Your Darks Stars Horoscopes for the Month of February

Your Darks Stars Horoscopes for the Month of February

Jane Lyle, Astrologer

From The Astrology Room


All change! Your energy source, Mars, moves into money-minded Taurus on Valentine’s Day, chiming with magnetic Venus in Capricorn for some major financial focus this February. It’s Lunar New Year too (4th-5th), with a new Moon sparking new starts for your contacts, shared projects, and group creativity. Between 20th – 24th of the month some serious propositions or turning points crop up for many of you. You’ll be thinking about your relationships, and what you’ve invested in them in emotional, practical, and financial terms. Some of those connections will be professional, others may be about family or partners. What would you like to change? What do you need to say to someone? Everything’s up in the air between 9th – 14th February, so avoid over-reacting then. Answers become clear by the beginning of March, meanwhile, take it one step at a time and resist impulsive decisions. You need more information before you can finalise your long-term plans. You may have to wait until April, but it will be worth it.



Mars returns to Taurus for the first time since March 2017. It puts a spring in your step, but may prompt argumentative encounters with others too. Perhaps you need to air your views or speak your mind to someone? Take care though, as the beginning of February is a fertile moment for your career, your hopes, and your wishes. If you fancy studying something, planning a trip, or working with foreign companies, this is a lively and interesting phase for you. You could impress someone who’ll help you, or receive funding or cash for a special project. Towards the end of the month, with the Sun in musical, creative Pisces, there’s plenty of inspiration, smiling faces, or even romantic moments. What happens then crystallises around the glamorous new Moon at the beginning of March. So why not keep your eyes on those gorgeous far horizons, and see where they might take you? Surprising yourself and others is one of 2019’s big themes.



You’ll want a wider world this February – exploring something or somewhere new is irresistible, especially early in the month. The upbeat new Moon (4th) brings interesting possibilities for you and those close to you. You could be discussing a holiday, or an old friend or partner may be offered a job in another town or country. Expect the unexpected between 9th – 14th February, and be prepared to change your plans or accept spontaneous offers and invitations. Much news and gossip follows, so keep an open mind and hold off on making big commitments if you possibly can. Shared finances tend to spring surprises, and shared projects are also liable to shift and change quite rapidly all month long. You love change, so should be able to surf the waves with your usual flair. The new Moon in early March brings powerful intuitive, glamorous energies, and many of you will want to be free to see where that takes you. The world’s your oyster.




Your everyday life brings a smile to your face early in February. You could find a new way to generate cash, or discover that something you own is more valuable than you ever imagined. Partners in love, and at work, play an important role too – with helpful, positive changes growing from conversations, particularly towards the end of February. You could have to make some swift decisions at that time, or find your career direction takes an unexpected turn. February’s new Moon (4th) and full Moon (19th) bring surges of energy for you to use as you wish. The new Moon in Aquarius would be helpful for any creative projects and money-making schemes, while the Virgo full Moon is chatty, thought-provoking, and favours communication and writing. Once Mars is in Taurus, from Valentine’s Day until the end of March, you can start to firm up plans involving others – whether that’s a big personal celebration, or a work or neighbourhood project.



The Sun in your opposite sign, Aquarius, means that you’re at one of those annual astrological turning points. It’s a helpful moment to look back over the past six months, and see what you’re pleased with and what you’d like to change. You can take advantage of the new Moon on 4th February to write a wish list, or clear out anything that’s cluttering up your mind or home. Some potent fiery energy flows from Mars in Aries, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in free-spirited Sagittarius, so why not warm yourself and your sunny spirit beside the planetary fireside? A little time to dream about the year ahead could be so productive, and if your creativity and playful nature has been stifled in any way you’ll feel revitalised. Continue to keep an eye on what you value most, and be cautious when it comes to your finances – including lending money to anyone.



One of the big keys to progress this spring is found in your relationships and connections. A love relationship could be moving into a more committed phase, or your working life benefits in many ways from teamwork and partnerships. What’s not working out for you can be tweaked and talked about, or ended altogether. And with magnetic Venus in Capricorn, you can channel fresh imagination into your romantic and creative life. The days between the 15th – 24th are rich with potential, energy and intensity, with that Virgo full Moon (19th) marking a good moment for sweeping away the remains of last year and making space for new beginnings. Keep communicating, for with Mercury in sensitive Pisces others will be keen to discuss things with you. When Mars enters Taurus on the 14th, the down-to-earth side of your personality is even more enhanced and supported. You’ll have time to fine-tune everything in March when Mercury is retrograde. Meanwhile, why not dream big?



