Letter to the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News

Mr. Carlson,
My husband and I are fans of your show and we watch it almost every night. I was getting ready to go to bed Friday night, when my husband called my attention to some of your talking points for your show that evening. One of the topics especially caught my attention and I stayed up to listen. This topic was in regards to the Witches of Brooklyn holding a “hexing” ritual for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

You see the topic interested me because I am a witch myself. I am also the founder of an online organization known as Witches of the Craft. We have a following of over 34 million people. Our organization makes up all Religions and Traditions. We have members that are Witches, Wiccans, Baptists, Christians and Catholics. We welcome anyone who is a witch or even just interested in learning about our ways and our practices. When the WOTC (Witches of the Craft) was first formed it was our mission to spread the truth and beauty about our Religion, Witchcraft. I know some in our community would disagree with me that Witchcraft is a Religion but to me it is. Our other goal was to dispel all the old myths and stereotypes that have been associated with Witches and Witchcraft throughout the ages and also by Hollywood.

Witches have always been portrayed in a negative light and that cannot be the furthest from the truth. We have been shown as being evil, dark, nasty, devil worshiping individuals. Which is by no means the truth. I know the public has always even feared the topic of Witchcraft and Witches. The emphasis that was placed on these witches doing this “hexing” ritual only set us back further in our cause and effort to let the public know what witches are really like. We are not evil, we are not dark nasty beings that prey on the innocent. And by no means are there any nice hexes to send to anyone. A hex is sent for the sole purpose of doing harm or causing harm to an individual.

I know you said you were unfamiliar with the topic of Witchcraft. Witchcraft falls under the umbrella term of Paganism. Paganism has been shown to have been one of the oldest religions on this planet. Now you have to keep in mind what I am telling you is the beliefs I was brought up with, I am a Hereditary witch as well as being a gray witch. A Hereditary witch is a witch who comes from a long line of witches in her family. Our history is very sketchy because in the 1600’s, the Catholic Church was raising to power. At that time the Church was young and very money hunger. The Pope declared that anyone who did not convert over to the Catholic religion be determined a heathren or a witch and would be put to death. Not only did he do this, he also took all the money and property of the individuals that did not convert, then put them to death. In order for our religion to survive, it had to go underground. Anyone who was found with any of our teachings or writings was also put to death. So witchcraft is basically an oral tradition passed down from one generation to the next. What I know about Witchcraft was passed down to me from my mother and to her from her mother. This is the only way Witchcraft was to survive. If our ancestors had not took the chances they did, then we would have never even known Witchcraft once existed.

Witchcraft has basic tenets that are believed in and followed by all witches. We have laws, Redes and a Code of Chivalry. We are taught to honor the old Gods and follow the teachings of the ways of the Ancients. One of our main tenets is “do as ye will, if it harms none.” Most people do not know enough about the Craft to know this tenet even exists, nor do they want to take the time to learn that it exists. Also in the teachings of Witchcraft, you have to study for a year and a day before you can dedicate yourself to The Craft. The extra day is to give the individual time to decide that they are ready to commit to the The Craft. Most people don’t know that we believe in a higher power than ourselves. Most people believe The Craft is a Godless religion and it is not. Personally, I believe in the Divine Feminine known as the Goddess. We have a female head (which is primary) but we also have a male figure head as well. The women who are witches tend to lean more toward learning the ways of the Goddess, while the men lean toward the God. We study the Goddesses and the Gods, we abide by their teachings and we are a very strong believers in Karma. Also another tenet, “what you send out, comes back to you three-fold.” In other words, if you send out good then good will be returned to you three times over. If you send out evil, evil will return to you three folds overs. It is true we cast spells, make potions and do our rituals. But our rituals and as I have always taught my followers, are to be for the betterment of mankind and the protection of our Mother Earth. That is the reason we were given our powers, for the betterment of mankind and to protect Mother Earth and all of the creatures the Goddess has given us. Our intent is never to cause harm or wish evil upon anyone.

The intent of the Witches of Brooklyn is not standard practice for most witches at all. Personally they baffle me, one of the other laws handed down to us that I did not mention was the Ordains. There are three sets of Ordains. In these Ordains, are guidelines on how a witch is suppose to live among the mundane, among her community and on how she conducts herself. In the Ordains it is stated that a witch should never identify herself or any other witches openly. I have had some come out and ridicule myself for speaking and teaching the Craft. But if someone don’t then the truth about Witches and Witchcraft will never be known. But back to the Witches of Brooklyn and their ritual. It makes me wonder if the left has totally come unhinged. They have tried every scare tactic that they can think of to tear down President Trump and everything he has done good for our country. Now they have nothing left but to bring Witchcraft into their fold. Witchcraft being one of the oldest and most feared and misunderstood religions to the fore front once again. To use The Craft as a scare tactic, to make it seem evil and harmful to others. I believe they have. I also believe by their actions they have sent Witchcraft back into the Dark Ages destroying the progress we have made in educating those who wish to know about our Religion.

