I would like to apologize for today…..

It has took us longer today to do our normal daily posts because of several severe storms we had come through here. The storms started around 6:00 p.m. last night. The winds were gusting from 60 to 85 mph. We had one storm right after another. They took down trees, telephone poles, cable lines, just basically tore this area up. There were several huge oaks across the road on the way out here to the office. We have several trees down in the field behind us. One of the trees fell on our neighbor’s house out here. The neighbors said a transformer caught fire and then a light meter got knocked off the side of a house and caught fire. They don’t know if the transformer blowing had anything to do with the fire. Another neighbor had their roof blown off and our shed’s roof blew off.

They have worked all day putting back up lines and cutting up trees. They were picking up debris when we came out here and still are. They don’t know if a tornado came through or it was straight line winds. Our building wasn’t hurt or effected but our power and internet has been coming and going because of the wires and lines being put back up. It got so bad that the local TV station was using their cellphones to show the radar as the storms moved through. But that is the reason we have been hit and miss today.

I apologize for this and hopefully tomorrow things will be getting back to normal. The heat is absolutely miserable and right now I can’t take the heat. The heat index is 114 and they say that is in the shade. It is hot, I know that much. So we are calling it a day. I am hoping and praying the power lines will be back up tomorrow and the internet fully restored. Till then, my sweets,

I love ya,

Lady A

The Witches Magickal Journal for Friday, June 29th

The Witches Magickal Journal for Friday, June 29th

“Accept the universe
As the gods gave it to you.
If the gods wanted to give you something else
They’d have done it.

― Alberto Caeiro, The Collected Poems of Alberto Caeiro


Today is Friday, June 29th

Friday is the day of Venus. It takes it name from Frigg, the Goddess of love and transformation. She rules the spiritual side of a person that manifests in the physical. Because of this, Friday is often thought of as dangerously unpredictable. This is expressed in an old East Anglian adage:

Friday’s day will have its trick
The fairest or foulest day of the week.

Deity: Frigg

Zodiac Sign: Taurus/Libra

Planet: Venus

Tree: Apple

Herb: Vervain

Stone: Sapphire/Chrsolite

Animal: Bull/Serpent

Element: Earth

Color: Yellow/Violet

Number: 7

Rune: Peorth(P)


The Celtic Tree Month of Duir (Oak) (June 10 – July 7)


Runic Half Month of Feoh (June 29 – July 3)


Goddess of the Month of Rosea (June 13 – July 10)



The Pagan Book of Days
Nigel Pennick

The Goddess Book of Days for June 29th

Ambarvalia in Rome, dedicated to Ceres, Juno and the Family Goddesses, the Lares. (Demeter, Hera, Tonantzin, Isis, Ishtar, Copper Woman, Spider Woman, Mawu.) The twenty-ninth day of the Moon/month, the dark Moon belongs to Hecate Prosymna, the Egyptian Holy Apes, and is Women’s Day, the Sabbat in Ibo Africa.

The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein

Goddesses Associated with Friday

For Freya: Astarte, Aphrodite, Erzulie, Aida Wooo, Eve, Venus, Diana, Isis, the Witch of Gaeta, Chalchiuhtlique


The Goddess Book of Days
Diane Stein

On Friday, We Honor Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty

The Roman equivalent of Aphrodite, Venus was a goddess of love and beauty. Originally, she was believed to be associated with gardens and fruitfulness, but later took on all the aspects of Aphrodite from the Greek traditions. She is considered by many to be the ancestor of the Roman people, and was the lover of the god Vulcan, as well as of the warrior god Mars.

Worship and Celebration

The earliest known temple to Venus was dedicated on the Aventine hill in Rome, around 295 b.c.e. However, her cult was based in the city of Lavinium, and her temple there became the home of a festival known as the Vinalia Rustica. A later temple was dedicated after the defeat of the Roman army near Lake Trasimine during the Second Punic War.

Venus appears to have been very popular amongst the plebian class of Roman society, as evidenced by the existence of temples in areas of the city which were traditionally plebian rather than patrician. A cult to her aspect of Venus Erycina existed near Rome’s Colline gate; in this guise, Venus was a goddess primarily of fertility.

Another cult honoring Venus Verticordia also existed between the Aventine hill and Circus Maximus.

As often found in Roman gods and goddesses, Venus existed in many different incarnations. As Venus Victrix, she took on the aspect of warrior, and as Venus Genetrix, she was known as the mother of the Roman civilization. During the reign of Julius Caesar, a number of cults were started on her behalf, since Caesar claimed that the family of the Julii were directly descended from Venus. She is also recognized as a goddess of fortune, as Venus Felix.

