Happy Flag Day to All The WOTC This Thursday Morning


Happy Flag Day! I was allowed in to make this post then the men are throwing me out. They ran into a few glitches on the store but are now moving right along. We have been told we won’t be allowed back on the computers till they are through. They are in a rush now because Lady A has been transferred from the local hospital to one out of state. Jacob, Lord M and Eleanor went with her. Her condition is not getting any better and the doctors here have done all they can. Joseph (Lady A’s other son) has stepped up and started finishing the store. We are very thankful he is computer literate.


You can check out the progress of the store at the link below. We hope you understand why it is now of the utmost importance to get the store running and selling. With everybody out of state they will need funds to meet their expenses as well as Lady A’s. We don’t won’t them to be sleeping on the street while they are with her. We are hoping and praying Lady A will be back with us soon.  I am sorry if I am all over the place this morning but I am worried sick.


Here is the link to the store. It will be open within the next few days. We have already had people join the site in anticipation of it opening. We are hopeful that we will have a huge grand opening.

Have a blessed day,



Magickal Necessities

Chakras and Auras – How they Work Together

Did you ever wonder what the differences are between chakras and auras?  Or how they work together?  Did you ever think it might be useful to know?  (Hint:  It is)

Understanding these energy centers is one way to enhance your spiritual unfoldment, psychic development, and gain more insight into this wild ride we call life.

An Overview of Chakras and Auras

Your Chakras

Chakras are multi-colored, beautiful spinning wheels in our energy fields.  I like to envision them as the spinning pinwheels I had when I was a kid.

We have seven main chakra points.  (Some people believe we have many, many more, including hundreds of “mini-chakras”.)  Here are the main ones:

To read the rest of this article please click oon this link: Chakras and Auras

Aura and Chakras explained

I feel this video explains the job of the chakras and out auras. There are many other videos listed on the right side of this video. I have not watched all of them so cannot give an opinion on them. Watch them if you want to and your own opinion on whether they are helpful or not.

It would be great to leave the name of the video or videos you watch and your opinion of them in the comment section below. This is a great opportunity for us as a community to earn from each other.

To watch the video referred to in the first paragraph please click on this link: Aura and Chakras

Here is a link to another good video on this subject which also has a list of more videos on the right side. I did watch this video and found it informative. Again please leave your opinions on this videos in the comment section below. Remember to put the name of the video in your comment. Thank you.

To watch this video please click on this link: Understanding the Chakra