Good Tuesday Morning To All My Precious Family & Friends! May the Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

Thank you for your Beautiful Friendship....

Good Tuesday Morning, my sweets! How are you doing today? Up and ready to kick the world in the rump? I will make this short I promise, I know once I get going I don’t have sense enough to hush. I might get hushed before I am ready to quit talking. We have some severe thunderstorms rolling through here again. I believe it has rained 40 days and 40 nights or at least it seems that way. About ready to build the witch’s version of Noah’s Ark, lol! Seriously though, I don’t know if it is the other medication I am on or what but I read Lady Beltane’s post this morning and cried. I got to wondering why does it take facing your own mortality to realize what wonderful friends you have surrounding you and what you have truly been blessed with. The out pouring of love for me in the past few months has been unbelievable. Maybe I have been put in this situation so my eyes will be opened to the many blessings I do have in my life. They say there is a reason for everything, maybe there truly is. Lady Beltane is truly an amazing person. No, amazing isn’t the right word for her, she is a very warm, caring individual who I now know loves me very much. I believe she loves me more than the individuals that are around me on a daily basis(well except for my two sons). She has touched my life in many ways, now to plead for it, made me cry. Thank you Lady B, I do love you, sis.


I do have good news. I am now sitting $175 away from getting the medicine I need to survive. I know Lady B explained to you how the program works so I won’t go into details about it. But I have did a lot of thinking this morning. I have thought back to the wonderful people who have given so freely of themselves so I can survive. At first I honestly didn’t think I would but now I know I am. It is thanks to all of you that my thinking has changed. Love can do so much. It can heal a broken heart, it can provide you comfort and most of all it can give you hope. I didn’t have hope when I came out of the hospital but thanks to you and the love you have shown me, I do now. I was thinking that when the goal to get my medicine is reached what if we have a celebration of life and a blessing ritual for all of you. It is the least I can do for you. We can have it in our old chatroom. I feel it in my soul that I am going to have something to celebrate and I want to celebrate it with each of you. I haven’t told anyone because of all the other issues that keep popping up but I actually when ahead and finished my High Priestess training. I started it when I was still in the mountains and just recently finished it. The Elders have been after me for years to finish it so I did. I want to share my new talents, my new life you have given me and my love with you. I can’t wait. I was thinking what a joyous occasion it would be. I might be putting the cart before the horse but I don’t think so. I want us to have that celebration and I want you to receive a special blessing for all you have done for me. You have enriched my life so and most of all you will be giving me life itself. Just something to mull over because you have done so much for me, I want to do something for you.


Now for the next topic at hand, as you have probably noticed we have been doing the postings two different ways. One way, we run the posts individually giving you the opportunity to comment on them and reblog them. The other way, is the daily digest or journal, rather cramp as far as information goes but…..I want to know which way you prefer. Today we are going to do the posts individually, tomorrow the digest style. I am going to post a poll and I want you to tell us which way you want the daily posts delivered to you. Personally I like the individual ones because you can comment on them and we can communicate back and forth but I will leave the decision up to you. After today’s posts, look for the poll and also tomorrow. When we get the results, we will deliver the daily posts the way you want them.


Well like I said I might get cut off by the weather. Tornado warning was just issued and the sky looks awful. Got to get to the basement. So I am not proofreading this. Think over what I said and when the storm is over, hopefully we will be back and not in Kansas, lol!

Love ya,

Lady A

5 thoughts on “Good Tuesday Morning To All My Precious Family & Friends! May the Goddess Bless You & Yours Today & Always!

    1. Thank you, Jaime. You don’t realize what a wonderful bond and kinship you have with people until something bad happens. I have learned one thing from this entire episode, I will never take another day, another person, and all the blessings in my life for granted ever again. Life is too short and we should enjoy every moment to its fullest. Thank you again, dear sister.
      Luv & Hugs,
      Lady A


  1. Lady A,
    I didn’t do the post to make you cry. I did the post because I can’t imagine my life with out you in it. I look forward to your gathering! I read this with tears in my eyes.
    I love you dear sister,
    Lady B

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    1. Yeah right, I know you. You did that to make me cry, just kidding! What can I say, my heart has softened quite a bit over the past few years. You are just so sweet, we have so much in common and I think of you as a true sister. I don’t believe I could stand the thought of you not being in my life. Did you read the latest post? It looks like we are going to have to figure out a time that won’t interfere with any of your rituals to hold it. I want you there. What a celebration it will be! Thank to you, sis. I love you with all my heart,

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