Brittany Garcia of Ancient History Encyclopedia says, “Venus’ month was April (the beginning of spring and fertility) when most of her festivals were held. On the first of April a festival was held in honor of Venus Verticordia called Veneralia. On the 23rd, Vinalia Urbana was held which was a wine festival belonging to both Venus (goddess of profane wine) and Jupiter. Vinalia Rusticia was held on August 10th. It was Venus’ oldest festival and associated with her form as Venus Obsequens. September 26th was the date for the festival of Venus Genetrix, the mother and protector of Rome.”

The Lovers of Venus

Similar to Aphrodite, Venus took a number of lovers, both mortal and divine. She bore children with Mars, the god of war, but doesn’t seem to have been particularly maternal in nature. In addition to Mars, Venus had children with her husband, Vulcan, and when conflated with Aphrodite, is commonly believed to be the mother of Priapus, conceived during a fling with the god Bacchus (or one of Venus’ other lovers).

Scholars have noted that Venus doesn’t have many myths of her own, and that many of her stories are borrowed from the tales of Aphrodite.

Venus in Art and Literature

Venus is nearly always portrayed as young and lovely. Throughout the Classical period, a number of statues of Venus were produced by different artists. The statue Aphrodite of Milos, better known as the Venus de Milo, depicts the goddess as classically beautiful, with womanly curves and a knowing smile. This statue is believed to have been done by Alexandros of Antioch, around 100 b.c.e.

During the European Renaissance period and beyond, it became fashionable for upper class ladies to pose as Venus for paintings or sculptures. One of the best known is that of Pauline Bonaparte Borghese, younger sister of Napoleon. Antonio Canova sculpted her as Venus Victrix, reclined on a lounge, and although Canova wanted to sculpt her in a robe, Pauline apparently insisted on being portrayed nude.

Chaucer wrote regularly of Venus, and she appears in a number of his poems, as well as in The Knight’s Tale, in which Palamon compares his lover, Emily, to the goddess. In fact, Chaucer uses the turbulent relationship between Mars and Venus to represent Palamon, the warrior, and Emily, the lovely maiden in the flower garden.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Originally published on & owned by ThoughtCo


Friday: Is associated with Venus and the colors of – Green, Pink and White

Friday is the best time to deal with such matters as: Affection, Alliances, Architects, Artistic Ability, Artists, Balance, Beauticians, Beauty, Change, Chiropractors, Cosmetics, Courage, Courtship, Dancers, Dating, Decorating, Designers, Engineers, Entertainers, Fashion, Fertility, Friendship, Gardening, Gifts, Grace, Harmony, Herbal Magick, Household Improvements, Income, Luck, Luxury, Marriage, Material Things, Music, Painting, Partners, Peace, Physical Healing, Planning Parties, Poetry, Prosperity, Relationships, Romantic Love, Shopping, Social Activity, Soul-mates, Success


Practical Magick for the Penny Pinching Witch
Carol Moyer

Ritual Influences for Friday, June 29tth

Friday Venus


Perfumes: Stephanotis, Apple Blossom, Musk, Ambergris


Incense: Saffron, Verbena


Wood: Myrtle


Color: Light Blue, Pale Green


Influences: All Love Matters, Friendships, Affection, Partnerships, Money, Sex



A Book of Pagan Rituals
Herman Slater

Magickal Days of the Week: Friday


Friday falls at the end of the work week for many of us, and that means we get a chance to relax for a little bit! Mark your Fridays with colors like pink and aqua, and metals such as copper. This is a day ruled by the planet Venus, so it should be no surprise that Venus and Aphrodite – goddesses of love and beauty – are associated with Fridays. This is a day named for the Norse goddess Freyja, so be sure to take a moment to honor her as well.

Gemstones associated with Friday include coral, emerald and rose quartz, and plants like strawberries, apple blossoms and feverfew are also related. This is a good day to do spellwork associated with family life and fertility, sexuality, harmony, friendship, growth. Take advantage of Friday’s correspondences and plant a seed, make something grow, and enjoy your blessings

*Note: There are a lot of disputes as to the origins of the word Friday, because there is still a great deal of discussion as to whether it was named for Freyja or Frigga, and whether they were the same deity or two separate ones. Some scholars believe that while they may have eventually become two distinctly different goddesses, they could have had their origins in a single, common Proto-Germanic deity.


Patti Wigington, Paganism/Wicca Expert
Article published on & owned by ThoughtCo

Freya’s Day


Ruler: Freya, Venus

Colors: Emerald green or pink

Power Hours: Sunrise and the 8th, 16th, and 24th hours following.

Key Words: Love, money, health

It is easy to spot the ruler of this day by its name. In the word Friday, we see the roots of the name of the Norse goddess Freya, a goddess of love and fertility, and the most beautiful and propitious of the goddesses thus the verse “Friday’s child is loving and giving.”