There’s a big emphasis on your home, roots, family and partners this month. Certain things are due to be refreshed or changed, with some of you planning a move and others exploring your DNA story or family history. You could work from home more often, or find ways to make money from your home. These are ongoing themes for much of this year – so expect some transformations, whether dramatic or low-key. Any spiky moments with partners should settle down once Mars enters Taurus on sweet Valentine’s Day, but someone close could talk or act out of character and surprise you before the end of the month. Your naturally romantic, artistic nature is boosted by a lively new Moon in Aquarius (4th), so do grab some time for yourself and allow these feelings to bloom a little. You’ve got a lot on your plate too, and probably need to cut back a bit – what’s needed should be in sharp focus between 12th – 23rd February.



Your past has much to say to you this month. And for many Scorpios it’s helpful to talk things through with close partners in love, or at work. If you’ve been playing your cards close to your chest, even more reason to be a little more open about what you think and feel. You’re on the brink of a new phase for all your connections, and this is just the start. You have much charm, creativity, and intuitive understanding bubbling up this month, and once the Sun enters dreamy Pisces (18th) you’ll benefit from nurturing that magnetic side of yourself. Towards the end of February and beginning of March you’ll see how things might develop in love, with any children you might have, or with creative projects you’re involved in. This is a good time for shared projects, but you may feel as if you haven’t got the control you usually prefer. Yet things are very much in transition, so wise Scorpios will step aside and not try to push the river.



If you need a fortunate moment to begin something, a beautiful link between the Sun and Jupiter between 6th – 9th February is an optimistic moment to pick. The new Moon in Aquarius on the 4th also radiates interesting possibilities for you, and looks like a positive time to promote yourself, get in touch with people, or write about what you’re doing. Jupiter may be wildly expansive in Sagittarius, but you do need to co-operate with what’s going on in the cosmos, and work with it. Those fabulous feel-good vibrations can simply make you dreamy, vague, greedy or lazy! Know that you can attract all the help you need if you reach out and clarify what you want. Sorting out money matters or pushing your hopes forward goes well with Venus in Capricorn, but again – aim for as much clarity and definition as you can. Neptune is bringing you glamour and intuitive moves, but also confusion and chaos if you don’t pay attention. As you head for a pivotal new Moon at the start of March, get all your ducks in a row and all will be well.



The prevailing astrological weather is still quite earthy, with Venus, Saturn and Pluto in your sign. And Mars offers practical drive and support from the 14th when he enters money magnet Taurus for a good long stay. So you’re all set to weather the bumpy bits this month, particularly those involving your home, family, and perhaps your wider “family” at work. These awkward moments are most likely during the first two weeks, so if you need to schedule important meetings, home repairs, or family discussions, it could be wise to wait until just after mid-month. You can be extra charming and persuasive then, particularly if your work involves health care, the arts, charity or entertainment. A lovely link between Mars and the Sun ends February with a stunning view or revelation of some kind. Even if it’s only a photo, the vista you’ll see is one that will come to mean a great deal to you later on this year.



Your birthday month stretches from 20th January to 18th February, when the Sun moves into flexible Pisces. An energetic new Moon in Aquarius gives you another “new year” boost on the 4th too, and is a wonderful time to make plans or create a wish list. So what would you like to do this year? Why not let your imagination run free for a while? Yes, you’ve got responsibilities and limitations, but there could be all sorts of possibilities you haven’t allowed yourself to consider. Some of those contain the seeds of a more fulfilling life. Inspiration flows your way between the 10th – 18th, when spontaneous meetings, conversations with friends, or short journeys are full of potential if you care to look for it. Your mighty ruler, Uranus, is changing signs in March bringing echoes of last summer for some of you, and opening up a new era for all.



The Sun enters Pisces on 18th February, beginning your birthday month. Before that, you’ll probably want to review the past year and mull over what’s happened, or what’s not happened. If you need to let go of anything – from a shabby old jumper to an unhelpful situation – then the full Virgo Moon on 19th February is a good time to begin. There’s a powerful, magical new Moon in Pisces on 6th March just overflowing with inspiration – if you create a clear path over the next few weeks, you’ll be ready to take full advantage of this potent moment. Others are ready to help you too, with old friends and contacts keen to see you, make useful suggestions, or even offer you some interesting opportunities. Generous Jupiter in Sagittarius brings a positive glow to your hopes and wishes this year, but of course you must take practical steps towards making things happen. Lady Luck is on your side, and if you work with her you can achieve miracles.