I know you kept referring to WItchcraft as Dark magick. Dark magick does exist but the witches of the past and the witches of the present do not practice it. The only time a witch would cast a hex or a curse is if one of her loved ones were being unfairly attacked. We would not willingly cast a hex or curse against an innocent being. Again, let me emphasis there is no rainbow colored or nice hexes or curses. They are part of our heritage and our religion but we teach about hexes and curses so that others will know how to defend against such malicious attacks.

I know I had thrown a lot of information at you but I would like for you to see that Witchcraft is not evil nor dark. These witches in Brooklyn are not a true representation of the Witchcraft community. There is a lot more to Witchcraft than I could ever explain to you in an short email. I could write you a book and perhaps then not cover Witchcraft totally. But I would like the record to stand that not all witches are evil and nasty, quite to the contrary. We could be your next door neighbor, your brother, your sister or a close friend and you would never know it. We are just like you and we want to co-exist and live in peace. Most of all we want our Religion to be understood not afraid of. We do not condone the actions of the Witches of Brooklyn and I believe you will receive more emails just like this one saying just that. Or at least I hope you do.

If you would like to know more about the subject of Witchcraft, you can check out our site or I would suggest searching for it on the internet but some of those sites are not very reputable. I will give you the address to our site below, if you are interested in learning more about Witches, their practices, their beliefs and most of all their Religion.


Kit Steel
Lady of the Abyss
Founder of Witches of the Craft


Again that address to drop Mr. Carlson a note on this topic is:


I sincerely hope you will sit down sometime today and take the opportunity to drop him a line.

8 thoughts on “Letter to the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News

  1. Unbelievable that witches is are only news worthy when they can protary us in a negative way.
    Thank you for bring this to my attention. I just sent a nice email to Mr. Carlson explaining a few things about witches and asking him to visit CL and when was he going to do a show depicting what our religion and way of life truly are.


  2. Greetings, U Go Girl!…One Bad Apple, or a Bushel…LOL…& the Whole Thing gets Blown outta Proportion…it can be Good advertisement though,If you/we can Turn it Around…May the Goddess Shine!,,,BB

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  3. Ohhh Lady A, how elegant and on time was that email!! I’m soo happy to call you my sister, and my friend! I also wrote to Mr. Carlson, but mine was more about removing the spotlight off of them. Thank you, thank you for doing what you do!!

    Much love and respect,


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    1. Thank you K, for your kind words. I am very delighted to hear that you wrote the show also. I wish more here would do so. I have preached and preached one or two witches cannot make that great of difference. But if the others won’t follow our lead then it is up to us to try like hell to change the public’s view of witchcraft. I agree the spotlight should be taken off of them and then shown on the true Witches and the Craft. Dark, evil, Satanic, I think not. That is what made me upset. On national TV, we are given this type of branding again and it was left at that. We are back to square one. He likes to give opposing view then I suggest that he comes to the source. We are not evil and Satan doesn’t even enter our vocabulary. Now with this bunch up in Brooklyn, we look like a bunch of hex casting old hags. I believe we should be given our turn at bat. To defend ourselves and once again tell the truth about our Religion. There is always two sides to every story and I believe if he can focus in on those Brooklyn witches, then he needs to focus in on those who actually know our history, our practices and our beliefs. Apparently, those witches up there in Brooklyn do not. I would say one thing more that made me angry but as you can tell the whole segment upset me. I don’t like us being pictured or represented that way. Nor do I like Hollywood movies and shows that show us in a negative light. I don’t know how many shows I have wrote in regards to that issue. Something that baffles me, is why do they insist on continuing to do this to us. Why can’t they take the time to learn what we are really about. We have preachers and priests from all dominations in this group. They are here to learn about us so we can co-exist. They have heard me speak on the topic and were curious and wrote me and asked me if they could join this site so they could learn. If someone who is that steadfast in their religion as the preachers & priests in our midst, stop and want to learn then why can’t the rest of the world. I want us to be understood for what we are and what we represent. I don’t know if that will ever happen. I do know if we do not take a stand against little segments like that on Tucker Carlson’s show and Hollywood, who will? It is time for us as witches to start to stand up and say “enough is enough.” It has to stop and stop now.

      I appreciate you writing the show, K. I also appreciate your kind words. You are a good friend and kindred spirit and I am proud to call you sister,
      Love ya,
      Lady A

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