An Up-Date from Jacob, Lady A’s son

i will eventually make an account of my own instead of using Mom’s all the time, maybe. If she passes, I won’t need to because I will never be back on this site again.


I was getting ready to update the site like Mom does every month. She ain’t here this month, I figured I would try to do it for her. Then I read Eleanor’s post. All Eleanor knows how to do is scream and shout and call people names and get angry. She doesn’t relay any of the facts to anyone. She just screams and is angry. I can understand her anger, I am angry too. I might lose another mother in little over a year. Mom is back in the hospital again. She seems to be sicker now than she was before. There was some complications with the hernia surgery. The doctors had to go back in and repair something, I don’t know what. While they were doing surgery, the one surgeon told us he had thought about going ahead and removing Mom’s spleen. I have read up on that and Mom wouldn’t have any quality of life after that.

My uncle is back in the picture again. He told Eleanor he didn’t give a damn what she said, he was going to be beside Kit one way or the other. He is the only one that knew Mom’s family’s health history. Come to find out all the problems she is having run throughout her family. They are all hereditary diseases.

Perhaps the medicine Eleanor keeps hollering about, you think is $50 or $60 a bottle. It isn’t, it is more like $738.00 a bottle. It isn’t cheap and it might as well be a million dollars to a kid like me. All I can do is hope and pray for a miracle or else watch my mother slowly slip from this life. I can’t stand to lose another mother. Watching her slowly wither away from this life to the next, I keep praying for that miracle. But if she should pass, I don’t even want to go there.

Now you know what Eleanor should have told you to start with instead of getting mad and screaming and shouting at everyone.



Lady A’s son,


So far we have had one donation to save my mother’s life and that was from Lady Beltane and Coven Life. I am not asking for money, I am asking for my mother’s life to be saved.