Good Monday Morning Brothers & Sisters of the Craft!

Good Monday Morning to all our wonderful family & friends! As of yesterday, you heard from Lynette something I did not want to be known to the public. Since it is out, you might as well hear the truth from me. It is true, I am dying. I could have had my spleen removed but I didn’t. I would have had to have this gadget installed inside of me and then a mess on the outside of my body. After seeing the photos of operations they had did like this, I decided not too. I believe if you were in my situation and had seen them too you would have made the same decision. There is a drug that I can take that will remedy this entire situation but it is very costly. I have talked to the people at Pfizer and they told me it takes about a month to get on their program. This program allows you to receive this drug for free. The catch is coming up with the money to make the payments for the drug till you get on their program. As of this date, this goal seems impossible to meet.

I know several of you have made donations toward the purchase of this medication and I do deeply appreciate it. Unfortunately, I am still a long ways off from even coming close to buying the first round of medicine. I have decided today to get off my ass and do some work on the store. My main goal is to get some advertisers and also get it advertised, to get traffic flowing in there once again and start turning a profit. Because my time is running short and I am not ready to leave this world just yet. I have to admit I have been depressed and did nothing to aid in my own survival. But that changes today, I start the fight for my own life.

Due to some of the work I have got to get done today, we will not be on the internet. We will be back tomorrow. I hope you understand and have patience with us especially me. It is high time I got off my ass and fight for my life. We will see you tomorrow. Till then….

Lady of the Abyss