Good Friday, I Mean Thursday Morn’ Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

The “Good Morning, Friday” thing was suppose to be a joke. I really know what day it is. Next, you might be wondering why there is an ear up on the post. Well, it be a long story and it goes something like this….

Most Celts prefer to have symbolic tattoos or tribal tattoos on their body. I have always been a chicken sh*t when it comes to needles. So I went with the earrings in the ear. On my right ear, I have eight earrings and the tit (picture above but not my ear) pierced also. On the left ear, I have six earrings plus the tit on that ear also pierced. Don’t freak out on me, I wear all of them around the office at times and at home always. You have to wear them are all these holes in my head (like I need another hole in my little head, HA!) will grow up. Each one of these piercings have a special meaning to me. Most of them are for those I love and when I was pierced there was a blessing done for each person, to keep them safe from harm, let them feel my love and to always be in my heart. The last one I got pierced was the tit on my right ear. I got it pierced to stop the pain of losing someone I love very dearly. I won’t mention their name or relationship because they read this site on occasion.

Now the reason I am telling you about all my earrings…..about two weeks ago, I went out to eat with this person who the right earring was for. We had a very heated argument during dinner. When we left I thought I had cooled off but, I found out later on that night I hadn’t. I have a terrible temper which I try to control but it does get the best of me at times. I can control it during the day but haven’t had a problem with it at night in a very long time. That night when I went to bed, I thought I was grounded enough that I wouldn’t have any problems during the night. Brother, was I wrong! About three in the morning, I was jolted awake in pain and I mean pain. I leave the night light on in the bathroom for Kade (my familiar). The light shines directly on my bed and me. My right side was covered in blood, my pillow was soaked in blood and so was the sheets. I could imagine what happened. All I knew the pain was coming from the right side of my head. I got to feeling and I had ripped the earring on that tit out of my ear. When I turned the light on, there lay the earring and half my ear on my pillow. I finally got it to stop bleeding and was up the rest of the night with the ear because of the pain.

Well bull-headed me didn’t go to the doctor right away. I waited two or three later to go. Sort of ashamed to tell someone you got mad in your sleep and ripped your earring out of your head. But the ear wouldn’t heal so I had no choice and beside I knew it was infected (even though I had tended to it). When I went to the doctor, she always had a fit. Why on earth did you do such a thing? I told her it sure in the hell wasn’t on purpose. I told her it happened while I was asleep and the circumstances that brought on my anger. Come to find out the ear was infected and I had waited to long to go to the doctor, so it also screwed up the rare blood disease I have. All the older members know about it, nothing contagious or anything like that, just hereditary. I am one lucky witch, HA! Anyway, the ear wouldn’t heal, it was infected so was the side of my head, my blood was screwed up and that is about it.

Needless to say I have felt like sh*t ever since then. I am on an antibiotic, blood pressure pills and now Valium at bedtime so I won’t do anything else to myself while I sleep. At that dinner, I didn’t realize I got that angry but I did. I never realized I would rip that earring out of my ear either but I did. The earring I ripped out was for that person I was having dinner with. I guess I should take it as a sign and let it go. But enough with boring you to tears, I wanted you to know why the posting here has been so screwed up. It is because of me and my ear. I know a ear doesn’t sound like a big deal but if you have it pierced on that tit, they have to go pretty close to your head to do it. It get infected, the whole side of your head around your ear get infected and turns the prettiest shade of red.

Besides all of that, it has poured down rain and still is and everything out here is flooded. I went last night to the Dollar Store and had to turn around several times because of water over the road. Right now, we have one way in and one way out. Thankfully the guys got smart and built sort of levees on both sides of the road coming in here. So right now we are dry but we have a boat in case of an emergency (out here, you never know). I told the ladies to stay home today because it is too bad to even try to get here. So you are stuck with just me again. The weather is making my ear hurt like the devil and I feel like crap so I am going to the Commentary Gazette to post the horoscopes and a few other goodies. That place has turned into my place I go when I don’t want to do much but I know I am obligated too.

I apologize for the inconvenience but you know the whole story right now. I am off to the Commentary Gazette.  I hope you drop by and say hello. Till then….

Love ya,

Lady A