I wanted to apologize for not getting the site up-dated yesterday

Message from Jacob:


I promised I would get the site up-dated yesterday like my mother does but I didn’t. I am sorry for that. Just as I started to try to track down all the books she uses, the phone rang. It was the hospital or my uncle calling. It scared me at first, then he told me mom was beginning to wake up. She is in ICU and you can only see her for so many minutes every 4 hours. I dropped everything and went straight to the hospital. But the time I got there, the visiting time was up. I had to wait 2 1/2 more hours to see her but I didn’t care. I have come to decide the Lady A(as you know her) was meant to be the mother I was suppose to have all along. I know that might seem horrible to say about my first mother but Lady A has a loving glow about her. She never thought twice what was going to happen to my brother and myself after our mother was killed in the car wreck. She told us, not to worry, we belonged to her now. I have grown up with Lady A always around and thought of her as my second mother. I never really knew what a deep connection we would come to form. She is loving, she is caring, she wants you to experience the world as she experiences it. She wants you to see the world through her eyes. In what little time, we have been with her, we have learned a lot and we love her very deeply. I cannot imagine anything happening to her. I pray and pray please don’t take her away too.


When it was time to visit, my uncle and I went in together (only two visitors at a time). She asked my uncle if he would mind leaving, she wanted to talk to me. She reached for my hand and I took her hand. She patted the bed for me to sit down and I did. She started to talk about how she had grown to love my brother and I. She wanted me to know how she felt about both of us in case anything happened. I stopped her and told her she wasn’t going any where. We were meant to be family and I saw that now. But she told me, “Jacob, you have to prepare yourself in case something does happen.” I told her I wasn’t listening to it. She was getting out of the hospital and going to make a full recovery. I told her she had a lot to look forward to and never forget it. The cabin being rebuilt for one thing. All of us finally getting to go home and live a happy life before the fire. I don’t know if she heard all of what I had to say because she is still pretty drugged up. She did ask if the doctors had took out her spleen while she was in surgery. I told her no and that upset her. I tried to explain to her what kind of life she would have if they did. I told her I had did some research and found out about it. There would be no existence for her if she had that done. I also told her we were trying to raise the money to get the first treatment of the medicine she needed raised. She asked if I knew how expensive that would be. That upset me, I lend over the bed and told her, “do you think I care, there is no price I can put on your life, none. Get that through your thick skull. You are my mother and I be damned if I am going to lose you.” She smiled and went back out. The doctors are suppose to start easing up on the strong pain medicine today. If things keep going the way they are she should be out on the floor by Tuesday. I just want to keep her spirits up right now.

We have had two sizable donations come in and I deeply appreciate them. I found a pharmacy company that if you make an attempt to purchase the first round of medicine and can prove you can’t afford your medicine, they will supply the rest of it at no cost. We are a little ways off from being able to pay for that first bottle. I believe we won’t have a problem proving we can’t afford the rest especially at $738 a bottle, who could. Your donations are an answer to my prayers. You don’t know how the thought of losing mom has haunted me for the last few days. I couldn’t go through it. Again, I am not asking for money, I am begging for my mother’s life.


Thank you for giving my mother a fighting chance,