In Spanish this day of the week is called Viernes and is derived from the goddess Venus. Matters of love, human interaction, the fluidity of communication, sewing and the creation of artistic garments, household improvement, shopping, and party planning all fall under the aspects of Friday and its ruling planet, Venus.

Friday’s angels are Ariel/Uriel, Rachiel, and Sachiel. Rachiel also concerns himself with human sexuality and is a presiding spirit of the planet Venus.

On Fridays, the hour of sunrise and every eight hours after that are also ruled by Venus, and that makes these times of the day doubly blessed. These four hours are the strongest four hours for conducting ritual.
Check the local newspaper, astrological calendar, or almanac to determine your local sunrise.


Gypsy Magic

Friday’s Witchery

On Friday’s Love magick is a perennial popular topic. However, there is more to this topic than meets the eye. There are many enchanting layers here for us to explore on this day of the week. What about creating a loving home, or producing a loving and nurturing ing family? What about keeping your intimate relationships vital and on track? How about promoting happy, healthy, and enduring friendships? See, there is more to be considered than just the “You shall be mine…” type of fictional love spell. Don’t forget that many of the deities associated with Fridays are also parents. So, yes while this is the day to work on romance, sex, and love spells, there is additional magick to be considered here, which makes Fridays a more well-rounded and bigger opportunity for witchery than many folks ever truly realize. The truest, strongest magick always comes from the heart.


Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan


The Witches Almanac for Friday, June 29th

Haro Wine Battle (Spain)

Waning Moon

Moon phase: Third Quarter

Moon Sign: Capricorn

Incense: Yarrow

Color: Pink





Magickal Intentions: Love, Romance, Marriage, Sexual Matters, Physical Beauty, Friendship and Partnerships, Strangers, Heart

Color: aqua, blue, light blue, brown, green, pale green, magenta, peach, pink, rose, white, all pastels

Number: 5, 6

Metal: copper

Charm: green or white garments, scepter

Stone: alexandrite, amethyst, coral, diamond, emerald, jade, jet, black moonstone, peridot, smoky quartz, tiger’s-eye, pink tourmaline

Animal: camel, dove, elephant, goat, horse, pigeon, sparrow

Plant: apple, birch, cherry, clematis, clove, coriander, heather, hemlock, hibiscus, ivy, lotus, moss, myrtle, oats, pepperwort, peppermint, pinecone, quince, raspberry, rose, pink rose, red rose, rose hips, saffron, sage, savin, stephanotis, strawberry, thyme, vanilla, verbena, violet, water lily, yarrow, and all flowers

Incense: ambergris, camphor, mace, musk, myrrh, rose, saffron, sage, sandalwood, sweetgrass, vanilla, violet, all floral scents

Goddess: Aphrodite, Asherah, Baalith, Brigid, Erzulie, Freya (Passionate Queen), Frigg, Gefion, Harbor (Beautiful One), Hestia, Inanna, Ishtar (Lady of Passion and Desire), Lakshmi, Lilith, Mokosh, Nehalennia, Nerthus, Ostara, Pombagira, Sarasvati, Shakti, Shekinah, Sirtur, Al Uzza, Venus (Queen of Pleasure), Vesta

God: Allah, Bacchus, Bes, Cupid, the Dagda, Dionysus, El, Eros (God of Love), Freyr, Frit Ailek, Shukra

Evocation: Agrat Bat Mahalat, Anael, Hagiel, Mokosba, Rasbid, Sachiel, Uriel, Velas

Courtesy of Moonlight Musings

Friday Is Ruled by Venus

Archangel: Anael

Candle colour: Green or pink

Incenses: Rose or geranium

Crystals: Jade or rose quartz

Use Fridays for spells for love, fidelity, healing, for anything to do with beauty, the arts and crafts and for all spells concerning the environment.

Where possible, work in any enclosed beautiful place outdoors, for example a botanical garden, a field, park or your own garden – even in a circle of plants indoors.

Friday & The Perfect Corresponding Spell

For many, Friday is the last work day of the week. It’s considered the fifth day of the work week and, also, the “cut loose” day. By Friday night, people are out having a party. That makes Friday the perfect day for lust, banish, fast-grant, and find spells . This day is so powerful (energy wise). That’s why whatever you do on this day will, usually, have a strong effect. If you want things out of your life, the darkness and power, associated with this day, bring the energy you need for that. If you need strong, immediate results, this is your day, as well.


