The WOTC Will Be Off The Internet Till Thursday, June 14th

Wishing everyone a blessed Monday morning. We have to be off the internet for the next few days but it is for a good reason. We are turning the office over to the men. The men will be working feverishly to get our store back up and running. It is important that the store comes back up as quickly as possible. I don’t know if I said it or Jacob said it but one of us mis-spoke and I apologize for that. Maybe we didn’t, maybe that is what the doctors originally told us about the medicine Lady A is going to need once she is out of the hospital. I know we originally said that we had to make an attempt to pay the $738 for the medicine. That was incorrect. We have to pay that amount for the first bottle of medicine because it takes at least 30 days to get on the pharmaceutical’s list and get approved for the drug to be provided for free. We have had several generous donations and we do appreciate those but we are still a long way off. We had thought by doing the fund raiser that might produce more income but it didn’t. We are a very long way off from meeting the amount needed to purchase the first bottle.


Therefore, we are turning the office over to the men so they can get the shop built and get some income coming in for us. I know Lady A would throw a hissy fit if she knew that we were not going to be on the internet for the next few days. She will not be finding out till she is out of the hospital. We were first informed that if her progress stayed good she would be out sometime this week. She has suffered some complications and we honestly do not know now when she will be out of the hospital. When they repaired the hernia, her liver was accidentally scraped and this was not discovered for about two days after the surgery. Lord M and Jacob went to visit her in the hospital. They walked in, found her white as a ghost, sweating and shaking. Jacob immediately when to find a doctor to look at his mom. He grabbed the first one he saw and brought them into the room. The doctor told the nurses to call Lady A’s doctors immediately. Jacob said after that everything happened so fast neither Lord M or himself knew what was happening. The nursing staff brought up several pieces of equipment and took them into the room while Jacob and Lord M stood out in the hall. The doctor finally told them they had to take Lady A back to surgery because she was internally bleeding. It looked like her liver had been scraped and it was the cause of the bleeding. She was in surgery for two hours. She has also been given a blood transfusion or two, I am not sure. One of us have been at the hospital around the clock since that happened. We are all baffled and cannot understand how this went undetected for so long. Now we don’t know when she will be out of the hospital. Needless to say, we are all upset by this turn of events.


The ladies, Lord M and Jacob will be at the hospital. Jacob has been staying the nights at the hospital along with one of the ladies. They have brought in bed for him to sleep on. We also have a fold out chair that makes a bed. I know it scared Jacob to death to come in and find his mom like that. He was crying and upset. He said the night before she seemed out of it and didn’t eat much. He thought it was because of the medicine she was on. Truth be told, she was bleeding out then and the poor kid didn’t know it.


That is our current situation. The men will have control off the office for the next few days to rebuild the store. It is our hope that once it is rebuilt that we can get some income coming in. If we don’t, I don’t know what we will do to pay for the medicine Lady A is going to need when she is out of the hospital.


If we have any further up-dates, we will let you know. We will see you Thursday.

Have a blessed week,