Shuffling the Cards, Your Tree of Life Spread Given On June 26

Your Tree of Life Spread Given on June 26th

This reading gives you an insight into your true self. It reveals aspects that you might not be aware of in your life.


Your Highest Ideals

Five of Cups

That which was expected to bring joy may bring sorrow. Disillusionment with relationships. The loss of friends, partners and lovers.











Your Creative Power


Amore reversed signifies bonds may be broken and fights and betrayals are likely. Tread carefully. Beware of bad choices and lingering too long in relationships that harm you.











Your Wisdom

The Devil

This card represents the dark forces in the world, misuse of power, depression and addiction to the material world. Beware of The Devil in you and do not allow him to gain control.











Your Virtues

Five of Wands Reversed

Obstacles to success will be overcome. New ventures are on the horizon.












Your Health, Beauty and Altruism


With Strength comes victory and success in our world. Power and inner energy are well used. Moral fortitude comes to the forefront. All virtues may be realized.