royal power, she reminds us that nothing comes to creation without some destruction and that sometimes to solve a mystery we must enter the darkness. This image reminds us that there is beauty even in the heart of that which terrifies.

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