Your Daily Love Tarot Card for December 10 & December 11

Your Daily Love Tarot Card for December 10


Strength can sometimes indicate weakness, and that is the case today. It is time to deal with someone or something that appears, disappears, and reappears just when you are optimistically ready to embrace the new. It is a mind game. They want to reassure themselves that they still have ‘it’ or you at the snap of their fingers. Be strong. Say “no thank you” this time. Besides, what are the odds that this gamer can grow up?





Your Daily Love Tarot Card for December 11 is The Sun

The Sun

Has someone promised too much and delivered little lately? If so, that someone lacks integrity. Promises that aren’t kept erode trust and trust is critical. You can’t ignore the fact that their actions do not match their words. The first caveat is to avoid being seduced by what someone is saying as they talk their way into your emotions. The second, and the advice now, is to step back and analyze the situation.