Spell to Find Your Soul Mate

This ritual is intended to draw a partner who is best suited to you at this time in your life, or one who is “meant” for you. It is supposedly “fail-safe”, but remember, you must take responsibility for any results and consequences.
components Needed:
A clear mind and focused goal
Special paper, such as hemp, cotton, real parchment, whatever you deem special
A ritual writing instrument (the pen is mightier than the Athame) such as quill, fountain pen,
favorite ball-point, etc. In whatever color ink desired.
Moon incense
Charcoal or a small ritual fire

Timing: any time, preferably after dark during the waxing moon. The timing is more flexible with this working for many reasons; the nature of the work, and the full moon energy contained in the moon incense which is an incense of Increase or drawing.
Reinforce your personal circle/aura and prepare for workings in your usual manner. Using the ritual pen and special paper, write words of power that will call the most perfect partner to you at this time. Do not include specific names, and avoid thinking of a specific person. If you can’t find quite the right words, use the following:

“If there be a perfect match, this work tonight will surely catch. the perfect one who is meant to be,
shall find his/her way home to me.
In perfect love and perfect trust,
I send this out, but not from lust,
This spell will guide us to unite,
free will remains with us tonight.”

When you are finished, read over what you wrote and confirm that everything you want tosay is included. When you are certain it is as you wish, spend some time meditating on yourgoal while you light your ritual fire or the charcoal. When you get “that feeling” (the one when you know everything is right, your will is focused, you know it is certain, you know the feeling…)

Prepare to begin the physical aspect of the ritual. When the fire has become coals, or the charcoal is glowing happily, read aloud your writing, repeating it 3X. As you read, or as you come to the end of each repetition, sprinkle a small handful (about a Tablespoon) of the incense on the fire.

You will want to be practiced at this for the best effect as well as safety, so make up a full recipe of it and accustom yourself to its nature prior to the rite.

Fold the paper and keep it near you for three days. Keep it under your pillow, mattress, or pinned to your night clothes (if you aren’t sky/star clad) while you sleep. After three days, light another ritual fire, repeat the C.O.P., reading and incense procedure and this time, burn the paper when you are done. OR you can keep the paper in a special spell box if you use this method.

Many Witches have special containers to keep finished workings in. These are usually decorative and personalized with engravings or painting on them that echo their contents. For example, a heart shaped heartwood box with runes and magical symbols of love on it for this spell. Usually only similar spells are kept together, or each spell is kept in its own box.

Household Magick for Friday, June 29

Use Friday to cast for love, luxury, pleasure, and entertainment.

Planetary Influence: Venus

Household Symbols: A seashell, a fountain, fresh flowers, your wedding ring or wedding photo, red or pink paper hearts, apples and cherries.

Colors: Pink and aqua green

Kitchen Spices: Thyme and sugar


Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year for June 28 -29 – St. Peter’s Eve and Rushbearing

28 and 29 June

St. Peter’s Eve and Rushbearing

St. Peter’s day, has been a day of foundations since the Middle Ages, when the rushes that covered the stone floors of homes and churches were replaced. The actual strewing days developed into ceremonial occasions, centering on the rushbearing procession to the local church.

In northern England, Lancashire, Cheshire, and adjacent Yorkshire, rushbearings were the high points of the year, reaching a pinnacle of splendor in the early 19th century. The focal point of the festivities was on the rushcart, with its towering ing load of green rushes skillfully piled in a pyramid shape. It was secured with flower-woven rush rope, topped by oak boughs, and often hung with glittering silverware and other adornments that showed off the wealth of the community and reflected away ill luck. The great festivals and ceremonies that surrounded rushbearing went into a sharp decline in the late Victorian period. Even in the most remote villages, rushbearing is but a memory of times gone by.


“Every spell is a journey.”

Lawren Leo, Love’s Shadow: Nine Crooked Paths

The Witches Astronomy Journal for Friday, June 29th

The Witches Astronomy Journal for Friday, June 29th

The Pentagram

I invoke Ancient Powers of The Star
The Powers of Five
The Spiral Powers
The Powers of Earth
I invoke the Ancient Powers of Life
Star in the Circle
In the Iron Circle
Quaint, ancient symbol
So ancient, primordial and timeless
Dark symbol of life
On planets bearing life
Deep in DNA
Deeply branded in the Heart of our Earth
Touchstone of Wisdom
Of Ancient Knowledge, NOW,
Living in the stars
I call out through the Circled Iron Star
For my Star Power
Out through the Galaxies.

