Our Summer Solstice Gift to You….

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Good morning, my sweets! Yes, it is really me, Lady A. Been a while, huh? I can tell you right now, I haven’t been having a ton of fun either. But we won’t go into that right now. We won’t be with you on this wonderful & blessed Summer Solstice this year. We are currently on our way back to Western Kentucky. We have been up in Eastern Kentucky for a day or two. I wanted to visit some family up there. I also wanted to take a spiritual break, get my head back on straight (you know hospitals mess with your head?) and talk to a few Elder witches up there. We had a good time and enjoyed the visit. We will be back later on this afternoon. Tomorrow, we are going to rest up, maybe! Then Friday, we will be back in full force and I am not planning on anymore hospital visits for a while. I am going to start eating a bushel of apples a day. You know an apple a day keeps the doctor away (keep your brooms crossed, lol!).


I also want to thank everyone for your prayers, your energy, your love, and your donations. I really can never, ever thank you enough for everything you have done for me. Like I have always said you are the best family a witch could ever want. From the bottom of heart, thank you and my love for you is so deep and boy did I miss the hell out of you. It is good to be back amongst family and what a family it is.


Now for our gift to you…..We have opened the store back up. Magickal Necessities is now up and running again. Unfortunately it had to be rebuilt because I had the cost charged to one of my credit cards and when I was in the hospital it was sort of declined. It seems you don’t make payments on those things that tends to happen. Joseph has worked his fingers to the bone. Jacob brought a laptop to the hospital and when I felt like it I worked on it off line and then they uploaded it to the store. This new store will carry only merchandise and products made in the U. S. A.  We have tons of new items. It is amazing how fast the new comes in and out the old goes. But it is our gift to you this Solstice Day. We worked hard to get it ready to open it this day. Opening a store on such a wonderful day as today means only success can come. Now back to the merchandise, the prices are reasonable, top quality. We are also carrying several items that you won’t find on other stores on the net. So please, since this is the longest day, take a moment to check it out.  If you thumb through the pages and don’t see what you want, let us know, we will get it for you.


We are getting ready to leave up here now. We will be resting up tomorrow (maybe) and we will see you Friday. I promise you that. I have been gone way too long that is for sure. Remember one thing, I thought of each of you every day I was out. I missed you and most of all I love each and everyone of you.


May Our Almighty Goddess Bless You On This Glorious Litha,

Love ya, my sweets,

Lady A


You’ve shopped the rest, now shop the best….

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