Hello I am Joseph, Lady A’s other adopted son

I grabbed the first account I founded opened and it happened to be Lynette’s. Let me introduce myself, I am Joseph. I am Lady A’s older adopted son and Jacob’s older brother. I am not a witch but I do know the Craft enough to know that if Lady A ever recovers I want to learn more about it. Maybe one day, I can say I am a witch. Till then, I am the one working on the WOTC’s store, Magickal Necessities. I have spent numerous hours on the store and we have some items on there. Right now, we are putting on herbs and half priced herbs. Tonight, I hope to get some oils on there for you. We are counting on the fact that perhaps you might be out of herbs and in the need of some. The same goes for the essential oils. We have several pages bare put the pages I mentioned are full of herbs. Give the essential oils time and it will be also. We are still under the construction phase of the store but we are more than willing to take orders for any amount of oils, herbs or anything else you might need. I have a brother about 500 miles away from home and a mother who is rapidly going down hill. To say we need the sales is an understatement.

If you have not check out the new Magickal Necessities, please do so. It is nice meeting you and you will be hearing from me off and on.




Magickal Necessities