—Similodon, Author
Originally published Pagan Library

Custom Planetary Positions

June 29, 2018
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)


Sun: 07 Cancer 46
Moon: 22 Capricorn 31
Mercury: 00 Leo 31
Venus: 18 Leo 04
Mars: 09 Aquarius 10 Rx
Jupiter: 13 Scorpio 32 Rx
Saturn: 05 Capricorn 42 Rx
Uranus: 01 Taurus 57
Neptune: 16 Pisces 28 Rx
Pluto: 20 Capricorn 20 Rx

True Lunar Node: 05 Leo 59 Rx
Mean Lunar Node: 07 Leo 23 Rx

Chiron: 02 Aries 25
Ceres: 00 Virgo 28
Pallas: 22 Cancer 53
Juno: 29 Aries 11
Vesta: 26 Sagittarius 13 Rx

Eris: 24 Aries 04

Fire: 8
Earth: 5
Air: 1
Water: 4
Cardinal: 8
Fixed: 7
Mutable: 3

Your Daily Sun & Moon Data for Friday, June 29

The Sun
Sun Direction: ↑ 81.52° E
Sun Altitude: 28.89°
Sun Distance: 94.498 million mi
Next Equinox: Sep 22, 2018 8:54 pm (Autumnal)
Sunrise Today: 5:37 am↑ 60° Northeast
Sunset Today: 8:18 pm↑ 300° Northwest
Length of Daylight: 14 hours, 40 minutes

The Moon
Moon Direction: ↑ 255.96° WSW
Moon Altitude: -16.38°
Moon Distance: 252243 mi
Next New Moon: Jul 12, 20189:47 pm
Next Full Moon: Jul 27, 20183:20 pm
Next Moonrise: Today9:29 pm
Current Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Moon Illumination: 98.4%



Astrology of Today – Friday, June 29, 2018

The Moon is in Capricorn.
The Moon is void from 4:57 AM forward (until the Moon enters Aquarius tomorrow at 12:36 AM).
The Moon is waning and in its Full phase.
The Full Moon occurred yesterday in the sign of Capricorn.
Mars is retrograde (Mars is retrograde from June 26th to August 27th).
Mercury enters Leo today (Mercury is in Leo from June 29th to September 5th).

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon is traveling through Capricorn today. Make a list of goals. Work overtime. Climb higher. Don’t sulk.

We become aware of the need for structure and planning ahead with a Capricorn Moon. We are instinctively aware of the limitations of time and motivated by a desire for success. Achievement and manifestation are more important to us now. We are resourceful and don’t want to waste time, energy, or resources. This can be a somewhat sober influence, but it can also be a productive time when we look reality in the eye.

The Moon in Capricorn generally favors the following activities: Long-term activities that yield slow but steady results, practical undertakings, career issues, making a business plan, practical investments.


A Look At Your Planets And Stars for Friday, June 29

Mercury enters the sign of Leo today and will transit the sign for longer than usual – until September 5th. The length of this stay is due to the upcoming retrograde of Mercury from July 26th to August 19th spent entirely in Leo, which serves to extend the visit. When Mercury is in Leo, our thinking is more confident and grand. The focus is now on the goal–and the more magnificent the goal, the better! The details may not be quite as important to us now. We are more expressive, even theatrical, and given to speech-giving and story-telling under this influence. We are also more convincing and persuasive, as we exude confidence when we speak or write. We may not listen as well as we usually do, however.

The Moon spends the day in productive Capricorn. However, Mercury is moving into a minor challenging aspect with Neptune, which can serve to diffuse our concentration or focus.

The Moon is void from 4:58 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius the next day, Saturday, June 30th, at 12:37 AM EDT.

The sky this week for June 29 to July 1

Mercury, Mars, Venus, Uranus — a slew of brilliant planets will grace the sky this week.
By Richard Talcott

Friday, June 29

Venus dominates the western sky after sunset. The dazzling object shines at magnitude –4.1 among the background stars of western Leo, having crossed the border from Cancer earlier in the day. The planet appears 15° high an hour after sundown and sets around 11 p.m. local daylight time. When viewed through a telescope, Venus appears 16″ across and 70 percent lit.

The Moon reaches apogee, the farthest point in its orbit around Earth, at 10:43 p.m. EDT. It then lies 252,315 miles (406,061 kilometers) from Earth’s center.

Saturday, June 30

The waning gibbous Moon rises in the east-southeast just as the last vestiges of twilight fade away. About 15 minutes later, ruddy Mars joins our satellite. The two stand about 5° apart as they cross the sky tonight.

For people who live near 30° north latitude, today marks the latest sunset of the year. Although Earth’s summer solstice and the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day occurred more than a week ago (on the 21st), latest sunset happens several days after and earliest sunrise several days before. The specific dates depend on your latitude, however — latest sunset at 40° north took place June 27. In general, latest sunset occurs closer to the solstice the farther north you live.

Sunday, July 1

Now that the Moon is exiting the evening sky, this is a good opportunity for binocular users to track down one of summer’s finest open star clusters. NGC 6231 lies in the tail of Scorpius the Scorpion, just 0.5° north of the double star Zeta (ζ) Scorpii (which is another fine binocular sight). NGC 6231 shines at magnitude 2.6 and packs more than 100 stars into a region about half the width of the Full Moon. This part of Scorpius lies nearly due south after darkness falls, though it doesn’t climb high from mid-northern latitudes.


