Wishing All My Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft A Very Beautiful & Blessed Monday Morn’!

Good Morning Sunshine

What is Love?

Perhaps a commitment of kindred souls –
There are so many different levels yet all are as one in quality –
A commitment to share –
Acceptance of each other
Understanding and Consideration
Trust and Honesty
Common Respect for each other

A pledge to be there for each other whenever possible
to share joy and laughter, strength and weakness,
and when necessary – grief and tears…
To allow each to grow to their own potential
Love nurtures a bond between souls
A bond stronger than petty emotions – jealously, envy, condemnation and fear
The truth of Love is not as a bond representing a chain of bondage,
but as a release of one’s soul-
a true acceptance of one’s spirit, one’s being
a healing acceptance
That is unconditional Love

Love can only be given freely and openly
Never coerced, bought, traded or forced

Love is feared only because there are so many false representations of it
that cause pain to one’s soul – damage to one’s fragile spirit.

Love is a fire that does not burn
A soul-bourne wind that does not chill
A sirens song that does not lie
A soft rose petal that has no thorn…

Love takes nothing, only accepts and gives freely…

Love is a tranquil lullaby – bringing sweet and restful peace to a restless,
weary soul.
Love is a tentative quiet call upon the door of one’s soul – a shy and gentle
searching spirit whose touch seeks kindred soul to share that closest
paradise within that we mortals may achieve to the reality of that perfect
love given only by that creative essence of the All – which is ALL Love.

And as the All is omnipotent…so is this spirit – and that spirit is Love


Ravenna, Author

Originally posted on Pagan Library

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