Well, I thought I would have received some feedback about my post yesterday…..

I honestly thought I would have received a like or some kind of response from the post I made yesterday. Nothing. Now that I stop to think about it, I shouldn’t even make a comment or opened my mouth. I figured out yesterday what was wrong with me, Mercury is retrograding in my sign. Well, when all else fails, blame it on a Retrograde, lol!

I have been up all night so as you can imagine I am in very rare form. I don’t like bearing my soul to the entire world but when something goes wrong, I am not afraid to say it was my fault. But that wasn’t why I was up all night, I have been fighting with the fish aquarium for two nights in a row. I cleaned it out Sunday and the light went out. I found another light under the stand and lite the aquarium up. Good grief, the water was so cloudy you could even see the decorations in it. I put the chemicals in it and waited till yesterday. Same thing. Country water has so much chlorine in it, I am surprised that the humans who drink it actually survive, but anyway…. I watched a little TV and as I walked back and forth pass the aquarium, I decided to tackle it again. I just didn’t realize when I decided to tackle it, it was 2:00 in the morning. By the time I finished it was 3:30 in the morning. I had to make a few phone calls early this morning and I decided in order to make those calls, why go to bed. Real smart, I know. So I stayed up and goofed off on the internet and made my phone calls. Now I think my head is going to hit the keyboard and off to sleep I go.

Due to the simple fact, I have had no sleep and Mercury is currently in my sign and I dare not open my mouth (as I have already found out this morning), I am going to put a simple poll below (I know this is a run on sentence, I’m tired!).  If you have a moment, look it over and check the appropriate box, it is about the store. I want to know your opinion before I proceed. Like I have always said, “this is your site, I am just the zoo-keeper, lol!” I am leaving it up to you if we open another store or not. So you get a minute, look it over and let me know your opinion.

I am going to The Gazette were we will all be safe. Come on over, I am going to post the horoscopes over there if I can stay awake. Till then….

Love & Hugs,

Lady A