Astronomy Magazine

In the Sky This Month

The planets seem especially busy this month, highlighting both morning and evening skies. Venus reigns as the Evening Star, and points out some interesting sights in Gemini and Cancer during the month. Saturn puts in its best showing of the year, with Jupiter just past its best. And Mars climbs inexorably across the sky, toward its best appearance next month.

June 29: Moon and Mars
The planet Mars is growing brighter by the day. It’s in good view in the southeast by midnight, and looks like a bright orange star. Tonight, it stands to the lower left of the Moon.

June 30: More Moon and Mars
The gibbous Moon has a famous companion tonight: the planet Mars. It is to the lower right of the Moon as they climb into good view, around midnight, and almost directly below the Moon at first light tomorrow. Mars looks like a bright orange star.

July 1: Summer Triangle
The Summer Triangle is well up in the eastern sky at nightfall, and passes directly overhead after midnight. Vega, its brightest point, is at the top of the triangle in early evening. Deneb is the left point, with Altair to the lower right.

July 2: Tarazed
Aquila, the eagle, is in the eastern sky at nightfall. Its brightest star, Altair, is at the lower right corner of the Summer Triangle. A star named Tarazed is just above Altair. Tarazed is a giant star that is nearing the end of its life.

July 3: 16 Cygni
The binary system known as 16 Cygni is about 70 light-years away, in the constellation Cygnus, which is in the east and northeast in early evening. Both stars are nearly identical to the Sun, and one of them is orbited by a giant planet.

July 4: Northern Crown
A small semicircle of stars crowns the evening sky: Corona Borealis. It appears high overhead around 10 or 11 p.m. The crown’s brightest star is Alphecca, which means “bright one of the dish” – a reference to the constellation’s bowl shape.

July 5: Mercury in the Evening
The planet Mercury is putting in a decent appearance in the early evening sky. It’s quite low as twilight fades, to the north of due west. It looks like a moderately bright star, far to the lower right of Venus, the “evening star.”



Your Cosmic Calendar for Friday, June 29


Another long void lunar cycle — this one beginning with the moon making its monthly union with Pluto in Capricorn (1:59am) — continues for most of today. While this lunar placement can promote career and professional ambitions, the void component acts as a reminder to complete old business before beginning any bold, new plans. Two minutes before the moon enters airy Aquarius (9:38pm), Mercury connects with Neptune via a tense, 135-degree aspect (9:36pm). Be crystal clear in discussions with loved ones as Friday night morphs into Saturday morning. Anticipate a rekindling of the recent Mars station tomorrow as the moon in Aquarius makes a forceful conjunction with the red planet.

[Note to readers: All times are now calculated for Pacific Daylight Time. Be sure to adjust all times according to your own local time so the alignments noted above will be exact for your location.]


Copyright 2018 Mark Lerner & Great Bear Enterprises, Ltd

The Witches Current Moon Phase for Friday, June 29

Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 98%

Tomorow the Moon will be in a Waning Gibbous Phase. This is the first phase after the Full Moon occurs. It lasts roughly 7 days with the Moon’s illumination growing smaller each day until the Moon becomes a Last Quarter Moon with a illumination of 50%. The average Moon rise for this phase is between 9am and Midnight depending on the age of the phase. The moon rises later and later each night setting after sunrise in the morning. During this phase the Moon can also be seen in the early morning daylight hours on the western horizon.


Phase: Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 98%
Moon Age: 15.92 days
Moon Angle: 0.49
Moon Distance: 405,438.95 km
Sun Angle: 0.52
Sun Distance: 152,090,026.51 km




Even though Mars retrograde 2018 officially begins on June 26, 2018 (at 9°13′ Aquarius) and ends on August 27 (at 28°36′ Capricorn), those Mars retrograde dates can be misleading.

The planet of passion actually entered its shadow period on May 12, 2018, and that’s when the funkiness really starts creeping in. And, Mars doesn’t exit his retrograde shadow until October 8, 2018… which is when we can all officially say we are in the clear.

In astrology, Mars is the ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio as the planet of action, assertion, energy, and sexual desire. Named after the God of War, Mars is a celestial anomaly when it comes to retrograde patterns, only moving backward every two years.

The last time Mars was retrograde was during the late summer of 2016. This year, Mars will retrograde between Aquarius and Capricorn, spending time in both signs before ambling forward again. Mars’ retrograde will activate two houses within the natal chart, trampling on the delicate tissues connecting two areas of life and psyche, but most of the action will unfurl in Aquarius. Potentially, this transit will be most intense for Aquarius and Capricorn, most beneficial for Gemini and Virgo, and most stressful for Cancer and Leo.

Normally hot-headed Mars is due to become altogether more cool and cerebral in Aquarius, transforming into a sure-footed, persistent warrior in Capricorn. Between these two celestial playgrounds, Mars will toe the line between the future (Aquarius) and the past (Capricorn), the newfangled opportunity (Aquarius) and the tried and true (Capricorn).

Globally, this could create skirmishes between left and right-wing ideologies, which are perfectly exemplified by the polarized Aquarius-Capricorn binary; on the personal level, we are likely to grapple with a similarly gnawing sense that we must find a balance between alteration and convention.

Key aspects made during the Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn will stoke the fires of Mars’ antipathy, forcing reactions and a growing sense of urgency to change. Squares between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus will add a restless, itchy wish to break from restraints, while conjunctions between Mars and the South Node in Aquarius will help offload past anger and frustrations. This combination seems to imply that by letting go of what was, we’ll be plumped to fight towards a vision of what may be.

Mars squares Uranus May 16, August 1, and September 18, 2018; Mars conjoins the South Node June 7, July 20, and September 25, 2018.


Rams have been in an intense phase of career responsibility and advancement since Saturn entered Capricorn in late 2017. To top it off, Pluto has been a longtime resident of this part of your chart, eviscerating any hopes you may have held about squeaking by half-heartedly in your career.

Now, you’ll be contending with the Mars retrograde as it trots across the parts of your chart connecting your career and reputation to your aspirations. Some of you may be weighing up new forays into group spaces or reconsidering existing collective work, while others may find themselves called wondering how to align their day job with profound new daydreams.

Part of the work here is to study your motivations to ensure they’ll go the distance; the Mars-Uranus squares will serve to highlight how new financial needs may play into this budding picture.

Taureans have already been in a process of accelerated transformation since Uranus entered your sign mid-May 2018.

The Mars retrograde will serve to amplify the necessity of these changes by spurring you to consider how matters of foreign travel, higher education, and spirituality intersect with your career. Big shifts are afoot: some may think about returning to university or investing in a new course of study, while others may seek to integrate mystical methods into their vocational path. A choice few may gestate grand plans to work or live abroad.

Count on the Mars-Uranus squares to help you feel increasingly comfortable with striking out on a new path, one that will better reflect your shifting sense of self.

It’s time to empty your energetic bin, dear Gemini: this Mars retrograde may have you seeking out alternative methods for ditching some of your demons. You may choose to ‘let go and let God,’ or, just let go altogether; an emanating sense of wisdom may lead you to relinquish your need for control in preference of peace. Others yet may find themselves exiting unsustainable joint ventures or weighing up how well certain spiritual edicts and teachers are at replenishing your soul’s coffers.

Any ideas circulating about an investment in continuing education or foreign fancies could suddenly go off the boil. Though some of these postponements may be frustrating at first, there also seems to be a potent opportunity to discharge your vessel of what is no longer needed and refill it with something higher-minded.

As part of this, the Mars-Uranus squares will help you identify with laser-precision what parts of your psyche (and even, your clan) are working for or against your betterment.

There are truly some things money cannot buy, Cancer, and chief among these is love. ‘Money talks’ is an oft-used axiom because it’s true: where we most want to play, we’ll happily pay, and if we won’t cough up the cash, it’s a likely indication that our heart lies elsewhere.

Be prepared for conversations about joint resources, pooled efforts, and serious partnerships, as Mars’ retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn provokes the delicate balance between you, your partners, and the bank. Although this is most likely to crop up in romantic partnerships, the same scenarios could arise in business alliances, too. Possible areas of conflict and subsequent compromise will include divorce settlements, investments, inheritances, and the no-longer-hidden emotions underpinning these arrangements. Included in that may be considering the all-too-important loans you hand out of your time and energy – priceless assets deserving of a fair ROI.

To that end, the Mars-Uranus squares will have you hopefully chasing after new aspirations with intensity, a helpful fix for breaking out of stifling arrangements.

Leo is in the hot seat for much of the Mars retrograde; it will be nigh on impossible to escape some levels of confrontation during this time, even if that happens primarily within yourself. While that may seem like sour news, the Mars retrograde will also helpfully flush out long-held resentments that have been bubbling below the surface for far too long.

In particular, you could find yourself in a contentious stand-off with colleagues and subordinates at work; similar showdowns could just as easily transpire with your better half. As you begin to release yourself from old hurts, new spaces will open within, enabling you to redirect your energy to far worthier purposes.

The Mars-Uranus squares will provide the needed get-up-and-go to help power you forward into meaningful and much-needed career changes, which will benefit you long after this Mars retrograde ends.

Nothing passes under your keen eye easily: separating the wheat from the chaff is your full-time job as a Virgo. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is the way you approach all areas of life, even leisure. During the Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn, you may surmise that all work and no play is making you a very dull maiden.

After ticking a box or two regarding your health (which you have a natural tendency to safeguard), you’ll be in fine position to remind yourself that enjoyment, health, and work are not such strange bedfellows; perhaps they can even be considered a complementary set.

The Mars-Uranus squares will drive you to reach beyond the mundane, and even the entertaining, for higher-minded wisdom that’s sure to enrich your daily beat.

Trying to get people-pleasing behaviors out of socially canny Librans is like trying to get eggs out of a baked cake, but with varying aspects coming your way during the Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn, you may decide for once to shove your diplomacy to the side in favor of decidedly more direct tactics.

The start of the Mars retrograde is more likely to bring positive adaptations to circumstances involving children, creativity, and sex; the second phase of the retrograde, however, may demand you to step up and face challenges regarding family and home. Both periods are likely to push your buttons as it becomes necessary to examine what you’re busily creating or nurturing, and who is (or is not) chipping in to help.

Use the Mars-Uranus squares to assert your needs, highlighting where and when the time, energy, or cash of others is required.

Home is where the heart is, Scorpio, but it’s where the mind resides, too. So much of our inner peace depends on the home we were raised in, as well as the one that we make for ourselves later in life.

This Mars retrograde, you may be weighing up how home, community, and even siblings, contribute to your sense of wellbeing. Necessary course corrections will become clear as you navigate through the muck, noting when it’s time to leave certain scars behind in favor of reconciliation. Writing or journaling could be just the ticket to aid you in this release.

The Mars-Uranus squares unfolding between one part of your chart involving family and home, and another part involving significant others might manifest as dramatic showdowns, but only if you let your infamous talents for impalement do their worst. Attempt to find a middle path, somewhere between antipathy and apathy, allowing you to focus on manifesting change with parents and paramours.

This Mars retrograde you’re likely to have your mind on your money, and your money on your mind, Sagittarius.

The effects of the Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn are likely to be mild, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be meaningful: use the messages you intercept about money to make necessary adjustments in your communications and thoughts about the same. If your work involves writing or speaking, there is an even greater likelihood that you need to rethink your rate or fine-tune what you’re saying and why (perhaps an all too common predicament for Sagittarians).

Your mantra for the series of Mars-Uranus squares is to pray for a pause button before you click send on anything that may be divisive or extraneously contentious. Use that extra energy to discover ways that you can serve your community, a win-win for both body and mind.

It would be entirely reasonable for Capricorns to wince before, during, and after reading their horoscopes these days: with Pluto and Saturn already in your sign, providing pressures on all fronts, you may have gotten used, or even resigned yourself, to be the personal punching bag of astrology.

Although the Mars retrograde is happening in your sign, and thus portends a certain level of intensity, the news is not all bad. Essentially, the Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn is coming for your money, honey: what it means to you, and what you do with it. You may also take off on tangents related to your self-worth and the tie that binds internal and external value.

The Mars-Uranus squares are likely to have you chomping at the bit to spend it like it’s hot; perhaps the trick may be to find a healthy, happy medium for financial indulgences – investing in your creativity, for example, or developing a system of incremental rewards tied to achieving your saving goals. Don’t be too harsh on yourself though; Goats, like girls, just wanna have fun.

In times like these, I’m often reminded of an old joke: ‘Just when I thought I hit rock bottom, I heard knocking from below.’ You’ll be hearing plenty of knocking from below this Mars retrograde, as Mars sets off spelunking into some mighty dark caverns, poking and prodding you in the most sensitive of places. Things will have been turbulent as of late, as you’ve had eclipses occurring in your sign for the last eighteen months; while the average Aquarian can handle more than its fair share of shifting, you may be suffering from change fatigue.

The Mars retrograde in your sign, as well as Capricorn, is here to dredge up something awfully important: with your permission, he intends to reconnect you with who you are, and why you do – or undo, as it were – the things you do, the implication being that these proclivities could do with an edit.

The Mars-Uranus squares may prompt swift adjustments in matters of home and family, or help you break free of the same.

The Mars retrograde in Aquarius and Capricorn is a mental exam in the making for Pisces. Akin to having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other, you may find yourself betwixt and between two very different impulses, one of which is anchored in optimism, and the other which seeks to leave you unmoored in a sea of doubt.

Wavering between these two states may feel tiring, and indeed, you may need to schedule some downtime during the Mars retrograde to refresh, allowing you more perspective to reassess your social circle. Some members of your entourage may be revealed as more frenemy than friend; with Mars around, you may decide to send them packing.

The Mars-Uranus squares will quicken your mind, electrifying your thoughts with sudden bursts of intuitive knowing about your deepest pains. As part of this, a new urge may arise to form a community with other like-minded folks, who share similar wounds and wisdom

by Lee Coleman
Published on Astrology.com